Tell me what there is to know about the Kekism

Tell me what there is to know about the Kekism

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you are his prophet, user.
Its an honour to be posting ITT with you


1488 holy angry manlet whiteboi

It's just for deplorable shitposting nazis

>not just doubles

Kek is pleased

Kek is the Egyptian god of chaos, darkness and the dawn. Kek is one of many gods.

If digits, a globalist will go down in two weeks.

re roll

t-three weeks?

Ok, how about 4 weeks?

if digits, we will have a renascence

lets not force it lads.
(if digits soros is toast though)

Lurk more

Lurk more

Checked the 1488

So pretty much Sup Forums evoked an ancient egyptian primordial frog god by posting pictures of Pepe accompanied with the word "kek". The first few threads were full of crazy 7 gets and it just so happens 7 is a powerful number and that kek is associated with repeating numbers. Fast forward a bit and the song Shadilay is discovered. The song's record disk says P.E.P.E and Ass Art. On the record theres also a drawing of a frog holding a magic wand.

Anyway long story short Sup Forums worshiped a frog so Donald Trump could become president.


now THAT is a rundown


If digits sorosh dies tomorrow

Kek be Praised.

You forgot the frog statue

Actually you're forgetting a lot bro

can someone create a basic shrinedown for kek

Rolling for a get as good as OP's.

decent lad

You as well, lad. Checked!

theres a whole website for it
lurk fagit

Soros will die by the end of 2017. I can feel it.

It's retarded heathenism

riders of rohan heard the call

Rolling for one massive oven to shove Israel into

has it been updated?

kek is not on our side, we are on his

Re roll

I don't know, it's for homos that need to be spoon fed


What is there to know? The ancient Egyptian God kek was identified with chaos, has something to do with the chaotic watery abyss, part of the creation stories I'd say from the top of my head. Back then in ancient Egypt as I understand there were multiple creation stories, one city I think was known for that where there were multiple ideas, perhaps it was Hermopolis?

It's as real as you want it to be.

>those digits
>implying this is not Kek testing the resolve of his followers


Shadilay! What can i do for you! I'll give you my rarest PePe

Pick only one. KEK is an Almighty Being. He is a Bringer of Order. He is a Destroyer of all degeneracy and wickedness.


Kek and his consort, Kauket, are members of the Ogdoad, some of the oldest deities in the Egyptian Pantheon. They represent the primal force of Darkness.

Holy fuck. Is that guy related to this guy? They look so much alike.

>Commander Riker

>one post by this ID
Shadilay friend. I would say in the deepest form of Kek, that you have been outed as a shill by your digits.

Needs more sauce and green it again, but this time the whole enchilada...
Praise KEK!

Is Pepe related to Apep (Apepi in greek)?

Kek == incarnation of darkness and chaos, bringer of light
Apep == incarnation of darkness and chaos, consumer of light, devourer of souls

Don't Praise Kek

>Most powerful god that exists in the ethereal plane
>Can will repeating numbers into existence
>Has the power to pick the most powerful leader in the world
>Picked Trump because his followers on Sup Forums liked him
>Has dethroned Moloch
>Weeding out satanic pedophiles
>Preparing his soldiers of kek to retake Constantinople in the first Holy Kekistan Liberation Crusades
>Will usher in a new era of memetic prosperity
>Will guide his people to their destiny in the stars

probably the same gods carried over

most gods have a dozen or more names in different religions

meme it

>incarnation of darkness and chaos,
You are confusing KeK with a jewish demons.
Kek is the holy green light that will burn the jews and their evil.

Checked, Praised, and Heil

Holy kek, Sup Forums is crack. Yes I am noob. Fantastic.


Digits confirm.

But his name was Karl von Benjamin.

Almost - Kek is a manifestation of the hidden Black Sun, who's rays illuminate the secret truth.


>Anyway long story short Sup Forums worshiped a frog so Donald Trump could become president.



Jews, hidden in the shadows use decepcion and secrecy.
Kek is the Light. Kek is the Truth. If you follow Kek teachings no jew can touch you.