Why haven't you moved to the UK yet, user?

Why haven't you moved to the UK yet, user?


i like guns too much
and cheese burgers
and my 25 an hour
and easy access to 30mg oxy codones

Because I get free blowjobs from actual women. Though if I lived in the UK a robot is probably the way to go.

hardcore murrican


>putting your cock in electrical equipment

Kek this.

Sex robots are our way of spiting women.
This country is incredibly misogynistic, but with good reason.

The real question is can you get STDs from secondholing a sex bot?

>mfw the guy that cleans the spooge out of the robot mouth in between customers is a refugee

Not if they regularly clean them after each use (but how many """""brothels"""""" will actually do this?)

God like digits


Because I like not having to pay Habeeb an exorbitant tax every time I walk out the door.

What fucking state you live in?

This Mate has it right

There are warmer Muslim countries to move to.

so many questions

1) why the fuck would you go to a public place to use a sex toy

2) why the fuck would you want to use a sex toy that was used by somebody else

3) why the fuck would you choose a robot's mouth over the mouth of a british lady...oh wait nvm i see now

one just opened in barcelona
they dish out free jonnys for those that want them
can't argue with that

>all the sex bots are white girls

No guns.