How would Sup Forums respond?

How would Sup Forums respond?

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Your kids may reproduce with a black person tho.

t.v. is making kids black though

explain the homosexuality rate in prisons

people are straight then do gay shit in prison then leave and be straight

There is no evidence that people are born gay.
Their only argument is: Why would anyone choose hardship and alienation.
I'm not convinced.

I know some white dudes who are more nigger than some black people i know..

Now you know how fucking brainwashed you are to think people don't choose to be gay. Please list the gene that causes people to be born gay.

Terrible troll thread OP. it's not 11:47AM anywhere in America

Love wins

"I didn't buy a colour television to watch niggers on it, and I didn't sell my colour television and buy a Black-and-White set so faggots could wave rainbow flags on it. South Africa had the right idea banning this shit until the 70s"

I would have told her I don't want black people on my tv either.

Holy shit sleepy doc is actually pretty neat to listen to.

I don't want to be around either of them

Being gays a choice, you're not walking down the street and thinking,

>Fuck did I drink a gallon of cum this month?

what fucking facet of this entire thread brought you to the conclusion that OP is implying that this screenshot was taken anytime recently?

Why is it that people automatically jump to the assumption that an image in an OP is OC made JUST THEN?
Are you that fucking used to facebook?


Well blacks on tv can turn white kids black personality wise. It's how wiggers come to be.

This. I don't want my kids to act black.

>"Black is a state of mind, sweetheart. Avon had a choice when he order Stringer to kill Omar's boy Brandon."

Alright then. If it's a choice go and choose to be gay. Go on. Just choose it.

What's that? You can't choose to become gay? What's wrong with you! It's a choice, just pick it!

Yeah thought not.

Blackness isn't a mental illness tho

So you're saying that until you see someone change orientations in a blink of an eye in front of you, you aren't convinced?

What the fuck is your opinion of the phenomenon known as 'puberty'? Just as mythical to you?


You can eat shit, its an option.

But I'm not gross enough to eat it.

This is so fucking fake. Why are liberals so fucking gullible.

It's like eating shit.

I COULD eat shit, but it's fucking disgusting and so are the people who CHOOSE to eat shit.

Same thing.

What? Puberty isn't a choice what the fuck
are you on about.

Why do you find shit gross? You're born with the disgust built in you fucking idiot. You don't get to choose what disgusts you.

Just like straights are born with disgust towards the same gender sexually, gays are vice-versa.

Why are people so fucking stupid. Somebody show them how to into critical thinking.

sexuality is all about power and submission, when you empower the women then you mess up with society.

y are fags always so touchy about the fact that they choose to put hamsters in their asshole?

Yeah, uh huh, and nothing is a choice because everything is inherent.

Pedophiles, faggots, rapists, etc. may not have the option to not be those things, but does it matter?

Either stop or face the consequences.

I like dickgirl anime and gfurry.
fuck off with your assumptions I would say i'm at least honorary gay.

If gay people are "born that way", explain what happens in prison. Then explain political lesbians.

What do you mean? The consequences are free will doesn't exist. I am fully aware of that.

You can still prevent pedophiles from hurting people by locking them up.

You don't need free will to prevent criminals from hurting people and form a justice system.

If a faulty car kills somebody, I don't have a melt down because I can't punish it.

You fix the broken car (medication), or if it can't be fixed you scrap it (lock it up, capital punishment)

See. No free will but a completely functional justice system.

What did I watch exactly

This desu

Some innocent Hajis got fucked up because some overworked underpaid us army guys made a judgment call and also was pretty careless but maybe at the time it seems the right thing to do.

It's called the "OP" gene. All we understand about it is that whoever has it is always a fag

>getting baited this hard

Always a fucking leaf

Well kinsey scale is a thing

Fake and gay.

What are wiggers for $500

Throughout most species there is a tiny percentage that are born homosexual .. the vast majority of homosexual humans have been abused or neglected in their childhood... 75%+ ...we pretend they are born that way because our society minimizes pedophilia and child abuse...


>t. 8.4 btc sell wall



It's not even that much of a hardship or alienation. Being a heterosexual autistic beta male is much more of a hardship than being a faggot.



Both people agree that both being gay and black is a deficiency.