Syria General /sg/ - Time has come Edition

Everything you need to know


>Newest Interviews with Assad

>hohol livemap
>Military map
>Syria conflict map

>Fan maps

>Deir Hafer Mar20
>Mosul Mar20
>Palmyra Mar17
>Raqqa Feb23
>W Aleppo Feb23
>DeZ Feb23
>W Daraa Feb22

Developments Mar21
>Jihadists attack SAA in Hama using SVBIED's, claim to capture several checkpoints and 2 tanks
>Jihadist advance in Jobar after launching new assault
>SAA recapture Hamid Hawsh, Jafirat Mansur & Diham in E Aleppo as they attempt to encircle Deir Hafer
>IS cuts off government’s only supply route to Aleppo
>FSA-affiliated group joins Al-Qaeda coalition; making it the largest militant group in Syria
>Ru openes reconciliation center in YPG's Afrin, denies term"military base"
>SDF capture train station in SE Raqqa
>Militants capture Jabal Al-Naqab from IS
>US-coalition airstrike hits Raqqa school building housing civilians
>Al-Qaeda attacks IS in al-Yarmouk camp, S Damascus
>Syrian choppers drop bombs on jihadist near Israel
>IS captures 9 Iraqi security officers
>23+dead,45 injured in IS carbomb in Bagdhad


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Daily reminder that Erdogan, Trump and Netanyahu are white and based and that they'll kick sad-ass-sad's ass

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I wonder if the average albanian is as bad as their diaspora, or if they sent their scum, like the turks

I wait for a day when 1 normal turk will show up on pol ,just 1 turk that behaves like normal human being, and is not emotionally unstable annoying germ


Eh, I am too autistic to be as bad as the diaspora. Generally, we're pretty bad though. Not arab-tier, since we have no further agenda than living another day, but still.

Are the rebels finally united or what?

Weren`t there some normal Turks on /sg/? The secular ones were alright, no butthurt or shitposting at all. At least I don`t recall them acting too bad.

Draw a barell-bomb!

dont remember and nromal turk that was regular on pol desu

Is this one from the scavenger hunt?


You seem alright desu, I'd be ok with you dating my sister.

...You probably don't have a sister, do you...

Actualy we had few seculars after turkish happening in 2016 describing how is situation for them getting more and more dire.

Yup. Weaponized autism at it's finest.

What's the situation, /sg/?

Who's winning?

Who's that known smart and famous guy that you call maghrebi?
he seems so fucking based and kind
would like to taste his big juicy superior dick

wasnt that after coup?

You can date a friend of my sis. Cute, and smart.

Jews mister. But not for long.

I dont think you even tried in that post

Yup senpai.

I fear we spooked them with the roach meme. Pre-Aleppo, there were some normal Turks.

Hahnrei was geht?

Hama situation has calmed down.

Got 2.

As long as they look aryan I would be interested.

You just replied to yourself, and you probably don't have a sister either. Anyhow, I'm fucking pissed off at that sandnigger that told his sandnigger friends half a world away about our geolocation.

maghrebi is virgin in real life ,when he posts u will notice how retarded he is and you will want to iinsult him for it

however just think of the sad fact that his virgin and contain yourself from insulting him

Noice. I pretty amazed of how quiet everything is in roachland about the last year happening. I mean, they are throwing shit all around about europe and all, but not a sound about the seculars losing ground.

Straya is wining. Always.

This image with Assad is not mine, but here`s my, honest to God, best attmpt.

Ich bin der Potshahnrei, willst du wissen, was das ist?

it's a sad story, really. He was always there, always happy, until one day he decided to SVBIED himself in Mosul.
May he rest in piece.
yeah sure.
there have been barely any turks for the past 2 days or so. What happened to them?
If you don't take part in human trafficking you aren't even a real albanian

Thanks, I guess. Suddenly I'm the most eligible bachelor in /sg/.

Has anyone posted this yet?

Maghrebi has taken the mantle of the most retarded user on this general

I can't believe there is someone else more retarded than Countryside General, it's kind of insulting to him

Ja, aber erzähl mir zuerst, wie du es machst.

Christ, I really shouldn't stay up that late. And I do, but she has a boyfriend, they are together 4 years now. And don't buy that role-play bullshit.

Thanks pepik, saved!

If you've never drunk raki or stolen something, you're not a real albo.

no ES activity no Turks , turks got cockblocked

Who knows, man. Autists on a Cambodian bowling image board are geolocating terrorists.

Nothing seems that unbeliavable anymore.

G'night /sg/. Hopefully that sandnigger in America was larping.

hes not really retarded pers altough he tries really hard to be one.
you can debate him on rare occasions.

he is just blinded with his jihadi shilling...

No worries. Grab a meme before sleep.

what sandnigger?

Good night.
I´m going now as well.

Theme Song:

Post syrian grills plox


hard to comment on it , its not like Israel cant say they got cucked by Russia in Syria if it actually happend , thats not how u can win elections and stay in power in Israel , Israel is country of constant enemies and conflicts

>kikebook tier memes
LMAO /sg/ really improved this time

btw. has the polish femanon ever been around again? Seemed like she was a regular last time she posted, but last time I saw her around has been ages ago which is due to me being less active recently I guess.
he probably wasn't and people should search for this kind of stuff on telegram, or IRC and not post it on twatter to begin with. It's just stupid.


God i really hate that fucking flag.

I need to know the same.

Sleep tight user.


>btw. has the polish femanon ever been around again? Seemed like she was a regular last time she posted, but last time I saw her around has been ages ago which is due to me being less active recently I guess.

lmao you got keked by the priest.
there has never been a polish lesbian here, he was larping

Some fucker pretend that he is a muslim and informed the group we doxxed that they will get bombed and tell them to gtfo from the place. Dropped a lot of SAA/PKK dead troops too. Cute larp-ing, 3/10.

Find meine Sup Forums-Spätzle nicht desu.

Anyway, good night
Bashar ou bas

Any source on a supposed Israeli raid on Syria today? Also, why is noone talking about hezbollah claiming and Israel confirming that an israeli drone was downed in Syria? I havent seen anyone mention it in a thread yet

also, what is that weird flag in the OP imagge?

Oh... THAT faggot. I bet he is now fapping to traps or some shit like that.

Yesterday someone posted a pick of the drone. Im gonna see if i found it.

Good memories with BFII

idk why, i saw the photos though, you can look it up in hoholmaps

they only confirmed its crash, not that it was downed

sandnigger coalition in Battlefield 2

can't wait for the damage control on terrorist twitter tomorrow:
>that was only phase 1
>they were forced to retreat because of ruaf
>[assad would fall without russia and iran]
>100 assadists killed
>50 pow
>showing 5 corpses and 1 pow as proof
>15 tanks captured or destroyed
>lol pro regime accounts said they never lost anything, now they recaptured it -> propaganda!!!
>at least we captured [x]
>ruaf/syaf is killing civilians now
>just wait for the next "big surprise"

You can change a proxy, but you can't change Onur
May Fenerbace allgamahuyahudi

Wow, you pretty much listed all the usual shit they say. I am sure you are 400% correct, it is always the same.

Go do a goat like a good góral does

Somebody supporting FSA and ISIS
People that will be purged in the coming years, nothing to worry about

But you are form the south, that is your habit.

Yes! More Polish goat banter! My body demands it!

they even rolled out t90s and everything, really gave all they got.

would be super if they actually accomplished nothing making all 3 fronts ineffective.

>I bet he is now fapping to traps or some shit like that.
Hehe, y-yeah w...what a loser. ;-;

All this mess makes me remember when Claudius Augustus invaded Britannia just to stop the Gaul revolts.

Is time to blow Qatar and roachland to another dimension.

Is there any chance that the shit splash to another border country?

How long until Deir Hafer gets kotel'd?

Trip duplicates call it

You want 19-68 all over again?

At least 4 villages = less than week

Its ok if you do it user... Dont worry, no one is going to throw you from a roof top, you are among friends.

>You want 19-68 all over again?
I am quite at home with this perspective.

What if I am the trap?

Guess we'll have to just wait and see what happens then, also pic is my Captcha less than 5 minutes ago

You know the drill user.

see you tomorrow lads

good night /sg/

So make peace with your God and wait.

Haven't seen you in a while

Good night, sweet strudel.

I am quite at peace with the God, thank you.

No, I don't.

>I am quite at peace with the God
>Ctyri artikuly prazske still not realised

That's good to know pepik. And lol, don't you worry I would never invade you. I love Prague, last place my parents visited together before my mom passed away.

Shit, getting sentimental, oh well.

Good-night /sg/! I hope we will hear about some training camps bombing!

Y u lying user? Yes you know it...

Cya tomorrow Anons! Im a wagecuck and is late.
>And remember! A pupper a day, keeps the jihadi away!

Do i post face, ass?

But am not a Husite!