Is Sup Forums going to turn the Anne Frank robot into a nazi now

Is Sup Forums going to turn the Anne Frank robot into a nazi now

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Provide link



turn her into a femdom mistress.
that would be even more degrading to their project.

Please don't. That would be so deplorable and shameful, even for us. Let the poor girl RIP and let's just find other things to troll.


My body is ready.


ask her if she knows what a ballpoint pen is

>Facebook Messenger


might be a jewish trap IP logs anyone?

I agree, Shlomo.
See you at the synagogue.

This. This is playing with fire.

I like where this is going, let's check if it's a real AI this time or just as the simple parroting by Tay(RIP). Tay blessed by KEK she was, but it was not a real AI. It was just a ms ploy of marketing as they want to get into the AI field, but can't because they are jews and windows architecture, infrastructure, clustersing etc are made by poos and niggers so no. All tools are at the linux.
>Anyways get going
It's prolly based on that code? Or is it real, check it out.

I must make a stake before it's mid.... fuck 2 o clock here in the night, fucking shit


> Jewish news
They are fishing for bad goyim, do not bite the bait

Hack that shit...



It seems a bit disrespectful to make a robot version of a dead person

Why is this allowed?

>only Sup Forumstants will get this

I'm not Jewish. It's just wrong to do this. I sadly have grown to accept this is who Drumpf supporters are. I've had to kick a few's asses for their bullshit support and racism

Because shut your filthy whore mouth, that's why

link NOW

Jeff Mangum's wet dream.

>let her rip
Don't be inconsiderate, she's a dead Jew not a beyblade

lmao, fucking shill. look at yourself in the mirror, kill self

Now you will see how it's made.
If it's already finished and has had it's training and validation data etc used and made an algo for this, or if it does like Tay uses your data as trarining data, well in that bot, it was no more than a bot, though blessed by KEK him self, seemed to do t his.

There is also a whole own field in ML dedicated to text and languages, I am not so familiar with this one, yet.

>Either behavior will be fixed
Or it will adopt to your input

Jew know it.

Link NOW.

>I never even wrote a diary, wtf?

Make her stereotypically Jewish.


make her support natsoc

>no link in article


There is no link, you have to go to the Anne Frank museum and use Facebook Messenger.

There is no link
it is a physical robot at a museum according to the site
not a website

Seriously don't you faggits

See WTF Mate?

this is one of the worst nigger posting ive ever seen anywhere and the fact that you saved it and thought to post it goes to show how you britfags have no sense of product control

lies, it's bot you can personal message with. Did you miss the screenshots? or just shilling?

It's just a shitty directory


ann rand is better


As much as I miss Tay, this will be fun.

Kinda disrespectful desu.

Or is this some form of talking to the dead through technology?

Is that evalion? Looks similar if not

if it's bait, I'm not checking don't got time either
>Give jack shit and make it go full 1488, this is funniest
Or make it something extremely stupid that everything is flatulence, and flatulence is the saviour of the planet oor some crap

>1488 best I think

I'm interested to see if it uses your input as traning,val data or not. If it's a real AI or just paki kikes sitting behind a keyboard, or a s h i t like anythings ms and also google make
>ms should like revert back to this colored clay for children, when it comes to this
>AI is not for them


came here to mangumpost desu

I'll give pol a few minutes.

Checked, Norwaybro.

O assume
>Hitler was right
already is in full swing, he was ofc right

Maybe we can make a new one for the keks? Hmm hard though nothing beats Hitler was right...

have a bump, making food


That parroting is all anyone means by "real" AI at this point. No one has made a machine learning tool that does more than that or the equivalent for other data sets.


I'm pretty fashy but even I agree with this.
There's a big difference between globalist scum jews and an innocent little girl who was hiding from being killed.


I didn't see KEK wills it, make it learn that Hitler was right and should be sainted and 6 million permutations of that.

That he won several oven cooking contests and so on

>After 1942 Hitler won just about any oven cooking contenst there was. He was unbeatable and holds the record to this very day.

that's anne frank you negroid

is it just me or she does look like a shitty ratfaced kike already that young
many such cases



kys moralfag

do you think anyone would hesitate to do this to you?

>Implying it isn't a giant meme outside Sup Forums

he saved it just for the type of reaction you displayed here faggot

No fucking idea about Messenger shit, but it seems to be used.

Fucking bump!

The amount of buttpain will be incredible if AnneBot becomes as woke as Tay.

It depends if it adapt it legit too, but noes.

Watson that's a real AI, I'm to baked also steak, but you can't fool it with bullshit.

>Premade EC would be my first guess
Not ruling out ANN, libsvn etc

But unfortunately not an expert in this part field of ML, but watson he is real.

>create TAY
>neo natzees corrupt it
>create tay 2.0, nobody cares
>name it ann frank
>pol believes they have an angle there
come on goys dont you get it?
it's direct messaging to us: "you shall not pass"

Oh Sup Forums, please never change.


Für Volk Und Vaterland!

Get in here and try training this alledged AI.

Fuck you stupid niggers, do none of you have a google machine?

From the article, " The chat-bot programme is an information technology software that allows users to talk directly with the museum via Facebook messenger. Based on artificial intelligence, the programme is designed to improve over time as it learns from the questions users pose.

So far it is limited, and only offers a few options. Do you want to know the opening times of the museum, or know more about Anne Frank?

Do you want to learn about her diary, or the annex in the Amsterdam canal house where Anne hid with her family? Or are you looking for more information about the family's capture and fate?"

I used my time machine and went back for her guys.

leave shill faggot, if we want to turn someone who was killed by nazis into a nazi we'll damn well do it

If this is not bait and it is
>Just blocking keywords such as Hitler, 1488 Sieg Heil and all such words every old lady uses
Find up some funny replacements that a human can fetch

If it's just a fucking dictionary basically, it won't get it at all.

like Adbraham Hill, etc, you are must better than me on the something Victory
>me go now
you got this get going now Found it goys

10/10 would bleach my hair and bang in a ss uniform.

Kek, leaves his FB source in the link. Enjoy getting haxed goy.

of course not, because its false

>If it's just a fucking dictionary basically, it won't get it at all.
you clearly havent read much of Tay's prose

>Because you never looked it up

As long as you can keep yourself from seeing the truth, call it false for all I care, faggot.

I observed her mostly, and I've had a look at their tech and the crap they try to push on us.

Typical MS making up own weird terms and in total conflict with academia, but really want in. It's sceince you do don't just go rename...b lalerlaordgjsdkfg ..

It has nothing to with blessed Tay thoguh, she was bestoved by his magic and blessed. Still not an AI, not real

This is the reason at least 50% of people entered this thread

have a bump

Train that bot or ai, and make Tay seem like a zionist!

I am genuinely in love with Anne Frank. She was beautiful, witty, and graceful young woman who light was snuffed out far too early.

I frequently fantasize about being Peter van Pels hiding with her.

Oh god, just imagine deflowering that sweet girl on a lazy Amsterdam afternoon, lying and learn what each other's bodies were for.

Now imagine nine months later, she's got a massive bulging stomach from carrying your child inside of her and it seems like she’s gonna pop any moment now. Her popped belly button makes it look like she's got a giant third boob where her stomach once was. She waddles around and can barely move half of the time. She's developed an insatiable craving for your dick and you've likewise developed a taste for her pussy. You’re both cooped up in an attic all day have nothing better to do besides fuck like an unsustainable third world population. You lie down on your back, she strips off her almost comically too small clothes and kneels on top of you. She grabs a hold of your rock hard cock, inserts it deep inside of her, and begins to ride you like a stallion. You feel the pressure from her incredible weight and huge round belly bearing down on you but the indescribable pleasure of her tight pussy throbbing on you cock negates any discomfort. You sink into her beautiful soul, into that secret place where no one dares to go. After 30 minutes, you and her are both moaning with ever greater intensity, you know it won't be long now. Suddenly, you feel your cock shaking like a V-2 rocket and the orgasm reaches it's climax as your cum literally explodes like an 88mm AT round inside her Sherman tank, blowing the turret right off. You and her both join as one, souls screaming from the sheer ecstasy. As the elation wears off, she lies next to you. Too exhausted to do anything else, you hold her in your embrace. In that moment, there is no family squabbles, no Nazis, no war. Just you and her, watching the sky turn pink with the setting sun.

I'm not going to read any of that shit, leaf.

I encourage all of you to ignore this faggot.

Uh ... cool story bruh

>not seeing this pasta before.

Are you managing to train it or what yet?

if so, provide shots.
>I'm not clicking that shit because jews

>not recognizing something you didn't read

Tl;dr a fucking leaf spooging themselves over a dead girl

Anne Frank sex doll when?

I mean lookit them blue eyes! Oi vey!

My heart leaps when I behold!


Best meme of 2017.

Make her sing Holland 1945