How would I red pill my girlfriend?

So I've gotten in this relationship and this girl is a believer in the good of men and believes Islam is mostly good guys etc and I can't just "What about them Jews huh? And Sharia am I right?". Help me out.

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dump her

Can I hijack this thread and ask how to redpill my parents?

Too easy. She's Aryan and really great. It'd be a shame to lose her to fall in the hands of some shit tier race.

start with race and slowly choke the sjw out of her. That will be the first very important step

Don't push it, wait for the right moment. You don't need to go out of your way to redpill, just passively

then explain to her/them that the jews are a international menace

Drop her off one night scantily clad in a no-go neighbourhood.
She won't like Islam by morning.
(Or she'll really, really like it)

The idea of the red pill is like its origins a fucking fantasy. It's like falling for a coke advert, as if one line of a movie is going to detract from the fact that you were a cunt before you knew about this meme and a cunt afterwards. I know this because these are the terms you think in. Let her be who the fuck she is without trying to manipulate her into your thinking like a classic neo-lib

What is she like? I'm really sciientific-minded so my BF literally just showed me studies and his little brother knew every statistic ever. If she's super humanitarian maybe just appeal to how the women and children are treated over there in islamic states and how many people nigs kill daily? You'll have to be clever though, so she sees it from a different perspective rather than just being aghast at you.

Girlfag here.

When you're watching tv or whatever and negative stories come up about muslims, express disgust for the act and compassion for the victims. Shake your head and say, IDK but the more I hear, the more I think islam is just never going to fit into our culture. I mean some are OK but they are the ones who don't take it very seriously.

And just wait. Ask what she thinks. The next time, be like, there it is again! It's getting worse, not better. Get protective over her: I would not feel comfortable with you walking alone in a muslim area, they don't respect women.

A few weeks later, show her the video about the European invasion that a Sup Forumsack made last year.

You'll have a lot more luck bashing muslims than jews. Jews at least work and tend to obey the law, don't slit throats.

Humor works good. Girls won't go for the autistic statistics easily.

Specifically on Islam I would show her these videos

Especially this one on the migrant rape crisis, it's really well done and usually hits home with women.

Great replies so far. Thanks a lot. I'll definitely go to show her a few videos once the time is right. I tried before and it always bounces back to "yes, but not all"

explain the problems with diversity, and immigration , and what you believe the problem is

Show her some of the more "misgonyst" verses of the Quran. The ones stating women are worth has as much as men, and the ones permitting female castration, sex slavery, and rape come to mind. Compare those to the "misgonyst" verses "feminists" constantly criticize in the Bible.

You have to get her connected to her white identity (Assuming she is white, you can never tell now on Sup Forums). If you don't care about your identity then it doesn't matter what happens to it, even if it gets destroyed. After accomplishing this, the redpill should be a smooth ride.

Interesting suggestion. Exactly how do you suggest? An example would work too.

One thing we discussed in a PR class was, what is the thing that clinches your campaign, what makes the impact that finally sways people? Is it tv news stories, speeches, testimonials, statistics, celebrities, personal experience, slogans .... etc.

And we thought of the various things that had tipped it for us in the past and changed our minds or made us care about something, but as we contributed we found no consistent answer.

I hate to brag but I finally hit on the answer: It's an accumulation in your consciousness. You never know what it will be but at some point, it builds up and you are swayed. Unfortunately for some it never tips.

We saw this in the election. Some people rejected Hillary when Bernie was shut out by the DNC. Others stuck by her until her health failed. Others were not convinced until they learned about the CF shenanigans. Who can predict what would matter to any given person? Luckily for us, Hillary had an unending supply of dirt.

Other people never wavered. No matter what dirt would be thrown, they did not care. They wanted Hillary. They think muslims are fine citizens.

If OP's gf is one of those types, he's gonna have a bad time. You can't bombard them with evidence, but keep it coming and see what happens.

Get through to her that "not all" is a simplistic response. No one said "all." And, until she can say "not any", we need to be on our toes.

>"Do you think Americans who had slaves were good people? They were normal people like you and I, but that doesn't mean we should consider what they did good. Are Muslims bad people? No, but the majority do bad things. If you want to truly help, you should support Islamic reformists."

Try taking her to festivals that celebrate Dutch culture.

Why don't you change to her way of thinking?

It might be difficult cause (((they))) have done a good job of cutting off white people from their identity, and any sense of pride is imminently shamed

go mature, kiddo.

Negative stories about Muslims don't end up on TV

lrn2photoshop, faggot. Low quality bait.

Holy fuck, just let her pick her own political opinions. Girls tend to be liberal, there's a reason for that. Typical of a male to try and control her political opinions.


Girlfag you're not redpilled enough to know how the filthy kikes control our minds, media, and money? Get real, goy.

>wanting to social engineer someone into thinking like you do
>not just laying out what you believe truthfully and embracing whatever that will bring

you've already surrendered to the kike mindset

This is our cross to bear, user

Start with your mom. (Assuming you are a dude)
Pull at her motherly instincts and play the emotional game.
Talk about certain generic manosphere redpill things which stack life against men specifically.
Preferably something specific to you or your life.
For myself I chose huge affirmative action quotas in STEM hurting white men. (Women and minorities preferred over 2 to 1 at big companies)
Your mom wont like to see her son being hurt or put out.
This then leads in to plenty other redpills.
Once your mom is beginning to redpill, your dad can a) reveal his power level that he has been hiding from his wife, or b) if he is cucked and not redpilled already that means he will follow anything his wife thinks anyway.

Also slowly making hints and remarks toward supporting Trump is another easy and topical redpill. Trump himself is the current pop culture god of redpills.
Mainly, if you want to go soft and conservative on the matter, try something like:
"I dont necessarily agree with Trumps politics, but I REALLY like how he is standing up against political correctness. Some crazy liberals have cone a bit toooo far with the PC stuff."

Luckily I have two already redpilled parents, but as a team we enjoy redpilling the damn hippies in the family.

start with humour, tell an off-color joke once in a while. then start by getting aggitated at certain things on the news (i.e. all the shit shitskins pull off). sooner or later she'll start to show that she agrees because she feels like she went on this journey with you and eventually shell be redpilled.
note: it may take a few years. it took my gf around 1.5-2 years to get fully red-pilled.

choke her

Be INCREDIBLY subtle. Establish a relationship where when you talk about politics, don't disagree ever in the start, not saying you should lie or misrepresent yourself but don't sperg out and go all "No, that's wrong because [insert memorized racial IQ statistics here]". The word here should really be IF and not WHEN you discuss politics, don't force a conversation about politics ever, let it happen naturally if at all. Not everyone cares about politics or even have the capacity to understand it, and that may be frustrating given you have an interest in it and they don't, but it's fine. You don't sperg out about people not knowing anything about your other interests, so don't sperg out about them being clueless about politics either (if they are).

Just talk about normie shit in the start, like "ugh these pointless wars in the middle-east, am i right?" and stuff like the one percent and all that, the general agreed upon injustices. Present yourself as a centrist. You know of course that many of these issues can be traced back to the eternal jew, but don't dare mention it in the beginning. Come at it from an economic angle in the beginning so you sound like you're a smart dude who actually know your shit.

Once you've established this sort of dialogue you could start criticizing other things that normies might agree on, like for example the incompetence of the EU and so forth. The key is to make her respect your opinion so when you actually start talking about the real stuff she hears it as coming from that guy with the valuable normie-friendly insights you'd have given before. Beyond that you just have to go with the flow.

I'm sure there's gonna be plenty of people here telling you to sperg out and telling you to point out specific statistics or show them some video or whatever, my advice is don't say anything that you can't articulate well enough yourself without studying for it or showing her some third party dude. It has to be YOUR words, not David Duke.

I don't know about Hollandbro but for me it's not about socially engineering people, but rather conditioning them so they don't freak out and never talk to you again when voice your actual opinions. It's a burden to know all this shit and not having someone to talk with it about and constantly moderating your self in conversations, ESPECIALLY if it's your girlfriend. I agree you should not be trying to consciously brainwash your gf, I'm talking more about how to hide your power level and drop it and show your "true self" without getting arrested or something.

start with politics. Start telling them about the shady shit that is happening and how most of the people in politics are not working for the good of the american people