This is what happens when you let SJWs control media

>this is what happens when you let SJWs control media

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lol wat

the new Mass Effect game was made by a team composed of SJWs, they had 5 years and $40 million and this was the result


Let me guess: no one fired.

Not even mad. It's hilarious that there are beta weebs out there who will pay $50 for this.

The slowest and most cumbersome disarming ever.

>that pour
This one has to be fake.

holy shit she turns the fucking cup sideways as she lays down.

Doesn't matter since the market will just work its magic as usual once they see how much of a failure the game has become.

These losers will be out of a job soon enough.

Lesbian scene after this kinda made up for it

It's a kids toy. Why would you possibly be so upset over it?

Lead animator(Woman who was 24.) and Lead gameplay designer no longer work there.

This is just great, it's giving more ammunition to all of those who think that women should go out of the workforce.

? Is that the name of the girl lmao

Oh yeah? Care to share for some research?

Unfortunately this is the current state of things...

>and $40 million
Stop quoting pewdiepie you fucking dip.

Mass Effect 3's budget was estimated at around $40M. Andromeda's budget is likely pushing at least double that.

Didnt this game bomb horribly because the first game was shit and nobody wanted to play as an anarchist nig?

is this mass effect?

looks like shit, was always a shitty game, but whatever

If any of these are real then gaming is dead.

I am glad that things are going to shit. I need to become an adult at some point in my life...

If video game entertainment progressed exponentially then I would be glued to the computer everyday all day.

what in the actual fuck

i heard w_d2 was actually decent, that trans person in the pic is actually a bad guy


This is the actual game? holy kek


It's almost like its intensed to be sureal... but it's shit

Maybe you should play something other than shitty western AAA games, user.

all of it's real

>lesbo sex
>they talk the entire fucking time
checks out

Mass regret

pls kill those people

wtf was that?

>video games are dead because some publishers are shit

Sometimes, you people don't know when you've made a wrong turn down bullshit street.

what do SJWs have to do with a buggy engine


>Hurr I'll turn the settings to ultra-low and compare it to their preview on ultra-high
>Durrr look a downgrade!

Not saying it isn't a shitty game but come on.

Do you have a youtube link for these new fuckups


they hired a ton of women and minorities to make it, the head developer is a kebab who hates all white men

Amen user, video games are 6 feet under in this foul year of our lord.

>tfw games are just movies now
>not even good movies

That filename

lol wtf, look at how easily she disarmed that turian. He didn't even try, hell, she didn't even try, "Hey let me take that from you, thank you!".

The company hired women just to be more diverse and fucked over better qualified men.

Post more best girl!


The team was hemorrhaging people all through development

>graphics settings in a AAA game
>changing anything significantly
Maybe 5 years ago.

Yes, because if people don't like it then they win because they get to play the victim card instead of taking responsibility for their work.

user, I...

Look at how well the original trilogy did. Why did they have to fuck with that perfect recipe? What happened to those developers?

This is what those niggers deserve for pandering to casuals that don't even play games.

One of my friends pre-ordered this and when I told him the lead designer was an anti-white racist (Manveer Heir), he did not care. He just wanted to play the game. He isn't my friend any more; I'm fed up with putting up with ignorant fuckers.


This. I'd compare it to a season of a bad tv show though.

Western Tech companies prefer to be SJW now than actual have good shit.

>Told red pilled friend to not buy it because it's SJW trash
>buys it anyway because "muh mass effect"

We are going to lose aren't we? I mean, aren't we already losing?

Why'd the skins change? Changing the graphics settings doesn't change the characters physical skin. Shit went from Fucking great looking to cell shade teir only without the cell shading adding to the style like borderlands

$80 million dollars and half a decade of work

>Why did they have to fuck with that perfect recipe? What happened to those developers?
Bioware has been on a downwards spiral for the last decade, since they were acquired by EA in 2007.

The Bioware that exists today is Bioware in name only. The people that made the company what it was have long since left. Hell, even the founders of the studio left years ago.

Probably shitcanned for diversity.

>mfw Bioware's triple-A game design has the same result as the spergs who install a bunch of nexus mods without checking the readme files.

holy fucking shit no way

I think there is some scandal about how the team were treated. I think it was something like all the newly hired higher-up people were so incompetent that management was constantly changing so no one knew what the fuck was going on.

There was no direction on the project due to squabbling between managers, and the 'crunch' period lasted several months and brought a lot of the low level programmers to the brink of just giving up and leaving. There's an expose written by one of them, probably floating around Sup Forums.

Haven't read it all but it doesn't look like a great advertisement for forced diversity.

>cuckolded faggot losers will pay $60 for this


she looks like she jsut took a dump in her own pants

Is she reading a 3 dimensional teleprompter?

Oh, god, 40 million budget and those animation are just so next-gen

>tfw hyped for Prey
who else excited?

Rest In Pieces, AAA Gaming.

Because it indoctrinates children

It seems that EA has a fuck-up department for every company that they own

>Both storydriven with heavy character interaction games
>Witcher 3 is even larger and 2 years old by now
>One made by sheer force of will and tracksuits
>One made by the best Canada has to offer

Kek, Would laugh even harder if it wasn't for the Swedish "we wuz kings" ww1 thing.

Also look up bioware ugly women; They are doing this on purpose because there is a direct correlation between unattractive women in teh game and women playing their game. Kinda cool actually.


This game is more AAA paste. Not worth $60.

After playing The Witcher 3, seeing this just makes me depressed desu.

Just look at the state of it.

this is fucking PS2 era

Glitches are almost always backend devs' fault, which is the difficult and more complex part of creating a game. SJWs don't do that. They're doing the lifeless, shit animation and the shit voice acting and the shit writing.

Slavs have that slight Asiatic attention to detail trait while still keeping their humanity. They are the True master race. Slavs that drink too much have too much Asian in them, they drink so they can feel their white feelings

That ugly blue thing ain't making it to rule 34 either.

western gaming a shit
thank god for based FROM

Slavs are alright as long as they aren't from a poor family by my experience. The rich ones are almost creepy in their honor.

i think Curry Thunder literally got REMOVED from his position during development though.


I've been thinking of replaying the original prey. I haven't played it since like 2004. Back then it didn't do so well because it was up against so many masterpieces. But compare it to the shit now? Yea, I bet it will fare well.

Look at their team, EVERYONE including the backend grillz are SJW's.

And as a backend fu its always the frontend peoples fault for using my shit wrong.


>honor is creepy
Sup Forums has taught me more about geography and world culture than I assume most post-grad history majors

The Witcher 3 ruined me, I can't play shit games like this one anymore.

You know what they say about slave labor, it's very effective.

And yet countless faggots preordered it so EA made a killing, validating the entire business model. On it will continue. More diversity hires, more propaganda in games and more substandard products.

>that "girl" on the left looking right into the camera
what the fuck? fucking SJWs ruining everything, glad I didn't play the 3rd one, and I won't be playing this one either

>Their honor is almost creepy
>Their honor is creepy

Don't put words in my mouth schlomo. Just meant it takes some getting used to due to all the limpwristed people you usually interact with.

Have an (you)


The truth about immigration, by the numbers:


Cultural Marxist Jews Admit Organizing White Genocide

The plan to eliminate the white race:


Cultural Marxism in action… Political Correctness, the tip of the blade:


Cultural Marxism & Social Justice Explained:


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also see

The facts about slavery in North America:


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Does this sound familiar at all? (starting at 6:52)


The Holocaust:




the animation in this game is so fucking bad. how and why? this'll be a lesson to them. they will NOT make enough money off this crap


To be fair, there are still good games coming out.

Fuck off nazi, marxism is the future.

I could maybe understand if this happened with the 3rd game, people were pretty hyped to see the conclusion of all those plot choices from the first two, but after that shitshow, this is inexcusable.