Beauty is a sign of intelligence because the most intelligent thing you can do is reproduce


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That used to be the case when only the intelligent could survive and reproduce. Now we're subsidizing the worst of society paying them to shit out little kids who will amount to nothing.

Then why are most +9/10 women so fucking slutty and retarded?

They're not, that's my point

top kek.

This post is so wrong i dont even know where to start


Im from country with large number of gypsies but only thanks to you i realized they are the most beautiful and intelligent people because only thing they do is reproduce

Someone post the autistic mongoloid looking guy who donated sperm and faked his credentials

>implying blacks are beautiful and smart

There we go

t. Jawlet, manlet, and framelet

well... but it actually is.
retarded people most of the time also look pretty weird. and people that look really physically deformed often are also retarded.

like if your genetics can't even place 2 eyes at roughly the same height, your brain probably isn't build much better either

you're conflating correlation with causation

>just an (((accident)))

Then how come ugly people are the most reproducing most?

Most intelligent people are ugly though. From Elon Musk to Bill Gates.

The only 10/10 I've slept with was practically a cavewoman too. Nymphomaniac as well. Sort of miss her now...

this thread is garbage

Which is why every fucking dumb animal on the planet does it. Rock solid argument, user.

that's a dumbass thing to say

The lad's overdosed on Tetley.