Are any Sup Forumslacks public school teachers?

Are any Sup Forumslacks public school teachers?

I teach history and mathematics

I'm on my way to becoming one. Music teacher.

LARPer here, I teach quantum physics.

It must be awful teaching history in Germany
>today kids, you're going to learn about the Holocaust, where six million Jews died in gas chambers! Nationalism is an evil ideology and you must take in refugees as atonement
>but teacher, we've been learning about the Holocaust for six whole months!
>too bad, Hans, is your essay on elie wiesel done
>BAD GOY...I mean boy! You're going to detention where you will learn to be tolerant and muliticultural!
And a whole class of subservient german low-T cucks were born...

Yes. Eighth-grade language arts.


never happened

Thinking about becoming one. Have a bachelor's in English, getting kind of tired of doing online work, might just become a teacher.

If I do though, how do I be a non-faggot teacher because most of the newer teachers seem to be leftist fucks.

I was a long-term sub at a school where I taught science, math, and history in a foreign language to kids for four months. I had almost all white students with one lightskin nigger kid. Guess who my only student that ever gave me attitude was? Guess who the only kid was who frequently showed up with a fucking coffee that her mom bought her because she would freak out without it? (In the fifth grade, btw).
All of my students were upper 25-30% income bracket, including her. So she had no "muh poverty" excuse. Fucking animals.

In Asia, the teacher enjoys the same status as a doctor or magistrate. Why does the libtard media always denigrate our teachers?

I was a sub-teacher for a bit. The kids could get away with goddamn murder. I sent one kid out for disrupting and an administrator came back and and was like what the hell. I told him I was a teacher and not a disciplinarian, and he pretty much had to take it because it was a shitty city school and they can never get enough subs.

It was 6 billion of course

Wouldn't it be more like...

"Prayer time! Everyone get on the floor!"

I subbed for one year, maybe two. Horrible. The suburban schools were ok. City school was horrifying.

My first day I was assigned to a 16 y.o. girl with Down Syndrome. She and her bestie (another retard) each have their own mommie to follow them, tie their shoe, hold their umbrella, remind them when to change their period pad, and that's about it. Mind you these kids are not on a diploma track. They take no tests, get no grades. They suit up for gym every day to stand on the sidelines. So who cares if they get to the right class? Those resources should go to the achievers. I was basically a babysitter and in fact I got to leave early because her mom pulled her out early to get her hair done (really) for a dance that night. The mom was a trophy wife type, thin pretty blonde, most likely rich.

Special ed is just as big a drain as immigrants and dindus, if not more. We had one in our system that was sent to private school out of state for nearly $1million/year. The parents pay zero despite being rich. The kid is profoundly disabled, violent, and will never learn anything.

which school form

Because East Asians always use privilege and status and face to conceal shortcomings?

Is teaching high school a good job? I'm thinking about quitting the whole grad school thing and just teaching physics or math in high school... but I've heard its kind of shitty, no appreciation and low pay.

Aborting these kids always makes me conflicted, though.

I was. Ich lehrte Deutsch, glaub es oder nicht.

I lasted three years and taught for Milwaukee Public Schools, one of the most fucked-up school districts in the United States. Although my horror stories are nowhere near as bad as some of the shit I've seen shared here, I have no problem believing any of it, being that I dealt with very similar problems.

I did a year at Bradley Tech, which is supposed to be like a prep school for MIT, and we had some very bright students, even a few black ones, but it was on the whole a containment facility for some of the vilest nigger animals I've ever personally encountered. The last straw for me was a police raid where four (4) firearms were recovered from student lockers.

So I transferred to Town of Lake, which had just been renamed Ronald Reagan High, rather appropriately, taking into account how many illegal Mexicans were enrolled. Thought they do function somewhat better than negro students, it was bloody murder keeping their attention and maintaining order.

The little spic brat who drove me out of the school and the profession would come into my classes (he wasn't actually one of my students) to pester a young blonde girl into dating him. Every time I'd tell him to leave and not return, he'd get into my personal space, so close I could smell his Bud Light Lime shitbreath, and dare me to put my hands on him, then threaten me with his family members, whom he claimed, probably honestly, were high-ranking members of various spic street gangs, primarily the Latin Kings.

The administration wouldn't do anything about him, and he knew it, so to rub it in, he fucked up my car, a brand-new VW Passat. Not the greatest car, sure, but the first new one I'd ever bought, and I liked it, and felt I'd earned it, having kept up my end of the bargain with MPS to try to train their monkey-ass negroid animals to at least pretend they were learning. All tires slashed, all windows broken, tagged, and pissed in.

I became a different person.

I'm thinking of becoming a sub but shit like this has me worried.


You got one right here.

I teach AP US History and AP World History in Florida.