Should USA ditch Germany and focus their economic help efforts on V4? We pay for Nato, we are your greatest ally...

Should USA ditch Germany and focus their economic help efforts on V4? We pay for Nato, we are your greatest ally, our economies are growing. If USA ignore us we will side with China sooner or later. Now is your chance.
How is this not a smart move on your part?

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>should USA stop giving money to a EU cucked country and start giving money to other EU cucked countries
noggin status: joggin

Also, we are in top 5 best places for women workers and the safest country for women in the world.

Yes I am giving serious thought to moving to V4 while maintaining US citizenship to vote in the V$ favor

Yes ditch cucked Germany and support the Slavic and Baltic east. We should also help France and Italy and whatever western country is still fighting and trying to leave the EU.

Most importantly Trump and Bannon should be doing all they can to encourage euro bros to stop migration and fight the EU

I'd rather help the V4 than Germanistan.


Also you should lift visa requirement for V4. You will gain 20+ million republican voters just like that.

please send halp

only we need visas to get to states rest of v4 don't need them

We can't. Immigration from our countries is generally banned. We are too white I guess.

Probably never going to happen. We're not even in the fucking visa waiver program. American gubmint couldn't give 2 fucks about us. All they need as for is cannon fodder against blyats.

Shut the fuck up.
We all deserve to be treated equally.
Poland is USA's best ally and at the same time we are the ones that are banned.
Thanks Obama.

My God, how fucking adorable!

Polak in US here, give it a go, but it's not easy to get citizenship or even permanent residence permit if you don't have family ties or something.

My wife is US citizen (hence why I'm here), we looked into getting her Polish papers, but in our situation it's more hassle than its worth. Personally I'd love to back though, after a year of living in SF I've had enough cultural enrichment for a hundred lifetimes.

I'm surprised that polish diaspora in USA gets tricked into voting Republican every election. Republicans never deliver to poles in the US. Even Trump did nothing to us and we fucking pay over 2% gdp for NATO.

Well, Republicans don't really deliver to anybody anymore.

I was going to try to go to college in Czech Republic. I think I read if I can stay there 5 years I can become permanent resident

But Trump?
We helped him win.

yep we are so great allies, that every fuckin usa president candidate promise that he will give us visas and every time they fuck us on polonia votes and do nothing

bad picture m8

Our politicians will not help anyone except Israel

We have 200 million whites you fucker.
We need more Germans and Scandis not Slavs and TurkBabies.>L

How about we ditch you all and let you get annexed by Russia? You can solve your own problems, you're big boys now.

I just want to be isolationist again. I'm tired of every Euro monitoring our every move and talking shit about us because we're involved in goddamn everything.

Poles are white and fucking fine. The Germans are hollow husks of what they once were. I wont even go into the scandinavians but I doubt there done getting sand nigger dick to come here anyways. Atleast the slavs have a pair

The Hungarian ambassador to the US is one of the closest people to President Trump. Also Orban and Trump are bro tier.

Side note I got myself a QT 3.14 Hungarian woman. So moving to based goulash land to start creating jobs for Hungarians.

Yeah, it's usually thereabouts of 5 years of residing (legally) to get your permanent papers. If that's cool with you then good luck, you shouldn't regret.

God damn I miss Eastern European food so fucking much, there are no good places to eat it here.

Are you prepared to lose all of your allies in Europe? Who will you sell your shit to? Canada?

a) it looks like poop
b) we don't need Ukraine
We already have their qt's in Poland.

The V4 are hardly our biggest critics. Its northern and western Europe that have such disdain for us. I remember reading the Poland is actually one of the most pro American countries in the EU

so we did we take 2mln ukrainians if we don't need them?

It seems like a nice place with cool folklore, good beer and food, and of coarse muh guns

pic related



Yes, all of them except the UK.

America should not be involved with Euros period.

>muh guns
Only Czechia. Poland and Hungary unfortunately has very strict gun laws, no idea about Slovakia.

Our government wants to establish shooting ranges for civilians though and they want mandatory martial arts and obligatory shooting classes in schools.

We don't need the land which is a wasteland and a future warzone. We need their women to dominate them and make babies with them.

I was referring specifically to Czech.

give the money to canada. we are you greatest ally

Oh, it's real.

Also, I3 soon.

Also that sounds badass. Weaponized education is best education.

this list triggers Trudeau

On one hand this is a great idea, on the other hand I'm afraid of our corrupt Jewish mongrel society influencing your pure white countries. The infection must not spread any farther.

The US isnt helping germany in any way what are you on about?

>implying this is good

What about all of them US military bases in Germany and pumping money through them?

We pay Germany to pick up their slack in defence spending. So not only do they save money by not defending themselves, we pay them to do it.

Germany actually pays for that / leasea them for free. There's no money going into the country for that.

Also germany doesn't need it. They are a big competitor of the us

Germany saves on spending because of the US definitely. But same goes for every NATO country. Also they're ramping up spending to 2 % of their gdp like they should've ages ago.

Lets not forget however that the weakness and underfunding of the Bundeswehr is a political issue not a monerary one.

Soo.. why not move military bases to Poland and Baltic States when tgey fucking count?
We feel like you want to sacrifice everything east from Germany in WW3 without a fight.

Because the infrastructure is already in place. Also special treaties with defeated germany after World war 2 give the allies great powers and they can basically do what they want in germany. Its technically still occupied.

Also Germany is of much higher value as an ally to the US then eastern europe you got that right

Nigga, we are clear and paying our rent and shit like we should. Don't comapre us to filthy west.

If Germany is still occupied by the US then why it is allowed to publicly call USA fags in Germany and organize anti US protests? They have no respect for you.

Why? Germany hasnt seen combat since WW2. Also the last time we let Poland get captured it rustled the Polish American Jimmys so hard it started the cold war(ok that wasnt the only reason, but it was a big deal here)

Thats good and i think everyone should. However your 10 billion arw 1/4th of germanys defense budget and once they ramp up spending its gonna be 1/6th

The truth is you gave us to Russia after we helped you win WW2, mate. Never forget.

How can Germany even have a defence budget if they can't legally own a real army?

Because the US doesn't give a fuck what anybody says aslong as their interests are save. Same reason pakistans government officials always cry about drone strikes while they sign off on them.

Its because europe generally gets sweaty hands when germany builds up its military and germany as a nation has been very anti military as a result of your occupation etc

They can and they do. You're thinking of Japan. Japan just has police forces equiped like an army to grt around that

>and germany as a nation has been very anti military
and now they are pushing for EU army and letting in more Turks into EU.
I'm sure that's what USA really really wants.

Then lets just put bases in Poland. Germany can continue their funding for Nato protection all while pretending to have clean hands and the USA's reach is extended east and the baltics are not checking under the bed for T-90s every night. Russia will undoubtedly bully their satellite states but they should know that Poland is off the table

After WW2 they were supposed to keep their army small "or else".
How can you let them get away with this for the third time?

Also this. Merkel is pretty much Communist Hitler

There won't be a european army and no one has said anything about turkey in ages.

Russia won't lift a god damn finger against any EU or NATO country. They wouldn't survive the economical response and sure as hell dont have the ability to take europe in an all out war. They might overrun the baltics and then watch their economy die and their people starve. Good job. Putin is a realist not an idiot

>wanting people from the most cucked countries on earth

No thanks, we don't want more whiny liberals

She's a cunt and horrible for Germany but far from communist hitler whatever that is

Times change

One problem. Americans are shitting themselves because of this.
Kaliningrad is still part of Russia because your "smart" negotiators and agents had a bad day.

She is using the EU to flood Europe with refugees and create a European army. "communist Hitler" was a bit of a joke but she does seem to want an empire of sorts and doesnt seem to care much for the people she is supposed to protect

>There won't be a european army and no one has said anything about turkey in ages.

You live in a bubble?
Erdogan sends more turkish soldiers to EU and tells them to breed. EU wants to pay more money to Turkey to convince them to keep some turkish migrants in Turkey. It's fucking insane.

She grew up in the GDR and was a youth commander in their version of the hitler youth(Freide deutsche Jugend fdj).

She was also allowed to study even though her Father was a priest. Definitely fishy and that bitch has absolute 0 love for germany or the german people

She recently said the german peoples to her are everbody who lives in germany

Shes a criminal and a traitor

Im not blind to that i was alluding to turkey joining the EU which will never happen

That is definitely a problem I was ignorant of. What goes on there? LARPing a bit here but we should try and trade off Crimea for this

>Times change
you fags never learn or you simply want to exchange more american lives for money in the next european war...

>What goes on there
Russian army storing tons of missiles and starving people willing to sell a kidney to get an illegal work in Poland.

Between this and Merkel no wonder Poland wants a military base

One of the main reasons why we are so butthurt. Russia can fuck up everyone from Kaliningrad before we could even react properly.

I know there are troops in Poland now. Hopefully they stay there

But because of Kaliningrad they keep their presence in the west and south-west.

I see that we are the only guys left ITT. I'm out.