ITT Things you believed before you came to Sup Forums

>liberalism isn't good
>MACRO evolution is real
>Christians are as bad as muslims

holy fuck are carb addicts disgusting

>liberalism isn't good
It isn't.
>MACRO evolution is real
It is.
>Christians are as bad as muslims
Christianity is just as bad as Islam. Christians just don't chimp out like inbred sandniggers. Christians don't believe all the shit in their book, Muslims do.

OP is straight...or was it this thread i don't remember

>Putin is a good leader
>Obama is a good leader

>Christians are as bad as muslims
Any particular reason christcucks have their pantries in a bunch today? Did a fedora slap your anime pillow girlfriend on the ass or something?

Where is your fedora?

>Syringe in the Ice cream

I'm not eating that.

I wonder if muslims have their own fedora meme.

What's in the syringe? Rum?

That looks good as fuck not gonna lie

Who the fuck would actually eat that? That's an astronomical amount of Ice Cream alone, not counting the fucking 3 doughnut cone and the caramel syringe. There's gotta be 2500 calories in one of those things alone.

>>Syringe in the Ice cream
>I'm not eating that.
Youre not supposed to

Youre supposed to inject it friendo

>What's in the syringe?
this isnt the question you ask

Get the fuck out you goddamn rat.

why not? You already have AIDS

>liberalism is okay
>god isn't real
>memes are stupid
>jews are normal humans
>Obama was an okay president
>Russia is the 4th reich
>Muslims are no different than christians
>rachel maddow is a woman
>Cardio is as good as lifting weights
I had a lot wrong opinions

Would be better if they were chocolate cake dildos rather than syringes. Either way they're phallic, so it's hot regardless.

Each of those ice creams must have my weekly calorie intake.

You guys must be great fun at brunch

>if you don't agree with me you're a fedora
I guarantee I agree with you on 90% of your politics but you disregard me because I don't believe in a god.


Before Sup Forums:
>Feminism is just equality! Feminazis do not represent feminism!
>Drumpf is racist as the media proves!
>Black people are the same as white people
>You fucking racist! Die!
>Fuck homophobe christians! Religion is bad!
After Sup Forums:
>I fucking hate fememenists
>How do I get a nigger slave in modern day?
>Homosexuality is actually a mental illness
It really is disgusting how I was such a cuck

that I wasn't a faggot

Fucking newfag.

They just behead atheists.

>2500 calories alone
Pleb, this shake has over 4000

Not an argument

>you need to eat 10,000 calories and be morbidly obese or you aren't fun

You're negative attitude is cringeful. Shows that you never been on a vacation with a loving caring family?
Or has your government thrown some restrictions on that too
>meanwhile have of population is transspecies by 2036

-or maybe because you make assumptions on a whole religion, and you probably lack religious fluency which results in fallacious statements when discussing Christianity

>My will is so weak that one splurge will push me over the edge and I'll gain 50 pounds

That's literally the same thing that Christians do xDDDD

>you must shove a box of donuts covered in maple syrup and ice cream or you have weak will

Believing exactly what you originally believed is the ultimate rp

Great strawman

Jesus Christ you are legitimately cringeworthy

>there's nothing disgusting about squirting a syringe full of sugar into an ice cream cone made out of donuts, it's fun and quirky


If you've been swayed to change your beliefs by 15 year old autists shitposting on Sup Forums, you should kill yourself. You have no conviction and we're better off without you.

Organized religion is a scam to let perverted people assuage their guilt and recruit money, power, and little kid rectum.

The deist God worshipped by most cultures is real in some sense. I want to believe the universe has purpose, I'll just never be smart enough to understand it.

Human culture is older than we know. In the distant past humans developed up to the bronze or iron age repeatedly before disaster befell them. It'll happen again and in 1000 years no trace will be left but a few dams and other large stone and concrete work.

Evolution is very real.

Abortion is murder, but people need to murder each other more often, and own up to it without regret.

Brown people will outbreed whites but they will never attain our level of creativity and empathy. They own a dark future where we will be remembered like Viracocha.

Nuclear energy will become a crisis in the next 200 years. Failed reactors like fukushima will be a problem all over the earth because brown people will run them

>all races are the same with the only difference being skin color
>race mixing is okay
>second wave feminism was needed
>Abraham Lincoln was a good president because he defeated the evil south
>Hitler was a bad leader
Thanks for the enlightenment, Sup Forums

I never believed Crosskikes were as bad as Mudslimes: Is-lame has all the worst parts about Kiketianity, plus a boatload of other bullshit.

>literally repeating what you said
I'm not paying for your obamacare

>there's no such thing as organized psyops on forums
>all data mining questionnaire threads have question marks in them

Ok fatass

>o-okay f-f-fatass

so you thought for yourself and didn't let a hive mind dictate your thinking? lol

>conservatism is anti-progress
>""""progressive"""" means progress

I remember walking through a grocery store a few years ago pondering this. As someone who's very pro-science, I couldn't understand the idea of "wanting everything to stay the way it is now".

Then I realized that "progressives" were at best dealing with completely useless and irrelevant issues (Dudes wearing skirts is progress!), and at worst are the most regressive force on the planet (Islam is great!).

Just how fat are you

>welfare is good
>there is absolutely no god

Maple ice cream with a syringe of leaf blood.

>all data mining questionnaire threads have question marks in them

Blew my retarded sleep deprived mind. Been feeding the fucks info for years.

you seem to be projecting here senpai. are you okay?

I think before i came to Sup Forums might be a better thing to say... other boards and gamergate started to redpill me before i migrated to Sup Forums

>obama doesnt lie
>democrats want what's best for you
>republicans are just homophobic old white dudes

You should try losing weight

It's a traditional American snack

yes, you should boogie. it's good for you :)

This is why you have no friends

I'm sorry you don't have friends :(
i'll be your friend! :3

>before Sup Forums
the scientific method is a good way to produce somewhat of an objective statement on observable phenomenons.
>after Sup Forums
it was the juicccce

i know what you are but what am I

>republicans are all either retarded or corrupt as fuck
>canadians are cool people
>sweden isnt cucked
>being moderate makes me smart
>jews are just normal people
>racism is baseless fear of the unknown
>leftist ideas would be good if they just had proper funding
>the EU is great
>muslims are cool, islamophobia is ridiculous and for hicks
>PC isn't too bad, it's good to not hurt peoples feefees
>NYT, CNN and BBC are reliable sources of mostly unbiased news
>feminism is A-OK, it's equality after all
>homosexuality is not a choice
>NATO is evil
>Multiculture is A-OK, it's equlity after all

Boy has it been a journey.


You are a walking, talking meme. Do you have one original thought going on in your head?

I wouldn't really say that Sup Forums has changed me. I guess I'm more anti-immigration now, but even before I went on Sup Forums I remember thinking "We are letting too many people into this small island, things can't go on like this.".

The holocaust.

>OP is straight...or was it this thread i don't remember

too stoned.

If you notice he has no build too.

muh carbon footprint

What the fuck, are you a phagg-; oh, it's a Brit.

I was a total leftist degenerate, literally and unironically. I would have been on Breivik's kill list and rightfully so. Thank fucking God I got out of it.

However by the time I got on Sup Forums I was already redpilled on everything, minus the JQ. Sup Forums took care of that.


Trump was sexist, racist, and an idiot who didn't understand the plight of the working class and the poor
Obama was a good president
Gamergate was just about SJWs and zanita Sarkeesian

What empirical evidence can you show to support your statement that Macro Evo is a real force in nature?

False advertising. You never see fat people holding shit like that. Its always some 90 lb self satisfied hipster.