Prove that race is not a social construct

Prove that race is not a social construct
>protip: you can't

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Prove that social constructs aren't real

Hard mode: prove that it's not just a 19th-century pseudo-scientific invention created to justify imperialism and exploitation.
>protip: you also can't

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Race isn't a social construct


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You misunderstand the challenge. (You) are meant to prove that race is not a social construct. Why and how did you fail so ferociously to comprehend? Might it be the distraction of having a large foreign object inside your anus?


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>resorting to phrenology to prove a 21st-century point


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Because it can be determined by a DNA test

I never said phrenology you fucking retarded. That shit has to do with personality and things like that. Kill yourself idiot

IQ is mostly shaped by education. We have literally higher IQ than people 100 years ago.

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No 2 human has identical skulls.

Nomenclature is literally a social construct.

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>IQ is mostly shaped by education


Minnesota transracial adoption study proves that IQs always drop down to within a couple points of their hereditary values after the student reaches 17/18 years old, regardless of race.

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The reason IQ steadily goes up is because that's how evolution works, faggot.

EQUALITY is a social construct. saged.

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If it's not real, how come it can be easily detected by a genetic test?

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It can. See 23andme

Also see And why haven't you replied to it? Ah, right, you got BTFO'ed, how will shareblue even recover?

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Social construct implies that I, only along with the help of others, have decided niggers are bad.

My individual experiences made racial differences evident to me, it wasn't until after that when I sought the socially likeminded. Up until I searched for it, I couldn't even find someone that WASNT in race denial.

Skin color

Everyone adapts to the environment they live in, for example: If you grow up in a dysfunctional family within a poor getto full of dysfunctional families and drugs and promiscuity this is most likely to affect your psychology and emotional intelligence of the people, the case would be almost entirely different if you grow up in a wealthy family with access to higher education, many liberals use this type of situations to explain why in countries like the US the black population has a higher tendency to act against the law, but you do fail to acknowledge the fact that it is more than enough proof that psychological, physical and spiritual aspects of a being are not only directly linked, but metaphysically linked to the mere existence and coexistence of these beings in question, humans.
This adaptability to different social and natural environments is called evolution, or natural selection for that matter, that is why civilizations placed in the Mediterranean, Mesopotamian, Indian and Chinese territories emerged first or more powerful than others, because they adapted to and adverse situation, because the land in these places is most suitable to human life and settlements they faced social adversities, many tribes fought for those lands with teeth and bone to the point of losing everything and eventually, nature did it's work, the best civilizations came to rule those territories and prosper more than others.

As an example of this you have in Europe:
>Spaniards, Carthaginians, Romans, Greeks, Jewish and Ottoman empires ruled their land in prosperity
>While Germanics, Slavs, Negroids, and many other savages have not managed to run a functioning country until a few centuries back

It is due to the environmental and social situations these people have passed trough