*kneels during National Anthem*

*kneels during National Anthem*

*stands on unemployment line*

>*throws another interception and gets benched*

*dresses as Egyptian King for next game*

He's a cocksucker, but damn I give him credit for rockin that fro.

I didn't mind that he was kneeling, it was good nonviolent way to draw attention to cases where he thought were important. When asked who he voted for and responded that he didn't, that's when I lost all respect for him.

His stats last season weren't bad considering how shit the Niners were.

*flinches as a bullet sinks into his skull*

*loses job to Blaine Gabbert*

Who is this guy and what he thinks about politics so important to americans?

Holy fuck

You would have preferred he voted for Clinton than abstaining?

He's one of the main reasons why NFL viewing ratings have declined so much. A lot of white baby boomers got really pissed off by his kneeling.

Thats the most retarded looking Afro ever.

>Singlehandedly decreases ratings 20%
>Doesn't perform
>Shocked that no one wants him


Are whites who stand when people of color are taking a knee showing a lack of allyship?
Is it a microaggression, or worse, overt racism? What should poc think of poc who choose not to kneel? There are all kinds of interesting subtexts here waiting to be explored.

We can certainly hope. If kek wills it.

>starts throwing out minimal amounts of money to charity which I'm sure must be tax-deductible

If he's said nothing about Trump, then that's fine. But if he has, then he has no right to complain when he didn't even vote.


Jill Stein (or whoever was the Green Party), Gary Johnson, or Clinton. The guy got a lot of attention and did nothing at the voting booth to change what he thought was going to be a better representative to help with the BLM movement.

He's not even registered.

Seriously? I'm not a NFL fan, so I don't really pay much attention to the drama that goes with it. Come to think of it, that's one of the reasons I don't watch professional sports.


Absolute best move he could do in the short term.
>play shitty
>Kneel for BLM
>Can't be cut cause "dats racist"

To bad no one wants him now.

gets job taken by a white boy who had been labeled by most as the worst QB on any pro roster.

Take that you Oreo Fuck!!!

he started dating a muslim and he jumped the shark on his career. never go full muslim

Didn't rock tha fro until his career started sucking hooker ass flaps