How does Sup Forums feel about paganism?

How does Sup Forums feel about paganism?

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Better than christianity for sure.

Depends. Rome and Greece were glorious, but anything else is culture-less nonsense. Neo-pagans are horrible.

Ex religious pagan myself. It's the ultimate religion of relativism. No moral standards. No concept of objective truth, or truth in general. Basically the philosophy of Americanism; where the average American holds all religions to be basically decent and true for various individuals. It contradicts the law of contradiction.
It's no wonder why every pagan nation was never unified, always resorted to tribalism over which sect followed which false god.

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*law of non-contradiction


You've got a bit of a chicken or the egg situation there. Perhaps it is their way of life which shaped their religion rather than the other way around.

Paganism is gay, it's even gayer than a soccer match between two teams made of gays.

>No concept of objective truth, or truth in general.

The laws of man for man, laws of nature for the Gods. It's up to decide what is moral and what isn't. Nothing is infalliable and there will always be interpretations that differ, from the constitution to the bible.

>It's no wonder why every pagan nation was never unified,

Whites are never unified. We always divide over something. If it's not religion, it's different sects in the same religion (IE Catholic vs Protestant), politics, etc. The most destructive wars in recent history were WW1 and WW2, where we slaughtered each other by the tens of millions and it had nothing to do with religion.

>always resorted to tribalism over which sect followed which false god.

Do you have an example of this?

I wouldn't be surprised. Still, there is no concept of truth that is universal in paganism. Plato and Aristotle laid the foundations for the law of non contradiction; e.g, a truth cannot contradict another truth otherwise one or both are not true.

This is why the pagan Romans were happy to have Christianity as just another belief system in the pantheon, and why they hated Christians so much, because they refused to acknowledge the other gods as being true for some.

Good point. It never quite occurred to me that pagans perhaps didn't consider Christian invasion as an actual invasion against their way of life in time because they were already so used to fighting.

>It's up to decide what is moral and what isn't
There is a natural law that even the philosophical pagans acknowledged (Plato and Aristotle).

>Do you have an example of this?
Germanic/Nordic tribes were like this. The Celts were like this. Various Hindu sects are still like this.

They would have been just fine with putting Jesus Christ as another god in the Pantheon. Their refusal to toss a pinch of incense to any other god was tantamount to treason to the State and was akin to throwing the middle finger at their gods, telling them that their gods are false, dumb idols of wood and stone.

Roman historians wrote about the Christians who worshiped a man named Jesus Christ and ate his flesh and drank his blood, and how they refused service to any other gods.

>Germanic/Nordic tribes were like this.

Not over Gods.

>The Celts were like this

Again, not over Gods.

It's also a mistake to assume that the societal structures and beliefs all vanished after Christianity. Scotland and Ireland were full of warring clans well into the modern era. Their constant feuding and infighting was used as a causus bello by the British to "civilize" them.

>Various Hindu sects are still like this.

True, but we also divide among tribal lines and go to war. We do so over politics, mostly.

Interestingly enough, Julian the Apostate was famous for enacting what we could call today a proto-Americanist religious liberty.

He had apostatized from Christianity (e.g. Catholic) and went back to paganism. So, in order to undermine Christianity in the Empire, he enacted a sort of religious liberty not very much unlike what we have today.

The end goal was to make the State basically indifferent toward religion and allow the growth of heretical Christian sects in order to weaken Christianity as a whole. Arianism and different flavors of Gnosticism grew.

He even favored the Jews, opting to pay for the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem to prove Christ wrong once and for all. He paid for all the construction. Jews all over the Empire went back to Jerusalem to begin the project.

When they began laying the foundation, historians record, fire erupted from the foundation. People were consumed on the spot. Chaos ensued.
The project was never taken up again.

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Better than Christianity, and leagues ahead of Islam and Judaism. I am personally a deist.

>Rome and Greece were glorious, but anything else is culture-less nonsense
It's you who lacks culture, user. You're stuck in the Catholic-Jewish history of Europeans.

Even Tesla, Einstein, and Oppenheimer said the Aryan Vedas taught them the secrets to the Universe and energy.

Excerpts from historians on Julian's Judaizing endeavor.

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Jesus Kike this is a stupid Catholic myth but the guy is a fucking hero. He could of destroyed the Semitic mind virus and saved the Aryan race.

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Paganism is degenerate.

Paganism died and was appropriated for a reason.

>basically indifferent toward religion
This is all false. Julian wanted to reverse the constantinian revolution and return Rome to paganism. He asked different sects of Christianity to exist and sue each other in order to sew discord and division. Julian's ultimate goal was to destroy Christianity, but was felled in battle after a few years as ruler.

Buddhism the remnants of a lost viking pagan civilisation?

Julian practiced Judaism, but a syncretic version, mixed with Mithraism and Gnosticism. Arianism was most popular among the elites, nostalgic for their pagan past.

The religious liberty he enacted was done precisely for allowing the flourishing of various sects and cripple the church. That's state indifferentism. Holding no creed as absolute truth.

>he enacted a sort of religious liberty not very much unlike what we have today

It is very different from what it is today. Paganism is not universal. Christianity is. Pagans simply believe that you have to be apart of the group to believe in the gods. Christianity does not care about blood.

Yes, the source of that is (((David F. Greenberg)))

Bullshit. You're shifting the narrative. Christianity is an off-shoot Jewish cult, the same way Mormonism is to Christianity.

Kiddo, Judaism after 70AD is not the same Hebrew religion that the ancient Jews practiced. Without sacrifices in the temple, the religion is impossible to fulfill.
In the Roman days, it was syncretic with the mystery religions, mixing sorcery and Jewish traditions which would later be complied into the Talmud.

Even Nero is said to have converted to Judaism.

And Christianity after 70AD is not the same Christianity practiced today, or even during the medieval era. Do all the mental gymnastics you want. Christianity stems from Judaism. It is an Abrahamic religion.

Protestantism was founded in the sixteenth century. It is verifiable that the faith of the early Christians is still found in the Catholic Church.
Without playing semantics here, Judaism had to alter it's entire practice and execution of the law, and the addition to the law up until the fourth century to continue existing, making it a whole new religion. Christianity did not come from this new entity: rabbinic Talmudism.

Christianity is, instead, the fulfillment of the pre- Judaism, Hebrew religion.

>The Old Testament isn't Jewish
Wew lad.

>is still found in the Catholic Church
The Orthodox Christians disagree though. They say that they continue the teachings of Christ. Both are wrong though. They borrow a lot from paganism and philosophy.

It's a good foundation for Christianity.

What he means is that the Judaism of then is vastly different than the Judaism of now, which is true. A good chunk of what defines Judaism as we know it today, like the Talmud, was composed well after Jesus Christ and the founding of Christianity.


Can I get a quick rundown on paganism?

>How does Sup Forums feel about paganism?

Lower than SJWs, incredible that is even possible.Yet pagans manage it. Low IQ ill bred scum larping they are witches and vikings that are actually criminals and drug addicts

>Can I get a quick rundown on paganism?

Bullshit for cunts


I pratice Catholic mysticism and healing magic through herbalism and cooking. Got turned onto it by Styx, also got turned on to spirtuality in general by styx. Rejoined the Catholic church after numerous years of absence and readopted by catholic name of Severinus. In conclusion the magical parts of the paganism/occultism are good but I think you should believe and worship in one god.

If you're Catholic, you're on the edge of Paganism. We've retained many Pagan elements.

>go camping by yourself
>smoke a bunch of weed
>make a bunch of circles in the dirt and stoke your fire high
>Go into a trance state and unleash the full potential of your limbs and voice
>howl at the stars and cry your proudest deathsong to Odin
>maybe see if you can't coexist with the wildlife by pure apathy (it works much better than you'd think)
>stare at a bunch of trees and listen to the wind
>sleep under the open sky and feel the terrifying loneliness of a dark forest in the middle of the night

Yeah, pretty fun shit. That's all you really need to go OG pagan or Druid. Forget the conventional shit: it's been mistranslated a thousand times and even then it's just repetition.

This shit wakes up your soul, makes you feel alive, makes you feel like a man again.