I found these today walking down Spadina street from bloor street. These and many others like it were posted on every pole on each side of the road. I caught a glimpse of the guy posting them on the way back. White small hipster type almost certainly antifa.

Anons of Toronto, we know our city is a liberal haven but we can't stand around and let them promote their corrupt organization. I purpose a meeting at the same corner in 2 days time to take down this trash.

If any takers I can make a discord or we can talk in the Canadian pol discord. I'll re visit this thread after my shower.

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>Having pride in your heritige is fascism
>Only if you're white

HAHAHA, what a tipsy turvy world these people live in.

Yeah that's smart, go and get into a fist fight with people who have opposing political views. There is no way this could end up poorly for you.


I tried my best to take some down but they used glue and I wall I'll equipped.


Whites are a minority in Toronto and they still do shit like this.

Aren't Canadians oppressed enough with this PC bullshit? At this point they're literally demonizing their own native citizens. Christ Canada you faggots need to crack some skulls.

red spray paint.

Spray paint, goo be gone, or a sharp knife.

Sorry I'm phone posting in my shower


diversity is codeword for white genocide.

>this hour has 88 minutes bump here

Fuck you /nu/pol fascist apologist cunts. My grandfather went overseas to fight Nazis and you neckbeard faggots have the gall to roleplay as brownshirts, because you're ugly and have no friends so you crave negative attention. Sad.

I can't wait till people like you are stamped out.


This really is the end game for these Libby hipsters.

Funny because the way they are modeling their power structure they are an enemy to themselves.

Can't wait for Antifa civil wars and shit.

Pretty sure calling for violence is against the law in Leafland. Should have called the cops.

And my great grandfather guarded Chinese labor battalions as they crossed the country from France to their Homeland.

He'd be heartbroken to see his capital cities lost to the Chinese these days.

I can't wait till people like you are stamped out.

your grandfather fought for the wrong side.

Thanks man I dont take phone pics often

fucking snowflake

Nazis need to be punched. If you aren't in favor of that, get the fuck out of North America. Men and women died for you to be shitposting on this ecuadorian funnel-cake forum.

Nah I'm good. Rather not be denounced by all my peers and family.


You don't deserve to call yourself an American. Gas yourself, if you love the Nazis so much.

You are a useful idiot to the establishment you think you fight.

There was a revolution, and we won.

The future is in the hands of the youth. And they like meme's more then tranny Muslims.

I already took down like 15 of these this afternoon. Thanks for keeping an eye out, and glad there are like minded people like you out there.

They use a wheatpaste liquid adhesive for the paper so it's hard to remove. A plastic scraper didn't work too well, so a metal one would be better.


It would be cool if someone stole the Wall Street Girl Statue. That seems to be the one thing the libtards are obsessed over for now

Get fucked faggot.

Good to know user. Spray paint seems the best method now.

We should of made peace.

Lol great comeback you insecure wimp. You're so tough praising Nazis on the internet. I bet your deadbeat parents are proud of how much of a degenerate you are. America deserves better than you.

Can someone give me a quick rundown on why pride in being white is fascist?

Your disgusting mate. You should kill yourself so your grand pappy can whoop your ass for being such a little faggot.

Bing it.
327 W front St. Liberty SC.

My grandfather would be proud that I'm a patriot and opposed to Nazi faggots acting like they can call themselves Americans.

America did get better. It got trump in the white house.

I'm not scared of your meme gun. You probably couldn't even wrap your sausage fingers around the trigger.

Lol. Its not a comeback. Go pozzes by some faggot and die suffering in gutter faggot.

Lol, a fucking kangaroo

I seriously doubt it. You should kill yourself and, find out.

Why smash them, they end up dead anyway?

Where in the us do you live. We should meet up and have coffee and pie.

how many shekels do you make a post, i'm rather interested

I'm a pajeet in Toronto but I'll tear them off if I see them I guess.

Make an ironic version of the poster with the same image in the center but with the words "smash fascism" replaced by, say (with quotes), "Arbitrarily stoking racial tension is OK because my professor told me so"

OP here done my shower.

If any Toronto anons are interested in talking Ill give a link to my discord

Lol, are you really that lonely? Sad!

Don't give credibility to their LARPing by getting angry and retaliating, call it out for the outrageous childish provocation that it actually is

tbqh you're acting like a LARPing faggot. How are you even a patriot?

Rip the flyers down and put them in the trash

nice projection faggot. I I have a 1" spread at 200yd with iron sight.


I can't wait to hear about this hate crime on CityTV for the next 3 days. How dare you deface these posters.

As I stated man and what said.

It's not easy taking them down I tried my hardest with what I had. Don't worry we will find a way.

How am I LARPing? Do you even know what that means? lmfao

Go back to r/thedonald

OP Join Anticom, I think they have a Canadian division. It might be safer to meet with someone who is vetted there than a random Sup Forumsack.


>saying you're a patriot
>no justification

Kill yourself. The fact that your grandfather fought in WW2 doesn't make you better than anyone. My grandad was an army medic and was in DDay, doesn't make me special. Regardless, we're not fascists. We're tired of faggots like yourself labeling us as fascists when we're not.

Stop trying to use your relative's accomplishments to put yourself on a pedestal.

From Bloor down Spadina? Well now, that's right next to the University of Toronto.

Just use something metal edged. Even a coin works to make the letter illegible. You don't have to take down the whole poster.

Also I doubt the guy even went further north than Spadina Stn. And there don't seem to be any south of College St

i cant wait for a war to break out

Nothing to do with lonley i'm just intrigued by your faggotry and, want to put your punch a nazi to the test. After i'm done stomping seven shades of shir out of your skull i'll buy you coffee and, pie.

>we're not fascists
You're in the wrong place, friend.

Also, was this guy white?

90% of people on this board are libertarians.

You fell for the edgy nazi meme, friendo

>tfw some Sup Forums faggots still unironically worship hitler
>tfw he literally fought against burgers
>tfw he would wipe them out if he won


never used discord, what is this faggot shit?

Do you faggots realize it's a propaganda poster with a false equivalency? "white pride = fascist Nazis"

shills must be out in full force

90% of this board are communists, you fell for the libertarian meme bro

Voice chat program

I got some free time ill tear some down spadina and bloor fuck its in the heart of liberal havana super sneaky spy. I could call the city and theyll do it for us posters like that dont last long but will do recon and post results.



Pretty sure antifa would sucker punch your grandfather and call him a nazi all the same.

>tfw no bf
H-hi anons

Live and North York and work 7-3, a little out of my way.

Godspeed fellow Toronto anons.


fuck off, faggot.

Are you a cute white girl and will you be my gf?

Make m-me

I'll be your bf though

OP still here, If you join my discord shout me @Gprime

I'm currently organizing with Anticom thanks to

stop being a fag

Teach me how senpai

>walking down Spadina street from bloor street
Fucking hell man why can't we get cool street names like that? Do y'all have MLK Blvd? I bet y'all have MLK Blvd.


Is that a yes bby?

Your grandfather got JEWED.
Look deep down within yourself, don't you want to have pride in your own race?

1) dont cut off your dick
2) fuck a girl
3) have white children
4) realize hitler did nothing wrong.

i'm enjoying not being bombed by them

>I'm a patriot
No, you aren't, since you apparently want the American people to cease to exist.

Wow, you're cucked hard, man.

>board logo is swastika
>hurr durr nu/pol/ lieks teh nahzees
Leave this place


Hi Shia.

That doesn't even make sense.

Then fucking do it, pussy

>thinking only of your dick
fucking degenerate.