North Korea: " We are fully prepared for war with the US"

> North Korea, officially the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), is fully ready to go to war with the US, the country's foreign ministry said in response to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's comments on military strike.

> "The US should face up to the situation of the world with its eyes wide open. The DPRK has the will and capability to fully respond to any war the US would like to ignite," the North's state-run television KRT reported on Tuesday (21 March), citing a spokesman of the North Korea foreign ministry.

> The US secretary of state had earlier said that military strike could be an option for America against nuclear threats posed by the communist regime.

> In an indirect reference to media mogul and real estate tycoon, US President Donald Trump, and some of his wealthy cabinet picks, the spokesman added: "If the businessmen-turned US authorities thought that they would frighten the DPRK, they would soon know that their method would not work on the latter.


We could litterally wipe north Korea off the planet within a matter of minutes. And we most likely will very soon because the fat man need to be taken down a peg. Also, with our THAAD system in place, North Koreas missile capabilities have been eviscerated.

Get fucked, gooks.

Normally, I'd say the US would steamroll NK without a second thought but the last time they launched a missile, trump basically didn't care.

We couldn't destroy them fast enough to prevent hundreds if not thousands of South Korean civilian casualties.

The norks have houndreds of artillery pieces with 50 years to zero in on targets. Even if they only got off one salvo, it would be devistating.

I hope the Chinese get involved so we can use our 13-1 nuke advantage on them too. Finally we'll have a new continent to colonize.

And? Fuck 'em.

They're more valuable than your shithole of a country.

Neccecery casualties

>believing nukes exist

Basically this

Acceptable losses.

North Korea is like a little ankle biter dog yipping at our heels.

Korea is fucked.

In a few years the entire peninsula will glow in the dark. The view from space will be spectacular.

Calling Koreans more valuable than whites should have you killed for treason.

I hope you realize that war with north Korea would mean massive devastation for large parts of the US as well, as Russia, China and Iran would most likely get involved. It would be world war 3, and that won't be good for any of us. You'd better hope we don't go to war anytime soon, although it looks fairly likely at this point.

They exist, we've got the seismic profiles to prove it and estimate yields you tard.

I know you're all right. Just something to think about.


Please enlighten us as to what incentives Russia and Iran have to get involved in that conflict

See, the trick is that if we attack first we get blamed for all those deaths. If NK moves first we can claim we were trying our best to prevent further casualties.

Alternatively, we get SK to make the first move and say we're just supporting our ally.

we have data (((the government))) gives us. look it's right here in my government issued textbook. look how smart i am


It will be a world conflict that erupts in multiple flashpoints. Remember the cascading alliances in world war 1? Yeah, like that. The pieces are set in place for this chess game to begin soon enough. It's going to happen, and much sooner than you think.

China won't get involved either- they've reached their breaking point with KJU. If he does something stupid, they'll wash their hands of him, since NK provides them nothing and would cost them a great deal to back.

>Lost against 5'4" farmers with rakes and machetes
>Still in Afghanistan fighting ragheads with Soviet AK47s
>Joined WW2 late and had so little ability you had to use nukes against some midget slopes
>Decades of destroying South American nations because everything that isn't America is communism
>Would beat 1.2million soldiers with a fuck load of kit instantly


can we nuke these chingchongers finally?

We have always been at war with the Dildonic Republic of Korea

Ya. And years of working in other peoples homes, I have only ever been bitten by the little fuckers. Never someone's rot. Always a chihuahua or some shit. Got my noggin joggin

I hope Trump plans on unifying the Koreas, would be one hell of an accomplishment, since he is literally hitler anyway, may as well nuke them off the face of the earth

Tbh I have to respect best Korea's steel balls.

And they should not be fully underestimated. If they did deploy their armies many American soldiers would die, and nukes would most likely not be used.

really now

you seriously think that Russia and Iran give a shit about NK


You're welcome

>we are ready to use nuclear arms
>pic related

Romania is white though, look at this infograph.

Leafs don't have nukes.

LOL they think its' still the 50's and america has to go through the south to get em

LOL.....go home pot pong, your drunk.

I'm surprised it's going down this way. I'd bet at least 90% of people on both sides want reunification.

Amazing they'd follow that uppity little shit to the grave. Communism is just great for getting people killed one way or the other, isn't it?

DPRK,a festering shithole full of 5'2" manlets with 1950's weapons.

The size of Mississippi.

Making threats? Hold me Sup Forums

We still kicked your asses twice, you buck tooth, tea guzzling, faggots.

I know this, China at least has the outward appearance of friendship to NK so I was going to at least give him that. But if actual war breaks out China will forget all about their "friendship"

I really wanted to see him tie in Russia and Iran because that would take some serious mental gymnastics.

Unless the US is willing to use complete and overwhelming force to totally destroy the NK military/government we risk getting caught up in prolonged attacks and possibly a full land war.

Nuke everything they got and leave the land uninhabitable.

*It Aint Me starts playing*
you boys ready for another endless war in gook territory? charlie's gonna get his shit pushed in this time around

I get that this is something you don't have any understanding of, but there is no correlation between failed attempts at propping up democracy, and full scale war with the goal of eviscerating an entire nation. Make no mistake, the US could completely wipe out NK in a matter of days. The US has tried and failed numerous times to bring democracy to backwards people, and I agree, it never works. Don't even try to pretend that is remotely related to what the discussion is here though.

>he thinks America won in in 1812

I don't wanna fight slanteyes I know nothing about.

>>implying sweden is white

Implying i give a shit about that.

I am quite fucking clearly talking about modern warfare. This whole idea that the US could steamroll any nation is childish and just plain wrong. NK would be a hard, drawn out fight. The only hope woupd be capitulation from the generals but I doubt that would happen.

China also 100% wouldn't allow the US to establish dominance in the area, South Korea is bad enough but that was more natural.

millions will die before america IRAQ's him, why hasent he been 1970'ed yet?

white house got burned though
and england is literally your dad, family fight is always shit

You're a cranky one. Must be all of that refugee cock stuffed up your ass.

Dear leader has no idea North Korea is not going to get free food to calm down this time.

If you think NK could be beaten that quickpy and easily then best of luck to you. I take it you have no real understanding of war other than Call of Duty and wikipedia.

Thinking britan could stand up agianst the us and getting beat by some tax evading farmers.

Will this war be popular enough in the US?
I just hope that it doesn't turn into another Vietnam

naw, nk is pretty confident they can vaporize SK in less than 4 min. All their arty is pointed at SK

and it can all reach the main city of SK.

But the US does not have to attack through the south any longer. that's 1950's warfare

Now the US can just go laterally.

tomahawks and night special forces to down the sams. then move in your fast flyers. take out anything else, including their air

Once that's done. You pound the fuck out of them with bombing runs off a carrier to far out to sea, you wont' see them.

Once that's done, send in your landing party

it's not 1950's war fare any longer and NK doesn't realise this.

i never managed to beat them in war game: red dragon

Lol what, the United States has steamrolled every country it's fought in a conventional war. China wouldn't even best them in a conventional war. NK would get stomped and China wouldn't intervene anyways, why would they start ww3 for some shitty buffer state?

>posts 5 kiloton explosion

Do you not understand what exactly a real nuclear warhead is capable of? If NK uses a nuke on the US, even if it's just some shitty paper mache' one like the shit they have, a single one of ours is enough to completely envelop their entire tiny shitty country. I don't think most people recognize or understand exactly how geographically large the US is, NK could exhaust their entire supposed nuclear payload and barely destroy the west coast, which many here would argue would be a blessing and not a problem.

NK will be an even harder fight than Vietnam

NK is a fucking fortress, they've been anticipating invasion for 60 years. They're like that player who fortifies the shit out of their base and never ventures out, just turtling resources the entire game.

Our military capabilities are 100x what they were in Vietnam, but this ain't gonna be a cakewalk.

daliy reminder that north korea has shit tier airforce

>I am fully prepared for this, said Sven, lubing up his asshole liberally as Jamal started to force himself in

US-NK war would be a total shitstomp.

If the businessmen-turned Sup Forums-posters think they can emasculate the Democratic Socialist Monarchy of Sweden they would soon know that their method would not work on the latter.

The Sovereign Moselem Nation of Sweden has the will and the capability to fully respond to any racist xenophobic sexist war the US would like to ignite.

It really all depends on if Trump could make a deal with China to keep them away. I'm thinking that China could have land north of HamHung

>thinking Britain couldn't hold onto Canada, whilst fighting Both the French and Spanish at the same time in Europe, Africa and India, beating both and going on to become the #1 financial and military power for over 120 years uncontested.

There's your sideshow war of 1812

Rule Britannia, God Save The Queen, time for tea and crumpets it's 01:30 bong

We're going to have to soon. If only to protect KPOP.

And who have the US steamrolled please? Japan was a past ditch childish use of nukes so scratch that one. Any more?

Implying China would allow the US to take control of NK and turn it into a version of SK with more troops and kit pointing at Beijing

this, the CIA can just shut down the atoms


Have you ever seen a nuke in 4K? Have you ever seen thousands of thermonuclear weapons rain hellfire as they simultaneously land on the Korean peninsula?

Wouldn't it be cool, user? Wouldn't it be worth losing a few people who chose to live near enemy artillery encampments?

Yeah, im sure all the countries around north korea will be fine with having their air and water irradiated

Bitch Beijing is evan getting tierd of Pyongyang

dude starcraft analogies lmao

China survives fine with irradiated air and water

>mfw americunts really believe they could win a war against north korea

you forget what happend in vietnam? :^)

I really love it if North Korea were invaded, just to see the inner workings of their government revealed.

I mean, if Dear Leader is executing people with an anti-aircraft gun, then the internal politics have to be a really twisted soap opera.

afghanistan. The kid gloves were off, adn they managed to take afghanistan (where the russians couldn't in 10 years) in 3 fucking weeks!

if the US has to put on the kid gloves like iraq. ya, they aint' gonna win by a landslide

they remove those kid gloves, NO COUNTRY is going to stand up to them. They basically have a military budgets bigger than most countries ENTIRE budget.

If the states decides to say fuck human rights and all you lefts shut the fuck up we don't care and do that kind of war

Your gonna get an afghanistan. STEAM ROLL

shut it down!
the goyim know

The only enemy we've steamrolled in the past 100 years was Nazi Germany and they were being fucked by the Ruskies

We just snuck in their backdoor and went for a DP

Well I guess we steamrolled Saddam too, but we got caught up in the vacuum.

Laugh all you want, if Trump starts a war in North Korea it'll be Vietnam 2.0. It'll last forever, everyone will hate it, and nothing good will come of it.

I mean shit we still can't get out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and we're getting increasingly dragged into Syria.

>NK would be a hard, drawn out fight
yeah cause nukes are so hard to launch lol

No they won't. Who's going to provide sanctuary for them to engage in guerilla warfare? China?

China isn't going to trigger WWIII over its retarded proxy whose utility has long worn out.

We destroy them in combat costing millions of north Vietnamese lives but lose because of media and the shock of the Tet offensive?

Based Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Drumptards on suicide watch

I spent 4 years working with the technology and my grandad was at 2 nuclear tests. I fully understand the capabilities of nuclear weapons though it seems you overestimate them.

The US will not launch a nuclear strike against NK. That will not happen unless total global war breaks out. It just won't happen. Stop LARPing over nukes.


Anybody who thinks NK would be an easy or quick fight is confirmed to be a child.

Austria start another world war and blame it on Germany

>we are fully prepared
uh oh, they've mobilized their reserves of malnourished women and children! we're done for!

The Iraqi military twice, Afghanistan in the opening moments. How do you expect the North Koreans to deal with massive air superiority? What about the allies they have in the region? The poorest country in the world won't stand a chance in a war with the richest plus it's entire alliance system. The only question is whether they will be able to get a nuke off before they fall, and even that is unlikely.

still you lost vietnam :^)

dont be sad, just accept that americunt is a loser nation

when did austria start a war? right never :^)

Shit, they didn't even use that shock and awe bomb they were going to in iraq because it was too devastating. Now imagine if those rules did not apply??!!

SOME US general is itching to use that mother fucker

Kid gloves off, and i can gaurenfuckingtee you, NK will be steam rolled in 3 weeks or less

NK would be crushed in no time, because it would be a conventional war.

Say the US crushed the DPRK military and hung their leaders in 4 weeks. What then?

Last time the US went to best korea we killed nearly a million norks and chinese but lost 200K+ of our own.

Next time boots wont touch the ground until its nothing but rubble.


1 is CUTE as FUCK

>two time World War losers
>talking about anyone else losing

I can't wait till Lebanon is turned to dust by Israel.


3 weeks, bitch

russia coudlnt' do it in 10 years and they pulled out.

>And who have the US steamrolled please?

Iraq twice, Afghanistan in 2001, Panama in 89, Multiple other latin american countries in the early 20th century. And we took on Japan and Germany during a massive economic depression. And even though we ended the war with a nuke, we fought our way across the Pacific until we were within range to launch an invasion, had the nuke not been employed.

>> "The US should face up to the situation of the world with its eyes wide open. The DPRK has the will and capability to fully respond to any war the US would like to ignite," the North's state-run television KRT reported on Tuesday (21 March), citing a spokesman of the North Korea foreign ministry.
>talking about america losing wars


Then China/SK negotiations would begin, also Trump would be hailed as the best president and he would never have to do anything for his political career ever.

However, we would be bombarded with "in the arms of an angel" commercials featuring Korean children

>Anybody who thinks NK would be an easy or quick fight is confirmed to be a child.

Pretty much, would be interesting to see what the NKs have been building under the surface for all these decades, the tunnel complexes and defeneces against conventional assaults must be insane