Self country hate thread

Post ITT if you hate your own country

>mentally handicapped and arrogant people
>never ending corruption everywhere
>backwards education system
>shitskins everywhere
>'it could be worse' + 'at least we're not congolombia' mentallity
>dumb """"women"""
>crab mentality
>backstabbing and scamming are considered a virtue
>life inside a bubble
>brown reggaeton shithole
>feminism growing
>garbage everywhere
>no national identity
>chinks everywhere
>controlled by kikes
>no international standards
>caste society
>absurdely high taxes for a 3rd world country
>lower classes are degenerate and have no brain or soul
>upper class is degenerate and have no brain or soul
>mafias everywhere

To describe Argentina, it's like an autistic kid acting cocky on the internet who is just lucky and safe inside his isolated room.

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I couldn't have said it better myself

>proud to be Filipinos
>embraces nigger culture



>Government is cuckservative and corrupt
>Country is getting more poor and poor
>It looks like we are growing but if a little problem occured we'd crash
>Youth are all commies and SJWs
>The law treats men like jews during Nazi Germany
>The fall of the EU wouldn't mean a good thing as we'd have a civil war
>Chavs/Canis/WhiteTrash are infecting the country in a rapid way
>One of the most pro-gay countries in Europe
>Huge debt


I saved an argies life once. He tried to an hero by drowning himself in the sea but I pulled him out.

Dont stop there, old chap
You still have quite a ways to go

>Argies believe their claim to the Falklands is legitimate and they thought they could beat Britain in a war


>Richest Country that has ever existed, without exception

>we have cities that have more homeless population than cities in fucking BRAZIL AND MEXICO

this is why the rest of the world hates us.

Not really, the corrupt military junta wanted the islands. Too bad losing the war meant the end of their government.

>Brought nigger slaves here
>Never shipped them back to Africa
>Allows endless squatamalans to pour across the border
>Follows Jew marching orders to keep all this happening

>>dumb """"women"""
just dumb argentinian in general, is not like men are better. Please.

You would be suprised, actually nobody gives a fuck,only PERONIST that make stupid complains about it.
You won the island, end of the story.Legit


Latin America its a socialist shithole. We needed Pinochet x100 in every country.

>majority racemixed
>celebrates nigger culture
>people are too dumb to understand politics
>vote PT just because gibs
>everyone is fucking dumb
>favela culture is viewed as positive
>feminism on the rise
>"look goyim each Brazilian state is completely different with separate cultures, travel more"
>"separatism doesn't make sense tho lol"

you forgot the gypsy population, they're everywhere and behave worse than animals.

>what is Peru

Muh nigga

>muh safe space
>muh gib me dat
>Cis white male privilege meme
>trans-human creatures of the night
>Goes to Harvard, comes out thinking there are 46 genders

Basically the decline of Western Civilization in full effect. I predict collapse in the next 500 years or less

Indian here. I only realized how severely "3rd world" India is when I traveled to other "3rd world" countries.

China completely outclasses us in every respect, Indonesia is much, much more developed than us, Philippines are more clean, Sri-Lanka/Thailand have better infrastructure/are more clean, Burma is more clean, Nepal is more clean.

The only country we beat is Pakistan/Bangladesh, and even then Bangladesh has reduced open defecation from 42% to 1%.

>retarded people
>shitskins everywhere
>retarded, fat american tourists everywhere
>lots of pedophilia
>lots of incest
>lots of inbreeding
>cocaine is cheaper than weed (go figure)
>lower class is super degenerate, blame white people for everything, especially the Dutch
>upper class are degenerate liberals
>some dont even have running water or electricity, and dont care
>they simply dont care about fucking anything
>bad schools
>fucking dogs everywhere
>garbage and broken glass everywhere
>people cant drive

0 puntos, lince, volvete a taringa pedazo de energumeno, cuatrochan es para los grandes ;)

te olvidaste del clasico, argentina es un buen pais, tenemos a maradona, messi y al papa...

I actually love my country but i hate that my fellow countrymen have such a low esteem of their own country and it's potential. We desperatly need our version of Hitler


Even the cats are Muslim kek

>20x100 + 17
>easy drugs, sex and corrupt politicians that offer opportunities to become someone important
>giving a fuck about a penguin shithole in the middle of the sea
>only ones giving a fuck are old cuckservatives and nationalist pieces of shit


I voted for Trump.

>no monarchy
>no cute loli princess

We the meme country.

That's a very good description of Argentina.
May I add a few?
1) No one gets enough sleep each night, and so uses coffee all day to stay awake, which is why everyone seems to be functioning with only 1/2 a brain.
2) Consume way too much meat than a healthy diet.
3) Too afraid to kill their shitty and corrupt leaders.

Shit this is true. When I went to SF like 5 years ago, I saw a big portion of the market street filled with homeless people at night

Are there really chinks in argentina?

>Are there really chinks in argentina?
Yeah. In BsAs the chinks own all the small supermarkets. They are really crafty - do things like turn off the coolers at night to save electricity.

i know how that feels bro...

>Prime minister keeps calling himself the biggest feminist in the world
>he's also a libtard who doesn't understand anything in economy or politics
>keeps telling people that we can take more refugees >education system is indoctrinating my generation into communism and everyone except me is buying it
>the dept of our country is growing bigger each day
>the majority of people are idiots who only want to be politically correct
>debate just become a circle jerk of retarded lefties
>mfw I want to fucking kill myself because I know that my future will be total shit
>mfw you guys keep calling me a fucking leaf

Quick rundown on my situation:
>parents from straya
>dad was a semi-famous professional surfer who traveled all around the world to compete
>dad comes to Brazil with my pregnant mom to compete in a tourney
>born a hueland citizen
>parents decide to settle down and raise me in this shithole instead of straya
>mom gets cancer and dies
>dad remarries a few years later
>shitskin stepmom
>shitskin half-brothers

This country fucking sucks. Wish my parents had stayed in straya or aborted me, this is a living hell.

Nothing works. Corruption everywhere. The few whites here don't care about race at all and racemix with disgusting shitskins. People are mostly dumb.

Fuck Brazil.

where do you live Brasnon? Curious where you surfer dad decided to live.

Im sorry leaf we can't help you even if we tried itt pic related my pipe dream wouldn't even help us at this point us absorbing you in some form would be like getting a new cali but on a larger scale the amount of cucks my god....... you're on your own sorry :(

Leaf here as well.
I moved to the US after graduating uni, it's aight.

I have worse news for you Leaf. Your country is the most fucked of all Western countries because it has the most amount of retirees versus workers. In a few years Canada will have super high inflation, high taxes on workers, etc. Prepare for hell.

Our country is way too capitalistic

Robespierre was a mistake.

>USA proxy envy of Argentina best country

>I moved to the US after graduating uni, it's aight.
> Canadian workers paid for my education, and I paid next to nothing
> When I graduated, instead of paying back to Canada, I fucked off to USA.

Nice. You are part of the problem Leaf.

Holy fuck argie, for a moment there it looked like we are similar and shit. Like, waaaaay too fucking similar

>begin carting in Muslims
>Muslims vote for cuck pm
>cuck pm brings in more Muslims
>people begin saying no to non-stop immigration
>taken as hate speech
>M-103 is created, banning negativity against Islam
>literally repealing free speech
I swear, the United States is a wonderland to me. Thank God for trump!

Thanks guys, I will move out of this shithole after I finish my uni as well, probably to the U.S. And if you guys go full fallout and annex us, the people here will be way worse than your cali fags. I still don't know in which state I should go, maybe Texas or South Carolina. You guys have any suggestion ?

Rio de Janegro.

Don't cry for it, Argentina. The truth is, we all hate our countries from time to time. Being a little bit unhappy is part of the human condition as well.

I'm an American, and a Californian, and I hate and despise my state's elected officials, our governor, our image in the eyes of other Americans. I hate my country's weakness in terms of illegal immigration and our lack of Will to Power in the world. It feels like we're resting on a legacy won by a past generation, not on our own good merits. You know what I mean? So everyone feels a little down once in a while.

Look around you at your family, friends, your local community and organizations and be Good People. Good Folk and be excellent in this moment in time and space in history. No one is asking you to do or be more.

>Fucking retarded people
>Can't comprehend that Peronism destroyed the country for 40 years by literally wasting money on nothing and stealing the rest
>Making people thin we are 1st world country while they have to scavenge trash to survive
>"It wasn't real Peronism" = "It wasn't real Communism"
>A handicapped president that even making shit decisions is doing better things than the last 6 presidents, finally investing a little money on the country
>People can't deal with being a 3rd world country
>"Macri is a piece of shit he's taking the country down"
>Piece of shit Peronism trying to bring down the first slightly decent President
>Niggers have houses built with cardboard but have satelital tv and Galaxy S7s
>Have to steal to keep up with that life style and make protests 24/7 to get more free moeny
>Riches minding their own bussiness
>Middle class getting buttfucked by the country


My gf got robbed in Argentina for her laptop at a cafe. Convinced the cafe workers called their buddies to come rob them. Called the police. Police couldn't do much, which is understandable, but she just wanted to report the crime. The police instead verbally abuse her and say rude things to her. The whole time she was there she had to deal with corruption, and problems with getting and exchanging cash, and businesses being closed all the time. Robbery was last straw and she left her vacation early. Also everyone she met was an arrogant cokehead who partied all night.

desu maybe PA where i live the thing with Pa is its somewhere between a nice balance with its population in a sense were like California before 90s socially anyway or well maybe i should say 90s cause like cali in 90s had gays yes but wasn't a major thing some ppl were still pretty based Still have good gun laws stand your ground lawl castle doctrine

the cities are not as bad at least pittsburgh yes you have lefty areas but there are a few good areas here and there

desu idk if that's not what your looking for i'd recommend yea maybe southern state idk hard to say i can only say what i've seen in pa but go rural for redpilled ppl.

really i guess you'd just have to do your own research like for instance i hear that in midwest like Iowa etc houses are dirt cheap but for obvious reasons farming communities not much there so :/

Yeah, shit is about to hit the fan and nobody cares. They even pretend that everything is perfectly fine while they call everyone who critics the gouvernement in place and the current immigration policies a fucking nazi. We can't take care of other people when we're already fucked.

We inherited both our privilege, and our responsibilities.

We have every right to both.

pretty much

There's good people on the country annon
But you have to be careful, and trust no one until you are 100% sure

>mfw this is literally my life
I'm not going to stay here if Trudeau is elected again. I might miss my true Canadian people, but the country is too fucked. Maybe I'll move to Montana, work / live there and visit my friends in Alberta.

Not gonna lie, Trudeau supporter here, everything is pretty comfy up here desu

Of course it's comfy

Let that debts settle in, make it's job.
In a couple of years you'll have 90% worthless immigrants, commies that have 0 idea of economics, and no way to pay the debt

Then we'll see

You have to go back :0

I bet lots of argentinians are cool. I'm sure you're right - the countryside is the way to go

Just stay away from Buenos Aires/Rosario/Cordoba

Thanks guys, I will probably end up in a southern state since I fucking hate winter. But I'll look for the least cucked state and for a good neighborhood. It still in a couple of years however.

>ywn see the south separate in your life time

>Filled with tourists
>Fug me

Aren't tourists a good thing since they are bringing money?

Trudeaupia. Leafland. Nuff said.

I only came here at all because I couldn't find a job in the States. If I had to do it over, I would never have come here.

I know that feel buddy, if Bernier doesn't win, our beloved country will become a total nightmare and it will burn away in front of us.

A failed mixing of various European cultures and former African slaves to create obnoxious fools that succumb to whatever the Jews dictate.

met some argies 2 weeks ago in San Andres. cool people but absolute cucks underneath it all. the ones that i´ve met travelling have been hippy dreadlock faggots or rich cucks, but they are always friendly people, probably cuz i´m white.

all of the argentinos who are 'con dedos' travelling are hippies. They sell trinkets they make for $$ in order to travel.

your country is dead regardless of who you elect. Unless you turn off the healthcare for old people - that is the primary cause of all your problems.

Honestly though, the my favourite Canadian things (being a useless hick, mountains, telling Injuns to fuck off) can just be found in North Western American states (Montana, Dakotas) except there will be no fucking frogs and retarded liberals demanding money so they can maintain their "culture."

>spending other people's money

I wonder why

yeah, most of the country is liberal/leftists/hippies doing all the drugs and spending all their/their parents money, or rich bastards travelling the world

There isn't much "normal people" anymore sadly

Chinks are all over, even in mexico & centralamerica by the hundred of thousands.

Well, if I move to the US, I won't see anything that looks like in my city. (I'm from Quebec and I can assure you that the separatists are indeed, a bunch of retarded faggots) I've always seen myself as a canadian instead of a québécois. I don't like the way people talk french here, it's such a beautiful language but most people have a retarded accent. Our "culture" is almost the same as the rest of the Canada, but people make such a big deal out of the way we are supposed to be special.

>TFW you're born into the modern day equivalent of the Roman Empire
>After it turned into a fountain of shit where any and every sort of degenerate debauchery is not only tolerated but encouraged.

>people make such a big deal out of the way we are supposed to be special.
You really have no idea how cultureless ON, MB, SK, AB, and BC are. It's a wasteland.

that's how the roman empire ended

Nanny state


Country with awesome landscapes and prosperity. I literally could go to the store one block away and buy a papaya and a bag of mangos for like $7 bucks. But.

>Lazy people that hates education and loves easy money
>Violence inherently in our blood, you could get in deep shit with someone over stupid shit.
>Women are taught to be pretty and goldiggers at a young age
>As long as there are alcohol, football, and sex, people don't give a shit about anything else
>Everyone wants to be the next Escobar
>The saddest thing is that somehow we are proud of all of thid because it makes us "unique"

Someone get me out of this surreal bad dream

where do you live Colonon?
Colombia is doing very well considering the obstacles it has. Look nextdoor to VZ for how bad it can get.

Get a job

Don't forget
>government is the king mafia
>Country is big as fuck
>"Papelão" Meat
>Nothing happens beans

It's a good thing the government censors the internet, otherwise this thread would be zerg rushed by mainland Chinese

This pretty much Romans actually at their peak power were never defeated militarily and in fact during pax Romania they were so powerful ITT: in a state of peace for literally 200 years plus that no one dared to challenge them in open combat only border skirmishes on their frontiers Example: Germanic pagans or Germania of the time.

Be lucky were still in pax Romania or Pax Americona of our time how long it will last hmm idk :/ But yea the similarities are so much there

what the fuck is a pax romania beats me.... romania never lasted 200 years without war.
the pax romana lasted almost 800 years


The capital, Bogotá. The melting pot for all the ethniticities you could find here in this country. This city looks like New York before Guliani. Hell on earth.

fuck off faggot piece of shit

>The capital, Bogotá
there are some very nice areas of Bogota. I liked it a lot. Much better than Cartagena

I know that feel bro

.Pax Romana (Roma-ana adjective)
suffix ia (Ukrania, Moldavia, FinlandIA, RomaNIA, implies a substantive, a noun).
romania standalone is a noun, means the gipsy country where the province of Dacia stood.

Pax Romana is a compound noun
PAx (n.) Romana (adj. formeed by Roma (n) na (adjectivization)

you stupid hillbilly!

wow you really changed my views with your condescending tone thxs ;)

similarly you don't have "Pax Britania" that would be noun and nound
you have Pax Britanica
Pax (n) ((Britania (n) ica (adjectivization) ) (adj)
(((Pax Britannica)))