Atheist hate thread


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Atheism has nothing to do with nigger worship. The whole fucking Union Army were Cuckstian theists yet murdered Confederates and stole their land FOR NIGGERS because they bought that Jesus (a Jew) lovey dovey bullshit. Try harder loser.

Atheism is simply not being a theist. Any add-ons are not atheism. Atheism means what the OED says it means, you sucker of Yid cocks. Cuckstians worship a JEW, and believe Hebes are the Chosen.

Why does OP swallow Israeli nutsacks? Remember, bitch, YOUR Sky Fairie commands you serve the Jew.



Fuck off faggot. Atheism was fucking CREATED by jews.



Lol prep your wife for Jamal ATHIESTKEK

Southern plantation owners literally fucked niggers every single day and then sold their illegitimate mulatto children as slaves. That's why most niggers in America have some white DNA.

They treated slaves like dog shit which resulted in regular chimpouts where white families were killed.

Not to mention they set up fuck farms for slaves to be bred by buck niggers and pump out more slaves, resulting in the overpopulation of them over here.
Don't forget, every nigger here had an ancestor who was imported for purchase by slave owners.

Then a southerner killed Lincoln who wanted to repatriate them to Liberia and be done with them.

Get over yourself, hick. Go chase a greased pig.

>third-world shithole is also fanatically religious
Almonds have been activated


Is the son on the right the edgy rebellious Christian of the family?


Gee, with cuckoldry that hard they could almost be Christians


It's strange how all these atheists who "fucking love science" haven't reached a state of race realism yet.

>Then a southerner killed Lincoln who wanted to repatriate them to Liberia and be done with them

It's funny how this is always overlooked about Lincoln. He wanted to send the blacks back to Africa and would have succeeded too if it wasn't for those dumbass southerners.


>this whole thread
And yet, OP still has no proof that his imaginary friend exists and is only able to post meme ad hominems.


Nice edit

God damn, liberals really love to be living jokes...

OP picture is about two evangelicucks

You deserve nothing better. This is all you sodomites are.

>OP picture is about two evangelicucks
Since when evangelicals call themselves atheists, faggot?

Shit photoshop. They were cuckstians

wtf kind of face is the kid on the left making?

This thread spreads cancer

Poland atheist hater, I just want to say, as your Christian brother, that I love you and you are my new favorite poster on this board.

Never stop at exposing ATHEIST SCUM.

Shit shop indeed. Learn how to photoshoop.

Since you suck at photoshop, christcuck

So was Christianity, dipshit

He only posts interracial porn and fedora memes. Pathetic cuck really

Are you the Russian MGTOW?


No, you're the one with a shitty photoshop. Can't you see that "atheists" is a slightly different font and out of place? Here's the real tweet

Sup Forums is an atheist board



What's MGTOW?

Divide and conquer thread.

There's this old poster from Russia who would post MGTOW images. One such image that I don't have involves an anime dude cunt punting an anime woman with "Sup Forums: cathedral of misogyny" on the pic.

I miss him desu.

How can not being something be invented by someone?


Slam dunk.

Catholicism is mafia.



>26 posts by this ID
You have a rough day there, sweetie? Ummm sweetie like maybe you should go to sleep.

bad photoshopped

That's fucking true though...
Lutheran here, fuck Catholic women.

>Picture contains an Atheist wearing a cross necklace

source? i knew the south were inbred like pakis and retarded but this seems too far out

He mocks God with it. he wouldn't said this otherwise.


This is a stealth kike thread.

I wouldn't call atheists particularily "stealthy" about their kikery.


There's the problem

yes. He's a Hasbara jew
I'm going through the archives to look for images only you've downloaded in that time frame. When you download an image your temporary data is captured and engrained on that HTML file. Once i match up an image you downloaded and check the source code, it'll show your IP address, then a program I'm using can locate your exact location with that address. Polshit christcuck faggot time for you to go

Kikes invent all kinds of contradictory groups that they recruit white people into. It's easier to stab the white man in the back when he's fighting his own brothers over being a Christian or Atheist.

Are you gonna come get his ass? you are not jew right?

>jew attacking a christian
How suprising.

let's wait and see how the Polish nationalists would deal with your cuckposting sorry ass
I'm not a jew

Okay you atheist ethnic jew? nice

>I'm not a jew
Yeah, the flag shows as much.

These black babies would be nice projectiles...

What do you think, how long they can fly in the air?

Ethnic European actually
Anyway, I've just found a .tif file in a recent picture you posted yesterday. I'll see your IP in a moment

Crash Christweenie threads

But Germans have pretty normal names tbqh

If you're christian then you're following the teachings of a jew.

You're just as cucked as they are.

>Implying Sup Forums is not an adherent to Lord Ignis
>Implying Sup Forums hasn't been inducted into the Church of Infinite Light

This one always pisses me off because I hate his faggoty looking face

God I'm mad

ill roll

I really don't care that most atheists. It's natural, and the last thing a Christian believes is that the whole world naturally believes in God correctly.

No, it's the shit atheists -- whose own superiority complex makes their problems with religion pale in comparison to their own position.

that most atheists *are atheists*, lol

Keep serving your Jewish masters christkek.

done. put 5000£ on your head and sent your information to the proper people


Thanks for filling up my fedora folder

you are doing a good work

But christcucks push anti-white agenda a lot. You can't expect people to ignore it

You stupid Slav shit. You atheists are the worst right next to jews.

thanks for exposing your location

Shouldn't you be cleaning my garden

how to trace?

>Not having some respect for the literal father of memes.

Yeah okay whatever you say leet haxor. I'm sitting here scared. I think you want

There's nothing more degenerate and empty on this planet then a pack of "enlightened" atheist faggots. Shoot them all.

>ameritard thinks it's safe to save 4ch images
Christkeks are not really good for science aren't they