This transgender bullshit started when gay marriage got legalized

When LGBT activists did not have anything to do, they went on looking for trouble. THIS is why legalizing gay marriage was a bad idea: it led to further degeneracy.

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Yes. Because (((lgbtxyz))) groups needed a new cause with which to make shekels. Gay marriage all but killed the "need" for their existence.

i say it started with bruce jenner tying to feel important


Sup Forums was full of gays and traps a long time before the SJW's ever got on board with that shit

Sup Forums does more to legitimize "degenerate" behavior than anyone else desu

is that wojak in your pic for ants?

People tolerate LGBT degeneracy as a cover for their own sinful ways.

Did someone say gay marriage?

i am offended, there are not NEARLY enough letters in that to be inclusive to all snowflakes around the world

Someone post the staircase

Nulla è nuovo sotto il sole

Yes obviously in classic lefty fashion they have no purpose to exsist once they get their social change so they change the goal

>blacks got civil rights and affirmative action so now it's about Arabs and Mexicans

>women and gays have full rights and privlagea so now it's about trannies

That's why beastealiy, incest pedophelia, etc etc it never stops it never stops

trips of truth

(((Gessen))) looks like turbokike Ruth Ginsberg. Why are Jews pushing gay marriage?

The truth about immigration, by the numbers:


Cultural Marxist Jews Admit Organizing White Genocide

The plan to eliminate the white race:


Cultural Marxism in action… Political Correctness, the tip of the blade:


Cultural Marxism & Social Justice Explained:


Why are we in Decline - Cultural Marxism:


also see

The facts about slavery in North America:


Cultural Marxist Jews fund media propaganda against whites on an enormous scale:


Does this sound familiar at all? (starting at 6:52)


The Holocaust:




Every fucking time without fail.

Sup Forums is always right.

Jews are parasites.

>why are g-d's chosen subverting western culture
>/pol circa 2017

>trannies are somehow a new thing

Why is it the governments business what goes on between you and your partner?

Fanno come quelli della del paradiso. Avrete già giocato un ruolo nella caduta dell'uomo. Cosa vi rende così speciale?

Being treated with special privlages and rights and forcing others to respect your weird issue is new not he fuckig trained idiot

Why is it the government's responsibility to sanction your marriage?

I agree. I used to be for gay marriage, now if we have another vote, I'll vote no because I don't wanna see OP's pic here.


Perdonami. Sto usando telefonino. Avete. Non "avrete". Are you a robot? Can't you speak your "own" language?

why must italian olive oil industry be counterfeit trash?

Hello fake ass

Yeah but that's because Sup Forums's nature attracts society's undesirables.

See how now that it's accepted by society you see their bullshit everywhere?

It really is a slippery slope and why you can't allow the left one inch or society starts to crumble step by step.

But it didn't start with gay marriage, that just accelerated it. It starts a lot farther back than that.

So what if I like to warm a towel and roll it up. Stuff my dick in there with a condom on and go to town. Should I ask the government to accept me as a Towelsexual?

Goyim the slippery slope is a mere logical fallacy.

>towels are men
You caused all this. Nobody likes your lives and it shows. You lie. You are bought and sold down the river. Turn to Christ. All this whining. All this womany garbage. Nonody knows fucking anything. I know what caused it. You do too. And make circuses. This didn't just pop out from behind a tree but you sure make it seem that way. You don't read the original languages. You just swallow everything the "ratchet jaws" men, say

That's because they weren't supposed to "win" so quickly. Gay marriage was supposed to be the issue for a generation. But republicans aren't as defiant as the democrats were and now they have to find another issue to "fight for". Trannyism should last them longer, even if the idea is weaker if only because the "goal" is less defined.

If Trannies are ever accepted, then they'll have to turn to pedos, but that us even less sympathetic and harder to justify.

Can we please hurry up and skip to the part where every gender and sexual orientation is legalized?

I want to come out of the closet about my jacking off with and consumption of dead burning dog fetuses and their feces.

Like half of clammos do while you watch lesbian scat porn and cover for pedos

no... that's when it hit the mainstream.

Did you not read the bible? Even with God himself directly assisting the jews can't keep them from fucking everything up. God choosing the jews is him playing hardmode.

>why did he reply to-
>oh, he reread the po-

Exactly, shit as degenerate as that belongs on Sup Forums not being accepted into mainstream society

You nailed it.

The saddest part is how globalism's consumerism is more important than anything else, yet the left eats it up harder than anything else.

They just want to be treated equally.

Is that too much to ask?


>transgender bullshit

What exactly is the endgame for this? The bathroom thing? It doesn't seem as clear-cut as the marriage issue.


We all know about the slippery slope.

of course; it's the anti family agenda
and it stops when we're a herd of GMO humanbeans


This is not the only reason. They seek to marginalize the rights of people so they get special privileges. Ones personal choice to undergo "gender reassignment" (no, you're still the same gender you were before, just making it a little easier for you to convince people that you're not) does not guarantee you the right to use any bathroom you choose (shouldn't be a fucking issue in the first place - if you're that convincing, you should be fine) take all sorts of hormone and drug treatments and still compete in any sport you desire, or demand that everyone respect your decision.
Same thing with gays wanting to prosecute religious people who refuse to participate in their weddings.
There are ways to work with people on these things, but that's not what the LGBT community wants. They want to put out a great PR image of the happy, harmless normals yet desire to destroy what normalcy is so they themselves can pretend they are more normal than they are.
I can sympathize with the hardships of their situations, but not the "solutions" the LGBT community has been pushing for. The more they push for them, the more I will push back.

>Masha Gassem

There's nothing wrong with it.

is this in the sticky? excellent goy

they're fucking maniacs
the jew really struck big when he decided to enable narcissists

>chimps now getting "human" rights