REMINDER: You CAN'T say mean things about Jordina Cuckerson online

Anita Sarkeesian here.

I hear someone is talking badly about Professor Jordina Cuckerson, and that's just NOT allowed.

You need to sort yourself out or we will ban you.

No mean words
No mean memes

Professor Jordina Cuckerson can only handle kid speak where he is praised.

He's my friend, a fellow Canadian, I studied under him at U of T and not a commie.

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Tits or gtfo


>T-t-t-t-thanks Anita.

Hey Jordina you cuck faggot, your here bitch??
Stupid fucking cuntheaded leaf fraud fuccboi


Fuck whoever that is.




Do you little bitches hear yourselves???

Sage all threads praising that Marxist fuccboi 55 year cuntfaced leaf

BasedRakeMan is coming leaf.....soon!

God I hope it does, this country could use it.

I know...we got the uncucked canucks backs.

>Now stop shitposting styxx!

>You need to sort yourself out or we will ban you.
From where? Places that I never go to? Fuck off, leaf. You're retarded.

Be the basedrakeman you want to see in the world

> Kek wills it!

Kys you fucking chink

>its coming

Don't tweet his memes at him saying he teaches "BLOODY GOOD BULLSHIT" or he will have you banned for 12 hours.
It's okay to silence me and totally ban me from Twitter for 12 hours because Canadians "don't handle banter well"
FREE SPEECH for all except those who speak negatively about a liar

They need some basedrakeman up in their lives

>I would fucking see a canuck smack an antifa with a rake and a canadian flag tied to it
>Said user would probably raise 250k worldwide in his donation fund

>A fucking leaf

user, I live on the opposite side of the country so I'll be unable to appear there. However I'll do my best to fight that bill from my town.

Lad, calm down. Why are you so obsessed with this guy? It's not worth getting worked up over.

You "Need" BasedRakeMan!!! Be The BasedRakeMan you want to see in the world!

Watch a bunch of 20 y.o (((boys))) who where born genetic women, fight each other

Jesus Christ. Is this the same leaf waging a one man menstrual show against Peterson? I check pol throughout the day and I see the same wacko leaf saying the same shit, posting the same images all the time. He had 50 posts in a thread this morning.

Sort yourself out, Canuck. I like Peterson plenty, but I'm more worried about you at this point.

If I'm to take you seriously and assume you're not a shill, you need help man, seriously what are you trying to achieve?

You've been spamming these threads the last few days man. Give it a rest.

Leafs will have a BasedTransManRakeMan

#BasedTransRakeMan would "END" my bias to tranny's I swear to god! Not the Tranny agenda....but already finished tranny's for sure

>#BasedTrannyRakeManThing when?

#BasedWhiteTrashMan more like it.

That's their capital "city". I use to live there for school. It's a small backwater hick town with something in the water.
They're all white trash hicks with the IQ of a Post.

Look at the people in the pictures
Fucking inbred hicks

This leaf is hilarious, Peterson is pretty underground here, what you are doing is counter-productive

Look it up on a map. It's literally in the middle of NOTHING.

That's my kind of people! Are you an uncucked Canuck....or a "Muslims come rape my daughter" canuck?

I bet he gets neetbux to shitpost all day

Can you explain to me, why it's okay for Peterson to shut down my Twitter access for 12 hours for tweeting 3 memes at him and calling him out, for his own words
It was him. I was banned within minutes. Do not try and say it was one of his fans,
Even if it was one of his, you people are silencing the speech of others for him.

SO BUCK-O, answer me that.

Kek did they finally ban your leaf arse after the last thread got shoa'd?

Not my kind of people
I'm a respectable white person who doesn't drink alcohol, use drugs or commit petty theft.

I'm for free speech, except when it's against Peterson.


Seriously, I would beat you to a bloody pulp you hypocritical FUCCBOI trash

You didn't tweet him the JUST memes you posted here, did you? Got caps?



He had me banned from Twitter for 12 hours for tweeting 3 of his own memes at him.
It's OKAY right, Free Speech boy??
I can loose access to Twitter cause Peterson has hurt fee fees for being called out as a fraud, right??

I tweeted his own fucking meme at him calling his a bullshit liar with his own words.

Can someone give me a quick run down on who this meme is and why we care?

He's been at it for nearly a week now. I wish I knew what he's got against JBP, it's got to be personal with this level of obsession

I don't give a fuck about anyone as long as they leave me alone desu

Ah well, goodnight leaf, got to crash for work tomorrow.

Avoid me, answer someone else
Come on fuccboi, why can Peterson or one of his silence me from Twitter cause he got his own meme tweeted at him??

Come on fuccboi, answer. I want to hear your mental gymnastics

>Gotta go to bed, can't answer anymore questions. Especially not why, Peterson can silence your speech and it's okay. I'm not a coward, loser or a shill
>Yawwwwwnnnn gotta get up for my job you NEET loser. Try having one :)

I'd beat you senseless you commie beta faggot. Not a joke.
Thank god you can be a pussy bitch behind a computer and never have someone beat the living crap out of you.

Ahhh, I see. Look bro, are you a "Im A Canadian Muslim" or a "Sharia Law Is Coming Muslim"?

>Theres a difference, you know we understand that right?
>The new ones, from war zones....literally can't be trusted and the rest of the world has proved that.


>Want to see Canada collapse like Venezuela so I can claim refugee status in America

I think they should stay in their own countries and not be allowed in ours. Plain and simple.