Asians are honorary arya-

Asians are honorary arya-


Japanese* are honorary aryans. Not the subhuman chinks or the plastic gooks.

One less chink manlet in the world.

Chinese are different from SK/JPN.

Chinese are morally devoid.

>Bumpry road!
'Looks at the kid trough the window'
>You bring shame to famry!
'Drives away'

>Asians are one group of people

Klumpf voters I swear

Chinks are nothing but premium niggers.
Japan tried to warn us.

Only Japs. Also cherrypicking.
Also treated like shit during communism and even before.
>treat people like dirt
>wonder why they're subhumans
Typical westfag arrogance.

Says the subhuman cucktholic

wtf ihate chinese now

You take that back!

Says Mike




No race is honorary. That's a reward for exceptional individuals who contribute to the state in some way.

Oh fug
He a big guy



What exactly is occurring here, aside from greedy chinks?

what was that guy expecting to happen?

wow i just realized why manners exist. i never realized because its so normal, but without society and its manners and politeness life would look like this. what the fucking shit

just greedy chinks


Little known fact, that was actually a full grown man

For you.

Manners are for the weak, life is survival of the fittest

no it was a little girl who died a week later. apparently this video went viral and actually did change some laws in china

Post more

my god that's some horror movie shit right there. how did it do that with his fingers barely touching it? is it real?