Sup Forums Denonyms

Hey guys! Any suggestions or additions?

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Established names already exist, marty

We are called 'Leaf' or 'Leafy'


France is Faguette

Fuck off newfag

Yes they're correct

Now fuck off CIA

I want a german one.

Also Britbitch seems kinda shitty.


Welcome to Sup Forums, kiddo

You got every one wrong besides India.


100% bait

Hello underage

Being called German is an insult

This is an anti-American proxy posting OP trying to make USA posters look gayer than they actually are.

its shartinmart not shitinmart

These are all wrong

>Brits are Bongs
>Canada is Leaf
>America is Burger
>Turk is Roach
>Ireland is Potatonigger
>Japan is nip
>(((Isreal))) is kike
>Mexico is spic

Good job CIA, those are totally right.

you got all the names in that image wrong

>Turkey: roach
>Australia: shitposter/emu slave
>USA: burger
>UK: bribing
>You got India correct
>Israel: JIDF
>Ireland: Potatoniggers
>Japan: pervert

Also kinda boring but okay it works.


Shills are trying to learn our denonyms by posting obviously wrong names and hoping someone corrects them


>le trollface 2.0 but with flag insults bait

>UK: britbong

Fucking autocorrect

I thought we were britbongs?


op kys

3/10 americuck

Nah, more like 52% white these days

English teacher and Poo are the only ones i see really.

antifa hq

You make us look horrible

Turk not Roach


Lurk moar fucking newfag holy shit

>SHARTinmart or burger
>Bong, britbong or calling them a muslim

You posted this same fucking thread not that long ago, fuck off faggot

mexico is "build wall paco"
britain is "britbong"
america is "shart in mart" or "burger"
australia is "emu victim" or "shitposter"

These are shit bro. Some are wrong I think. Check out the suggestions some of the other posters gave you.

what's mine?

Turkey is "kebab".

Your bait is excellent. I see no room for improvement.

I am trying to compile said names.

"not Brazil"

>Germans and sweeds

m8, at least not Spain

Kraut even though you guys arent really cool enough to constitute that anymore

The fucking leaf reveals our derogatory terms, kys


We still eat a lot of sauerkraut though.

I think calling us muslims is better.
Because it normalizes what is happening in europe and it unlike Kraut it comes from Sup Forums

"the one that isn't Spain or Brazil"

this sucks you should feel bad, honestly these are so awful I feel like I'm getting successfully baited

Sleeping Dog reporting in

autistic listmaking

Switzerland is mountain jew

So these are the commonly accepted ones? Do you have any others?

t. Alberto Barbosa

this is a test to see how they can change the already established "culture" and lexicon of the board via way of newfag hordes

kys op

lol these are funny lmao! These you think are more commonly accepted? Do you have any others?

Fixed it.

Jesus. You meant

>LEAF / Maplenigger
>ShartinMart / BURGER

is that a common one? I will add that to the meme picture! haha any others?

brb I will make the new pic and post


kek, well, it is somewhat accurate

still too long, you need a catchy name

>there are still people falling for this bait

I actually don't mind this. It is an uncommon name but it is indeed Portuguese.

wtf lad this is my thread and my meme I'll cancel the thread if you post this stuff more

no it's actually cheesenigger, i was just joking friendo :)

Don't be Rama Rama motherfucker


agh are you kidding? Which is it I already made the new meme photo. Which is more commonly used?