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bibi simply doesn't give a fuck

I want to see a Russia/Israel war. Hopeful the U.S. won't protect our waifu state, so we can sit back and watch.

>tfw nothing will happen

>tfw WW3 starts over fucking Israel and the kikes who started it escape the nuclear apocalypse and rule over the ashes

i don't think so. russia will simply test aa weapons on jews. this will be good

This is why they are ramping up the Russian hacker business lately. Israel needs us to strong arm the kremlin

At least someone on this planet isn't sucking the dick of everyone in the Kremlin

Yeah, I wouldn't either if i could use my Jew power to send the entire US into a war at any second.

nothing will happen

Putin wouldn't dare to actually fuck with Israel. They might as well invade Alaska if they're going to be that stupid.

>One plane falls down
>shitstorm on the global media
>everyone shitposting on Sup Forums furiously
>UN deeply concerned

Then fucking nothing.
I sincerely hope there will be some shit, but dont believe in it.

If Putin takes action I'm not even sure if the u.s would assist Israel knowing that Russian cocksucker in the White House.


This pic has never been more relevant than it is now

Oh look another trinidad sheep hating on trump because the liberal media told him to hate trump. fucks like you that always likes to copy the trendy shit america does be it good or bad gives our nation a bad name.

They'll be crying once one actually gets shot down, hoping we come and bail their kike asses out. I hope we tell them to fuck off.

you two should meet up and fight

>kikes invade Syria and attack Syrians unprovoked to support ISIS
>kikes chimp out and somehow openly demand Syrian airdefense to protect its airspace from kikes
>somehow U.S. keeps openly implying kikes are just "selfdefending" themself and somehow preserving some sort of peace in the middle east no one has ever heard of

>UN deeply concerned

But ashes are a kike's worst enemy

Tranny dad and Tobacco.

This is now a Tanya thread

"Wouldn't it be great if we got along with Russia, and worked together to kill ISIS?"

Trump is sure to work together with Russia any day now.

Well we'll see what Putin has to say about the West Bank now, won't we.

I hope Putin reveals FSB files which reveal Israeli cooperation with ISIS and AlQaeda in Syria.

So this is what sets off the prophesied Gog and Magog war...

Is this real life? We will LITERALLY be able to watch the Jews get Satan'd. Satan II'd actually.

They started the first two, why not the third?

Oh my gog!


If information was to be leaked which showed that Israel was definitely fucking up the US in some way, sabotage or whatever, could that mean an actual war with Russia and the US on one side against Israel on the other?

If that is really the case, then Russia is prophesied to get wrecked in this fight. Also, all of Israel's allies will abandon it.


No, The US would simply cut Israel off as allies and pivot harder to the House of Saud.

Lol the recent bombings where more than obviously in support of ISIS and they keep invading and attacking Syrian coallition forces.

The kike media in the West is still covering up the whole fact that Jews are supporting ISIS and attacking Syrians and make it sound like kikes are attacked instead and threatened by Syrian coallition forces

A bunch of leaks won't change much.

The only language these terrorists understand is cutting all money supply and trade and bombing "their" capital

Muh FIFA worldcup 2018 in Russia.

prediction: Russian will nuke Israel on the same day the US nukes North Korea

>A bunch of leaks won't change much.
since the Americans already know kikes are fucking with them.

no they won't. Putin is a cuck faggot pussy fuckboy. The kikes will do whatever they please in the mudshit country. America will flex it's dick and Russians will pretend to try and get away but secretly they'll suck that fat american cock any day any time.


No, ashes are the final evolution. Talk about ashes too much, and you become the ashes. That will never happen to us goyim it hasn't before - eh I mean lampshades and gas chambers oy!

Israeli hackers make Russia hackers look like VCU grads

Israel is testing Trump's loyalty

Why? It's not like Syria can fight Israel and fight a civil war at the same time. Israel can bomb whomever they want and nobody cares enough to stop us.

Now there's a real leader who stands up to Russian aggression, not this fucking wet mop we have in office that bows down to them.

Good on you Bibi

Does anyone else think house of Saud is a mess? Oil will top at 60 and they have the onerous task of keeping millions of illiterate hard liners in order. When centralization fails they will have nothing left.

Netanyahu is based asf.



what will putin do???

will it be sanctions?
will he stop russian pussy from entering Israel?
no mail order brides for schlomo anymore?

lf trips lsrael dies

It will, just wait to the summer


What does it say?



>don't send S300 to Syria
>delivery is ready send out S400
>putins face when

You were so close!

Saudi Arabia as a whole is an Israel False Flag operation

Expect pussy riots then.

haha better luck next time, goy

He thinks the US will side with Israel in a Israel/Russia war.
>bait Russia into war and sick the US on putin

And Israel will nuke Russia on the same day as well
and the rest of the world because Samson Option

Hopefully Russia nukes them into oblivion.


final roll.

תמות נפשי עם פלישתים!!!!

also fuck you




>Trump is sure to work together with Russia any day now.
he already is faggot.

its only those dumb kikes fighting russia now.

Go away filthy jew!!! GO AWAY!!!

I agree that Saudi Arabia is a powder keg waiting to blow.
As long as the House of Saud can keep their stranglehold on oil and OPEC they will hold power. There power will be weakened as the western world and most major powers switch from oil to alternative energies.
It's going to be interesting when Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud croaks/abdicates since he named his son Heir rather than his brother. Lets also not forget the Saudis have been stockpiling the latest in military tech.

>yfw a Saudi succession war will be waged with the latest military technology.

it will balkinize the middle eat leading WW3
jews win though

It's been 300 years since we've had a good old fashioned major succession war. It's time for another.

Socotra island in Yemen might be the most beautiful island in the world.

>Netanyahu to Putin: Israeli airstrikes in Syria will continue
How can one man be so based?

>>shows F15 dropping defensive flares

come on

Who is Israel bombing exactly? Asad? Hezbollah? ISIS (lol jk, of course not)?

Fucking Jews.

that missile has a blast radius the size of Texas.....

Hezbollah and the Syran Army, the two main enemies of ISIS and

i bet brazil is safe, thank god
south america always win in the case of a nuclear war, if we manage to survive the nuclear winter

Israel is firing standoff weapons from inside lebanese airspace. Russian Air defense wont dare fire upon them there.
BTW there are lots of Russian kikes in Israel. War between both countries impossible.
On the other hand this benefits Russia as well, as Assad has to depend more on them for survival.

And you just know the Republicans and Trump are going to send our sons and daughters without a second thought into battle for the chosen ones.

and the Zika born babies who will have grown into formidable monsters roaming around your Streets spreading chaos and destroying civilization as you know it.

They will call it: Zikaos.

>tfw something will happening


>russia will simply test aa weapons on jews. this will be good

It helps when you know God is on your side and He has specifically not only blessed but demanded the extermination of the Arabs.

missile is not ready yet, but from what russians was willing to disclose, Sarmat will have different payloads (depending on target - aka each missile will be custom build for each target, even single target payload) but their main priority will be developing 15+ MIRV's payloads, meaning one Sarmat would just end whole Middle East, not just Jewistan

So Bibi doesn't give a fuck and Trump doesn't give fuck and Putin certainly doesn't give a fuck.
What will all those poor goat fuckers do?

Why doesn't Kim have beef with Israel? Is he not redpilled?

It's asinine a little speck of sand can talk smack to a vast superpower and nothing happens. Putin, you look like a cuck, and I'm a fan.

According to Israel: solely convoys in Syria headed to Hezbollah forces

>What will all those poor goat fuckers do?
They will end up in Germany somehow.

lol your country is first

In case anyone thinks the plane is dodging missiles, those are the flares the plane gives off to confuse missiles.

russia/israel war is what they've been pushing for you idiot. it's a trap.

Putin won't do that.

Putin knows the last act of the IDF would be to level Moscow and St. Petersburg, setting off the entire Russian Federation nuclear arsenal. And that would be the end of the world.

I believe Samson had short hair at the time.

Get fucked proxy (((shills)))

Kushner and Bibi shills flooding /pol tonight