Who thinks it's going to pass the House?

Lots of no votes, even after Trump tried to sort out the deal. He is even threatening them now. The bill goes up Thursday.

I'm saying it either gets pulled tomorrow, or it fails.

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Yes because Republicans are designed to fuck over people. In fact you have to hate this country to be a Republican .

they pulled the illegal immigrant provision which was one of the few things keeping most of the freedom caucus in.

i seriously doubt it passes.

the smart play for democrats is to actually vote for it b/c it puts everything on the Republican Senate which have said nothing (obviously) about this.

I mean, at this point, the only real way to improve healthcare in this country is just implement policies that go leftward. Hopefully to single payer one day.

nah single payer is for lazy scumbags who cant get healthcare. the best way to fix it is to pull back government involvement

>Hopefully to single payer one day.

I agree. This is why I pushed so hard for sanders. I gave hundreds of dollars hoping to god he could get in and we could get this. I knew Trump was a neoliberal sell out all of his talk about "healthcare that would cover everyone" was total fucking bullshit.

it's doesn't matter because it's not passing the senate as of now. mitch starts with 49 votes

>nah single payer is for lazy scumbags who cant get healthcare.

So you admit Americans are lazy scumbags?

Rand thinks it's gonna get pulled and amended. That's just part of the process.

>Rand thinks it's gonna get pulled and amended. That's just part of the process.

So gut everyone and throw everyone off healthcare? After all that's the lolbertardian idea! I'm sure Congress will pass that!

>I gave hundreds of dollars hoping to god he could get in and we could get this

no refunds

When did Sup Forums turn into call center democrats?

Literally the most successful countries in the world are single payer. They get better health outcomes with lower costs.

>When did Sup Forums turn into call center democrats?

When people realized Trump's policies are a disaster. Republicans are now the least cool thing to be right now.

Fuck poor people and fuck socialism, leech.

>all that shit
wow it's like the bill is meant to help private insurance companies, not state funded ones. really makes you think huh

Literal redneck

Enjoy the fact your own voters are getting fucked.



the '20 million' who lose their health insurance throught his bill are ALL minorities who wont' get free shit anymore.

Also, Comfy Pence thread.

Yeah, because they gave up their sovereignty, defense and foreign affairs to us who also get jewed to shit by pharma companies on top of it.

Gotta shore up the foundations if you want a house, man.

It's pretty funny how expensive obamacare is getting and there's paid shill acting like it's not while feeding people false info about Trumpcare.

Actually, you need a tax return to opt into obamacare.

It will pass the house. They wouldn't have put it on the floor if they didn't have the votes. It DOA in the senate tho.

This thread fucking reeks of shilling

healthcare is a redistribution scheme from healthy white people to niggers with sickle cell and the beetus

just because a few rural whites would benefit doesn't change this fact

I hope it doesn't. Obamacare needs to run its course and completely fail so that the Democrats get the full blame for it. It will take another year or two to collapse on its own so Trump should let it. IDK what the hell hes even thinking touching it. If it passes there will be problems and Republicans will get all the blame for years to come. The only thing I can think of is that Trump doesn't expect it to pass and he is just doing it to keep his base happy for trying to fulfill his promise. Then in a year or so once Ocare fails on its own he can replace it with something better then this Obamacare lite version he is trying to pass now

The House Freedom Caucus is what, 30 No votes?

It's shit, from any angle I can see it. It was obvious that it wasn't going to pass last week.

Not true in states like Mass and Calif

Currently 27 hard lean to definite no's. Rand Paul said it may be over 30.

22 no's would block the bill.


Trump may have supported Ryancare as some sort of favor to the GOPe. He'll eventually have to switch his support to one of the Senate bills.





He's trying to pass it because it makes up an important part of the budget and tax plan and he can't really move forward without figuring it out

I really hope the Speakership of Paul Ryan is on the line in this vote.

Rand Paul, Trump and Paul Ryan are all faggots.

House yes
Senate DOA
My question is: Why is Trump shilling for it so hard? Unless he knows its doomed to fail in the senate and the blame will fall on the Dems. Im just guessing tho. Obamacare is collapsing and costs are skyrocketing

Woah. Sick digits, brah.

>I really hope the Speakership of Paul Ryan is on the line in this vote.

Good good keep fighting Republicans, we democrats will fuck you in 2018.

>Why is Trump shilling for it so hard?

It's called TRUMPCARE

Ryan was trying to make nice with Trump, Trump played the game.
Still doesn't make Ryan care good. It's just a tax break for the one percent, designed to bolster health care companies, not people who need the service. I like Trump, but like most of Sup Forums Rand shall lead us to the light.

I can only hope that this is a tactic to make Paul Ryan fall on the sword. Ryan was the one that came up with the details; if this fails, it will be his fault

Its called RYANCARE. Try again.

nice digits

Sure, if all you listen to is conservative pundits and reps 24/7. The CBO and various other independent agencies have disproven this.

>hoping to god he could get in and we could get gibs

>Its called RYANCARE. Try again.


>The American Health Care Act of 2017 (H.R. 1628), referred to by the acronym AHCA and nicknamed variously Trumpcare

I found your weakness Trumpfags. Hehehehheheh



When will you idiots realize you can't raid Sup Forums?

you lost. the people want this, get it through your thick homo erectus head

bill is trash and wont pass.

im really surprised trump is pushing for this paul ryan garbage.

The bill absolutely needs to pass the house and we should be cheering for it to pass the house. We can then let Rand Paul fix it in the Senate.

If the bill gets killed, then we will be set back another 3 months and we will never get to tax reform or any of the other things in the Trump agenda. Also, liberals will be gloating that Trump has been defeated.

What will you Trumpfags say when this is on his desk and he signs it?

>We can then let Rand Paul fix it in the Senate.


does rand really want to try and fix it? its beyond fixing imo.

I thought he just wanted the 1 page repeal bill that they passed a million times when obama is president, and then suddenly forgot about after they gained power

Same thing as I say about his nonsense foreign policy: it's worth it for the rest of what he promised.

This is an area in which Trump needs to be defeated.

>does rand really want to try and fix it?

He was Somalia free market healthcare. Nobody outside of the faggots on this board think Rand Paul would be good for healthcare.

It shouldn't be passed at all

Yeah I heard that too on the news but there's gotta be away around it, leave it like it is, and come back to it later. It has the potential to really fuck over/ruin whoever touches it.

he atleast has ideas to control costs and foster competition.

trumpcare does nothing about costs or competition. premiums will rise even faster than they did under obamacare.

Politicians should just get rid of mandating heath care. Fucking paying heath insurance companies on our behalf is asinine. God damn I hate these stupid fuckers in DC that can't think straight, or at least do no harm.

let us ask kek

singles no
digits yes
trips obama dies

I thought Trump was going to use his superior business negotiating skills to get this bill passed, and now he cant.

>trumpcare does nothing about costs or competition

I don't want either Trumpcare, Obamacare, Randcare

I want Medicare for all.

thankyou kek, include me in the screencap

Isn't trump supposed to be the master of the deal? He can't even negotiate with his own party? Pathetic.

It's not going to pass. The reason they're doing it so quickly is so repeal can fail early on and move on to tax reform which is what they really want.

>move on to tax reform which is what they really want.

You figured it out

You seem pretty upset. These next 8 years are gonna be pretty rough for you, aren't they?

stupid libtards

Lol, more like 8 months at this rate.

>Year 7 of Trump's presidency rolls around
>H-He's gonna get impeached j-just you w-wait
You're only setting yourself up for disappointment