>media trying to downplay it
>liberals not talking about it
>SJW's/ feminists not rioting over it

BREAKING NEWS!!! A fourteen year old American girl dragged into a boy's bathroom stall by two Central Americans (one confirmed illegal) sodomized, and otherwise sexually assaulted in a Maryland high school. Cuck superintendent asks Americans to not make the situation "political." BREAKING NEWS!!!

>pls let her be white
>pls let her be white
>pls let her be white

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The fuck is wrong with his face?

normal Mexican

what the fuck he looks like a henchman extra from a jean claude van damme movie. Please don't tell me American high schools are letting 35 year old immigrants attend like they do in Sweden. baka

All of their heads are not continuous but off centered from top to bottom? I wouldn't know I don't allow anything with a different skin tone in my property.

Were they """""""""""students"""""""""""" or did they just come onto campus for rape

>when your so illegal that your left nostril wants to migrate off your own face

many such cases





hispanic male teenagers seem to hit puberty all at once compared to whites. go to any middle school and the mexican boys will have the mustaches

This case was brought up by a female reporter at today's press conference.

19 min.

I fucking hate my state.


I was more or less referring to his massively broken nose and movie villain knife scar on his forehead. This motherfucker looks like a 37 year old cartel member.

OP here.

I dunno user, ask the school's "Senior Communications Specialist," Gboyinde Onijala. He/ she wants to remind you that...

>"Ensuring a safe, secure and welcoming learning environment for all of our students is our top priority. Our staff remains vigilant in the monitoring of our school each and every day. "

Remember this thread next time you let your Caucasian kid sister, girlfriend, or mother out of the house. Don't let her become a victim of 'extreme integration.'


tucker carlson just did you dip

thats what hispanic teens look like. lol

>the cuck superintendent instantly trying to make it a race issue and literally implying every spanish speaker/brown person in the country is here illegally

No user, they were 17yr-18yr old illegal immigrant students, sitting in class alongside our little 14yr-15yr American students. Just waiting to bust a nut in our soft, privileged little American girl's private parts.

>'Los tontos follar poco goyim!'

Tucker was upset as hell, never saw him like that before.

>all the predictable libtard responses in the comments.

The greatest shame of our nation is our empty ditches. Leftists belong in them, all of them.

was she really raped or just ashamed?

Because Maryland is a shit state that deserves what it gets for voting against the God Emperor.

yeah and the dems in md want to make rockville a sanctuary city

they also want to make it so law enforcement cant hold illegals for ICE to get

nice link user. very nice.

Hmmm, so TRUMP WAS RIGHT, not their best and brightest ! Seem to remember something about rapists illegally coming over here too !

from what the (((sources))) have given us... raped, sodomized, and assualted.

This could've been your fucking sister, wife, or your grandmother. These animals won't care and they won't stop as long as leftists are around.

>"Fuck you gringo!"

we had a thread on this a couple days ago and it turned out she was "friends" with one of them.

hey girls cry wolf sometimes bro chill out

Wait so the girl was a legal immigrant?

This keeps getting better

Oh it's real. The thread posted a few days by the user whose sister goes to school here had the police report. Was pretty horrific.

Well then, guess you have to take things into your own hands if that happens then. Day of rope draws near.


Probably because he has daughters, he's afraid if this had happened to his daughter he'd had used his evil black AR to blast the lil punks, or should I say pre-demonrat voters !

she was on her period and they both banged both holes

also they grabbed her ass in the hall and she didnt care

then she got "taken" into the bathroom and sucked their dicks and they fucked her

you decide


Spell it correctly or it will happen to you

Victim A knew Montano as a friend.

I would like to cast my vote for you after Donald's 8 years

post the video you assholes.

that's what I mean. she coulda been so into it, and then she became ashamed or embarrassed after her friends called her a slut for doing so.

>you decide
I decide what, you didn't give any choice you autismal cuck. Stop defending rape.

Here here

real rape includes bumps/bruises/cuts/black eyes and aggravated assault and a hospital stay

The fb page has really low comments....


Yet today in the news...

>Trump BTFO by Comey
>Gorsuch BTFO by Feinstein
>Obamacare-replacement BTFO by Reps/ Dems

nothing about this...

>possibly 19 years old
>registered as a freshman

This has to stop. Background check all students.

Jack Smith's Solution to child rape is tolerance.

sounds like bullshit

fucking illegal loving white guilt cuck




your average spic

your future grandson will look like him. :^) Dat Latino was that hot, right pop?

nah check the probable cause affidavit also the girl was some immigrant from central america not some pure white girl


>Genetic driftwood washes ashore
>Build bonfire

Happened very close to where I used to live. My old neighborhood listserv which I'm still on has gotten pretty lively the past few days. One 80 year old lady is pretty much saying gas the spics race war now. Ofc the cucks are out in full force defending immigration in the light of this.

Those sexy boys could bust a nut in my boy hole anytime

Not Mexican.
He's either The Salvadoran or Guatemalan.
Mexicans hate both.

Sup Forums has to understand that a possible portion (i don't have stats) come from further South of Mexico.

Rockville Rapefugees
Rockville Rapefugees

Fuck you faggot

nothing is going to change until the right start getting as violent as the left

I know what you mean. I was freaked out the first time I say one too, but it's called a Mexican and is actually pretty common.

Where's the rest?

#RockvilleRape is trendy in at least San Diego right now. Let's get on Twitter and trend it

any more of this? I'm waiting for the part where they bring in the donkey to breed her

fake news. nothing to see here

Because it's scapegoating? Where are all the news reports on whites, no, civilians raping little girls?

Oh man, it's late. I'm so tired. I could use the feel of a negro's head I mean a nap. ::YAWN::
Sleepy-tired. Nothing happening here. Think I'll catch a few zzzs. Time for bed. So...so...tired.


The victim was a LEGAL immigrant to the U.S.

9th Grade


this is from the channel for the public school that this event occurred at, i think their administration probably plays a pretty active role in maintaining their virtuous image

There better not be any assholes here who isn't tweeting about the #rockvillerape

>To appease Muslims, school district drops Christian, Jewish holidays from calendar
same county

Make Lynchings Great Again!

>Swastikas Drawn in Boys’ Bathroom at Westland Middle School
wait isn't there swastikas drawn in every element schools boys bathroom? i would be more concerned if there wasn't

i live in this lib infested rich area

if you ever want to commit a crime do it here

everyone is a liberal and "understanding"

its disgusting

>she was probably racemixed and an immigrant anyway
>therefore who cares
way to miss the point you faggots. this behavior shouldn't ever happen on your soil so why give a free pass to importing it?

>why teens their age were in the ninth grade

The guy is 18 wtf

That's what I was wondering, why is an 18 year old in a grade for 14/15 year olds?

Also do not all children have value, regardless of their ancestry? Even you white separatists just want them *to live* in a separate area, right?

>how trump should deal with this problem.

when i saw that picture, first thing i thought about was texans, since that is what they look like now

kek wills it

this doesnt surprise me

>tend bar part time a few nights a week at a jazz club just outside of downtown
>next door is a specialty sandwich and soup restaurant that was never busy after lunch hour
>make nice with a girl who had an amazing body but not pretty at all, and was a flaming lib, but anyway
>they have an illegal Honduran, about 20 years old, working there doing the Charlie Work
>girl tells me one day they had to fire him
>she was up on a chair dealing with the menu and she turned around suddenly and the illegal had his pants around his ankles and he was staring at her and masturbating furiously.
>I asked why she didnt call the cops on him
>be-because he was an illegal and he shouldnt be deported for it, despite how fucking disgusting it was


Don't niggers do shit like this way more often?


I went to a Montgomery County Public School. Everyone there is cucked beyond belief.

Wow some muds did some raping, breaking fucking news. *yawn*

lmao I went there

fuck mr vogelman he is a huge faggot

probably. the suburb next to mine growing up was very wealthy and mostly white with only a few asians and indians around back then. I read a couple months ago that some 18 year old sophomore, that's right, sophomore, nog that had been given special treatment to attend based on his football ability beat a 15 year old kid up really bad in the bathroom. He bashed the kids head in so hard he had internal bleeding, he's probably going to have cognitive issues for life. and since he was set up with a good family who had the means and cared about his schooling he'd have been a productive, tax paying member of society, now he might end up a burden to the system. some nog who will no doubt end up in the penal system, destined to return again, just snuffed out a person with ability. Sad.

He's not white

The time for talk is over.


it is cuck city

No shit? I went to Blake.

Get these fucking pieces of shit out of our country.

Sup Forums doesn't care. I remember mocking some guy trying to get this trending. apparently it's redpilled to let your daughters get raped by illegals

I see they're using european immigrant years to calculate age now

Must. Be. White. Victim.

Otherwise it's nothing. Confirm by calling teachers at the school until one give up the goose. Once you got a white victim - then you got a story. Otherwise youre just involving yourself in minority courtship rituals.

bethesda chevy chase high school m8