So is attraction toward Asian women a byproduct of being beta or is it acceptance of not being able to get with a white...

So is attraction toward Asian women a byproduct of being beta or is it acceptance of not being able to get with a white women and going for the closest thing

beta as fuck

you know you have to make white babies bro
So do it

White women are physically more attractive, but internally they are becoming more and more ugly thanks to (((((((((feminism)))))))))). So guys go rice because apparently asians are better wife material.

Except of course as we see, whenever right wing whites do it, Eliott is always the result

>right wing whites
His parents were probably liberal twits though.

They weren't. They are conservative republicans

kek really? Damn.

Yes. That is to be expected. Every normal wmaf couple I see are always liberal and anti Trump/Brexit

Those that end up with the uglier asian women tend to support UKIP and Trump

I also have a classmate who is a hapa with conservative parents and he is ugly looking and considered weird by the entire school

do you ever sleep

Do you ever accept reality? There are no good looking conservative WMAF couples

Get over it

For a moment I thought you were talking about the other Elliot, the one who is part white human and part monkey. You know, the youtube retard who explains something in 8 minues, while a white human could do it in less than 1 minute.

Only low-t beta nu/pol plebbit cucks go for gook pisskin slit-eyed midget bitches.

Like all of them? Because when reddit does it, it looks fine

It's a lot easier for shy/nerdy white men to approach Asian girls than white ones. That's part of the appeal. If you are intelligent but not very confident, Asian girls will date you just because you attended a particular school, for example. No further "courtship" required.

Elliot was Jew/Asian

I'm pretty sure white asian isn't as bad

I feels same way

yellow fever is a reaction to the fact asians are more neotenous than any other race.

There is no proof of Eliott being a Jew in the first place.

In fact there is ample proof that his parents are conservatives

>false racism

It is just right wing hypocrites that can't get laid

The guy I know with an asian wife is with her because she cooks good food and is entirely dependant on him. That's literally the only reason. He's whipped to death, cannot leave her alone in their appartment to let's say go play soccer with friends otherwise it's hours of fighting and no sex. Just learn to cook and get some self-esteem and the appeal is gone.

Why not both ?


you watch youtube, we get it

I think a lot of it is due to the fact that the number of attractive white girls is shrinking by year due to low birth rates + obesity + cultural Marxism causing women to become more masculine both physically and mentally.

Some people gotta make due where they can. White girls or bust for me though, gooks are gross.

Pretty beta to want white sluts the way they are now if you ask me.


I don't really think about race when it comes to women. Mexican (ie: beaner) and black chicks are unattractive because of who they are.

Americanized asians, latinas and white women are functionally interchangeable. I will say that tiny asian women are the tightest fuck you will ever have and are adorable in bed.

Won't be surprised if what he got is a mail order, typical of right wing losers

Cultural marxism is simply a non existent construct used by alt right virgins who cannot get laid

>the youtube retard who explains something in 8 minues, while a white human could do it in less than 1 minute.
my sides

You people are nuts. White women are pigs! Leave them for the nogs.

>how to make more retarded hapas the post

>Asian girls will date you just because you attended a particular school
So basically, Asian women like men who actually try to be valuable to society?

It just means they won't date a pollack

Cultural Marxist is being shoved down our throats every day you fuckin 19 year old faggot

The correlation between being being beta and dating asian girls is definitely too strong to deny.

That said asians are also objectively more attractive. Shorter, thinner, better skin, pretty eyes, higher voice, better dressed, more feminine, more demure, etc.

To be honest there was a time in my life when I was pretty damn beta and the idea of dating white girls kind of intimidated me and dating asians didn't. Since then I've gained a lot of self confidence, dated a couple asian girls and one rich adult 9/10 white girl who was 8 years older than me, and honestly, all other things being equal, I'd still always go for an asian.

>larping 101
How to spot a failure pollack in one post

>something I don't agree with is presented to me
>I can watch Fox News or dumb Kikebart for muh alt right
>but fuck the media for choosing to be reasonable

Clearly an alt right larper lying

The only whites that get decent asian girls tend to be liberal and not racist

deal with it

It's a fucking crisis REEEEEE.
/fit/ told me that lifting would make me HIGH TEST and make fat chicks more attractive to me.
It did not.
Maybe I could try getting fat instead.

Ok Shareblue. 10 cents just got deposited into your account. Congrats!

>not an argument

queer get, ignore



WMWF monogamous relationships are 90% rightwing and have conservative values. ANY racemixing is leftist trash. OP is swine.

>thinking it's beta
>falling for the feminist narrative this hard
I guarantee you this forced meme has been propagated by fat white feminists who are butthurt that they're being undercut in the pussy market by beautiful, subservient Asian women.


Stay mad that even your dumb frog god agrees with me

Fuck pepe

Fuck anime

Fuck Sup Forums

When somebody wants to attack culture for the sake of "progression" it's Cultural Marxism buddy.

Progressives and the current year meme need to die.

>Fuck anime
Whoa there. Take it easy dude.

I like Asians but I'd never breed with one.

False, many Japanese and Koreans are rightwing and openly racist towards dark skinned minorities.
I have seen a normal, pretty, well-dressed Japanese woman in her 20s say "black people scare me, they're just so violent" completely deadpan in mixed company here in Canada. Nobody said anything to her, it was fucking hilarious

Nigger Hollywood loves WMAF

The only difference is that it isn't portrayed in the clearly sexist and retarded beta way Sup Forums does

this is precisely why the hapa problem exists

So your opinion wasn't just an opinion? Jesus, they need to pay the shills more

Both desu.

Fucking incredible and radiant.

>I have to lie because I cannot face the truth

Daily reminder

>has nothing to do with the fact it's an imageboard for japanophiles

Your opinion is shit

Sup Forums shows us why free speech is shit

Democracy must end

Manchild kys

It's not my opinion that cultural marxism is being showed down our throats every day, it's objective truth.

You need to go learn what cultural marxism is you larper share blue 19 year old 99 IQ faggot

>we need to ensure people are treated equally
>well as a white supremacist I hate that
>muh cultural marxism

i would pay a lot for such bicycle

This. Cultural marxism = everything I don't like.

>It is just right wing hypocrites that can't get laid

if they can't get laid how are they banging asians?


There is no such thing as cultural marxism

Get over it

Thank you for fighting the good fight fellow white man.
>>>.1 Sup Forums pass points have been added to your account
> Sup Forums GBP have been added to your account

I love Asian women, so I moved here from Canada. Getting married next month and couldn't be happier.

>making hapa babies

what about this is going over your head?

Cultural Marxism= The idea that successful white people have to pay for genetically inferior dindus and shit skins because muh equality.

Shareblue, GO BACK

You mean like low test ugly asians? Because only left wing white men get the decent ones

Grow up

It is pretty beta, dude. Dating a fat Tumblrina skank is beta but so is lowering your standards for a gook.

>obvious larp

They make better housewives

Sorry loser, there is no excuse for your racism

Come take a little stroll down MLK street in Las Vegas, and you tell me what color the person is who robs you.

Then you tell me they deserve my money to exist.


Just admit that you only go for asians because you would have to settle for a fat western women if you didn't cook the rice. Beta's like you shouldn't get to reproduce, atleast your kids won't be white.

>right wing logic
No wonder hapas with mental illness exist

Why are you so buttblasted? Projecting your failures into the Internet will only magnify them in your mind. Nothing you do on a computer will silence the laughter inside your head.

White men commit more crimes

I'm a hapa, 21, never had a gf or even a kiss
ask me anything

>leafs, everyone


Alright shareblue, time to call it a day. The bull needs prepping

>muh dik
>but i won't post proof
Alt right fake news as usual

Not per-capita you absolute retard.

Your parents are conservatives

Chong please. I'll take any chick I like.

When are you going to go supreme gentleman and get revenge on all of the chads of the world?

You guys are overcomplicating things.
1) we live in the era of casual sex
2) women interested in casual sex will only do this with "the best" --- you better be 6'1 or taller, or INSANELY attractive if you're 5'11
3) asian women don't give a fuck how tall the guy is, as long as he's white
4) lots of rejected white guys + lots of low-standard asian women = lots of white-man-asian-woman couples

White people helped made ISIS

Huh, so it's a bot.

Except supreme gentlemen is never a problem for liberal WMAF

I wouldn't say conservative, but not liberal
I don't hate chads. They were always cool to me, and never went for girls I liked.

What you ignore is the fact that these low standard asian women are ugly

Contra to asian women who go for liberals

>8 posts by this id
>he's on an anime forum
>he's likely a virgin
>he's extremely triggered and bitching about cultural marxism
>he fell for Sup Forums's satire


Idk why, that guy gives off eerie vibes when I watch his vids...

>no proof
>no evidence of truth
Deal with it

That is how science work