Any other leafs plan on battling ANTIFA on parliament hill tomorrow?

Any other leafs plan on battling ANTIFA on parliament hill tomorrow?

God speed you leafs.

Get down there you faggots, I'm sure Quebec was not a one off.

You fucks better go! I'm going to MAGA march this Saturday.

>all the commies are white men
>half the soldiers of odin are women, some of them minorities.
Really fires up the neurons.

Fuck I didnt even hear about this tell today. I live to far away but god sleed to my Canadian brothers. I hope a lot of you end up going.

Good luck. Redeem yourselves and you might avoid the rake / range ban.

>battling ANTIFA

whats the point of this shit?
if you want to actually make an impact, build bombs and go full boston marathon on them. or shoot them dead. or run a truck into their crowd. whatever, just kill a bunch of them.

but just going there to yell at them and get yelled at by them? all while police is standing by, ready to immediately arrest you if you even lay a finger on them? that's just a retarded waste of time.


-Bottles of piss to throw
-frozen water bombs
-water guns with piss
-flower & water bombs

If you wanna take I up a notch

-Bike locks
-tag the area or hang a banner the night before calling them out

Use anything that's there, besides, beneath the pavement, the cobblestones, isn't that how the French saying goes?

T. Experience

Neat. Make Canada great for once.

Fight me.



The only Maga "marches" we have are groups of 2-3 suburbans who take selfies in front of trump tower. One of which is a professional con artist.

Good show guys. Only major city in America we have effectively run out most trumpets

Are you German?

Good luck fighting both ANTIFA and their Police bodyguards.

Wish I could.

I'm in NB with a test tomorrow so I can't go

Watch a bunch of (((boys))) who where born genetic women fight with each other and white trash


>Other thread too leaf 8)

Any Vancouver Island leaves going to protest?

If you go. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease go as BasedRakeMan. The interwebz would raise +250k in a day to see a Canuck crack an antifa(g) with a rake and canadian flag attached to it

I don't know if I'll do that, but I promise to yell "Day of the Rake" just for you if I get into a fight with some commies.

I can't simply drop everything and travel across country just to take part in a protest. If I could, I'd probably be getting arrested.


>Im going to go pass the idea to they're retarded

You could always protest at your capital's city hall.

There is no one to fight there

Victoria is fucking filled with commies, the fuck are you talking about?

Fucking get there you fags cmon

To far away and have to work, but godspeed

If you have the numbers steal a commie flag and set it on fire, make sure to record the burning