Conspiracy Iceberg Pt. 2

Discuss pic related. Bonus points for tier 5.

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redpill me on peruvian satanic windows

Apparently all info have been wiped from normal web, need to be on tor to research that stuff

What's CIA Remote viewing? Is that the wikileaks Vault 7 stuff or...?

Can I assume the same thing with the gate to hell thats in Fukushima ?

CIA remote viewing isnt a conspiracy, it was a real program, they made a hollywood movie about it iirc

read the beginning carefully

pretty spoopy

>aliens being real

Don't the Peruvians have a temple with the opening being 2 windows on each side and a door in the middle, it's a common gate/wall that is seen all around the world and it's the same design everywhere.

Also i remember something about slabs of stone being in random places in Peru that have a sun/ring motive on top of them, the stone slabs have a door carved in to them and the locals talk about them as portals where from gods/demons visit.

I think he means the cover up.
You fucking faggot I bet it makes you feel good thinking you're smarter than an internet guy

Chill dude I don't want this thread deleted but yeah that has a lot to do with it.

I guess I'm gamer but I believe in pizzagate and I don't believe in atlantis

If he meant cover up he would have said cover up, wouldn't he?

Aliens being a cover up and aliens being real are two completely different things.


European oligarchy has been sacrificing children and keep people slaves in their castles. There are cases that were reported by the police where they would enter a castle and find people chained to the walls. There's also bodies of children being found by dogs in the surroundings of castle villages. The castles are also full of satanic symbolism.

American oligarchy is more sophisticated and does it (abuse / sacrifice of children) in planes or islands. It is well reported by the Jeffrey Epstein case where the man had an island with a satanic temple in the middle and even Bill Clinton visited it 22 times. Earlier today you saw on Dr. Phil a case of a children that was kept in a cage and traveled in planes in his early childhood while being abused. There are many satanists among the high rankings of the deep state.

Isn't the Despair Code the same thing as the Blackpill?

More facts:

South Korea also fell to a cult that may be international and related to Hillary Clinton. The so-called feminist cult of the owl of Minerva.


More mysticism surrounding Hillary Clinton personally.

Can someone explain to me the Roman empire never ended one?

Pizzagate is level one

Pizzagate lvl 3? I don't believe that it represents a worldwide pediphile ring like some of you, but something fucky is definitely going on there.

>Pancreas Denial

Truly the ultimate redpill

Alefantis is 1 person away from a Rothschild (through David Brock)

The Rothschilds have interests all over the world

Is flat earth really more credible than pizza gate

9/11 was a false flag.

> 2017
> not understanding the relevance of Peruvian windows

just kys

Is this the dude who was posting about it on facebook and "went crazy and killed himself"


What happened to this?

Care to explain

>sandy hook
>not fake

This was part of MKUltra right?

I'm not sure I agree with the ordering of those theories. "Pizzagate" and "CIA remote viewing" should definitely be higher.


Nice digits. I've looked into this and it may be a part of the fake or real one. Some have said they made 2 remote viewing programs, one to hide the real and one to shill with and trick the Russians into experimenting with psychic shit.

Yeah I just found this imagine in the last thread, I would definitely change some shit around.

I'm upset that your chart doesn't include the spookiest theory


despair code is autistic nonsense

How is it a theory?

FUCK I should have added that. Gangstalking is insane, I kinda believed it but then again it's a bunch of nobodies that would have no reason to be stalked. Unless it is some secret plot to test it on random civilians or sumn.

Let's just say that the mountains in Peru are part of an asymptotic space-time curve and one could make the metaphisic conclusion that the spirit realm exists on these curves

sometimes it's random nobodies stalking random nobodies

once i saw a woman that caught her gang stalkers on camera... undeniable proof right there

Tier 5 had a lot of stuff recently declassified. The remote viewing is completely real.

link? I want to be leaf but it just isnt probably that large groups of people are stalking randoms with youtube channels for no reason.

>Ted Cruz's dad killed Kennedy
Why isn't the ultimate red pill on this chart?


>despair code
Uhh...what's that?

I need a rundown on peruvian windows

Anyone who claims that the CIA is some shady ass organization is just a troll trying to make toher conspiracies look dumb.

The only conspiracy is that Putin is trying to use Duginism.

Anyone have that picture of those bird people?

Also, what about how the Aztecs and the Egyptians both arranged their pyramids in the exact same pattern? Spoopy shit.

Too lazy to use google?

>current year

This seems like an entire town who hates one family and trolls them. Not exactly like the other types of gangstalking.

>invading their home

gangstalking requires 4 people and you don't believe it

townstalking requires the whole town and you beleive it?

The "remote viewing" refers to a declassified CIA document where they claimed they could use astral projection to observe ancient aliens on Mars

I see what you're getting at but there is a reason in this situation. Sure it's fucked up but I don't think this is evidence to support the wider "gangstalking" conspiracy.

Atlantis was probably part of the mid-Atlantic ridge that was exposed before the sea level rose at the end of the last ice age.

Maybe it's because you have protestant work ethic, but I can see people with too much free time organizing to gangstalk someone

I think this technically fits the description of "gangstalking" but it doesn't make the other videos of paranoid people overanalyzing everyone around them any more true.

Fucking Ohio, man.

One of the dumber theories desu

Audio about nazi Germany occultism. the other videos are excellent too.

Can someone Redpill me on bogdon


I wanna be bluepilled again.
Will sniffing chlorine kill enough brain-cells?
Is there a Ryder option where I can trade it all in for some privileges?

Maybe this
Gate of the gods

That's not the original tile patterns post.

Any attempt to blue pill yourself will backfire and lead you to even more red pills. you're fucked user


Some videos are pretty solid

This one per instance, long as fuck and takes a while, but at one moment you can see that her paranoia is justified


That explains all the weird shit that happens in peru, sigh, mfw there is evidence of spirtual warfare going on everyday and i should really get on the right side but im still struggling with my porn addiction sin.

Nearly 100 schoolchildren 'possessed by the devil' have 'contagious visions' of man in black trying to kill them

inter-dimensional psychic vampire pedofiles creating an AI machine that will enslave humanity and turn everyone in to borgs.

No, this lady is just a cook.

>Guy in the black shirt signals to the white car with two fingers because he's a fucking drug dealer, and he wants to reup. He's waiting because the runner hasn't brought him the drugs yet due to the other women. He keeps looking back at the car she's in because he fucking saw her and thinks she's a narc.
>The two women are walking together, she is literally walking her dog off-leash (you can see the god damn leash in her hand), she turns around because she's about to cross a crosswalk and her dog hasn't caught up, the woman with her does the same because it's what fucking people do, the lady is talking to the other woman (you can see this, except the crazy woman who uploaded this selectively crops most of it out).
>The Boston guy is only looking over towards her because that's where the guy on the bike has been looking the entire time he's been approaching down that long, straight alley he's coming from, so he wants to see what the guy in the black is looking at
>Everyone else is just normal passerby's

She's a cook.

Looks like some paranoid person trying to justify their paranoia to me

>he is holding his phone kinda weird
>its because they are all trying to intimidate me subconsciously

yeah... this shit is insane

exactly, I'm sure I could record everyone around me for a day and write a fictional story of how I am being gangstalked.

the guy is seriously 50 feet away walking away from her and not interacting in any way with her

>he is intimidating me and ruining my life

biker goes where the car without hubcaps just was



Xenoestrogens aren't a conspiracy, they have been researched.

thank you, I have now seen the original contemplating dog's knees, tile patterns and ohio posts.

Chemo Therapy is ineffective and more likely to kill you than cure cancer.

Politicians/elites never die from cancer and never use chemo to treat cancer.


Boys on the train tracks?

Anyone fill me in? Seems like some shit I probably don't want to google and get a bunch of weird pedo shit

no pedo shit, just clinton

Fukushima is incredibly distressing, is there anything the average nobody can even do or should I just keep living out my life as normal as possible until radiation death takes us all

if you're a homeschooled teenager ala 10% of Sup Forums and you notice that country's constantly try to claim the mantle of Rome from 500CE-1900CE, you make a theory that the Roman Empire never truly ended and that we all sacked Constantinople and Rome as part of some elaborate joke

>remote viewing at the bottom
oh come on

Someone red pill me on what they mean by pancreas denial. Denying that humans have the organ pancreas?
Kind of important here because Type 1 diabetic. Something in my body is busted and "biology" claims it's the pancreas. Insulin makes my life "normal" again.

>rich people selling cocaine

yeah... this isn't much of a conspiracy. shit goes on everywhere

lol this meme

some good news for you

Tier 6: All things that can happen, do happen. Therefore all these have happened, if they can. Game.

Wew good thing the industry is getting tons of funding. Hope renewed for fixing this problem before I coop. They have fixed the problems by completely rebuilding the human immune system in India, but as a treatment that's too expensive and radical. It won't be any good unless it's accessible and effective.
Have a happy HD Pepe. Too bad most of us these days have all kinds of other genetic defects too.

Nothing interesting in this thread, all talking about peru not fukushima

>google Fukushima Gateway to Hell
>681,000 results
> google "Peruvian Satanic Windows"
>2 Results, both Sup Forums threads from 2 hours ago

Holy fuck kek