Dennis Montgomery WHISTLEBLOWER

This was highly exposed yesterday but have not heard much about it today. I want to know more about what is happening with Dennis Montgomery. I have a few links with some of the basic info.

The_Donald thread on the subject from yesterday:

Freedom Watch March 21st Letter:

Fruit of the Poisonous Tree, part 1 and 2: (they are reversed I believe, so part two might be one, and part one might be two)

If any of you guys have extra info, please let me know and share if you can. Thanks!

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Also, rapid summary

bumping for justice

Audio part 2
"Trump is a double agent"

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this board is filled with too many shills now. i miss staying up late and browsing many threads, constantly learning and striving for the truth. now its nothing but "LOL Sup Forums BTFO" tier bullshit.

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I don't know if that was said in jest or because it was 2013 and that was his opinion of him before he met him.

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Audio is real so it doesn't matter if it's reddit

You missed "[Trump] is a double agent". The context does not make it clear what Arpaio meant by this. I think this was leaked in 2013, soon after the Snowden leaks. It is known though that Arpaio was a big Trump supporter from 2015 to the present.

I'm pretty sure this is why all these slide threads are happening.


It seemed like it was in a joking manner but it was odd they brought it up

Yeah, that was made as a summary of the freedomwatch letter, haven't listened to the audio yet.

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If he doesn't get prosecuted it will be because of the threat of nigger unrest. That's where we are in the US in 2017.

It's strange how no one is talking about this.

The only place I've heard this from is Infowars and drudge.

This is huge news.

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Either the shills all went home at 9PM PDT, or they quit bumping threads when I posted this info in two other threads about Nunes:

The reason Nunes interviewed his source at the White House is twofold. Source user wanted personal protection and the info required a SCIF. The source rightly fears murder. The WH has a SCIF, a secure compartmented information facility where top secret info can be discussed. The Capitol provides one SCIF each to the House and Senate intel committees.

Nunes' source is smart enough to not self-dox by walking past Dems in the Capitol, and using a SCIF at the FBI, CIA, or NSA is out for obvious reasons. That leaves only the White House.

This point is glaringly obvious yet utterly ignored by the media.

President Trump is baiting Schiff with today's tweets. Schiff is walking right into it. Big shit is about to drop. Imagine pic related loaded with 370,000 gallons of liquid manure.

It will be glorious.

I thought the day the thread went around was when Comey was spotted around the White House for some kind of private hearing. Do we think that was connected or was that just another part of the Russia debacle?

I just hope those hard drives don't go to the same file cabinet Weiner's laptop went.

You guys ever research anything? Even Sheriff Arpaio said this guys a fucking fraud.

Montgomery is a fucking fraud, fuck him.

>> Though originally filed in Florida, the case was transferred to Washington. U.S. District Judge Rudolph Contreras dismissed the case Friday based on Montgomery’s refusal to let Risen’s legal team access a copy of the software.
Without that software, the court found, Montgomery has no evidence other than his say-so that his technology was anything but a sham.
“The only evidence in the record that Montgomery points to which might create a genuine issue of fact are his own, vague representations that the technology worked,” the 74-page opinion states.

Which tweets? The ones about dems and taxes?

Also, why doesnt Montgomery just go to the Senate hearings about Russia and the White House?

Are you one of those "U.S. consulate workers" stationed in Germany? Lel

I sure hope so, man.

Intelligence agencies have a history of hiring compromised people for east disposal and discrediting. The guy has a sorded past, but everything he says checks out, and so far some of what he said has been verified. People who lie can actually tell the truth sometimes, user.

How does he know about The Hammer, then?

You may have a point, but calling someone a fraud isn't an argument. Especially, when that's classic CIA method of smearing credible witnesses.

Wiretapping is fake.

Even Nunes had to admit that what he thought he had wasn't what he said.

It's over, faggots.

What do you mean everything he says checks out? According to who? Sheriff Arpaio said hes full of shit with the investigation he was supposedly doing to help arpaio. Sordid past my ass! He scammed millions for software that didnt do shit.

The amount of corruption in both political parties is so incredible, and so invasive. I am surprised at your deep trust in our government.

How does he know? Because of all the GOVT contacts he made fucking people over and scamming people. Thats how he knows. He probably fabricated 900 million pages of shit, the guy has never proved anything to anyone, do your research.

Read everything, listen to everyone. Don't believe anything if you can't prove it in your own research - William Cooper

When did I say "everything" checks out?

You are following the government's and media's narrative, man. I am going to wait till we get more information until a make a complete judgement on the matter. In the mean time this subject is important, and by the amount of suppression this story gets, I can assume that there is something media/government is afraid of.

On a semi unrelated note

How telling is it when the most corrupt agencies go rogue with historically powerful spying tools all team together with the media to try and take down Trump and they still can't find dirt on him.

The guy is a saint

I would rather he was telling the truth, BUT hes just another charlatan, Theres plenty of them user. The fucking guy he ran with was michael milkins right hand man, remember the junk bond scandal back in the 80s? He met him gambling in vegas and took him in as an investor. Google Warren Trepp

Anyone for or against claims, or just anybody seeking the damn truth, please give me LINKS. I just want INFORMATION for or against this guy so I can make my own decision. Shills enjoy bullying and compelling people to make a choice, I prefer open discussion.

have some links? not being snarky I want links, for AND against.

Nunes' source might not be Montgomery. We don't know. So let's look at what we do know:

1. Nunes' source would not enter the Capitol
2. Nunes' source shared top secret information
3. The Dems either don't know the identity of this source or they are ignoring it (hoping for weightlifting accident?)

If the Dems don't know who is feeding this latest info to Nunes, then everything I've suggested drops into place. Easily. Day of the Aerial Shit Tanker is approaching.

We're on the Trump Timeline, not our timeline. Kek is wrecking the swamp as we speak. Operation Remove Shill is soon. Be patient, anons, and trust in a wonderful future.


We will know our program has been successful when EVERYTHING the public believes is FALSE - William Casey

I don't believe anything right now. I want to see how this plays out.

I just don't understand how you can absolutely claim he is a fraud in such a short amount of time when I'm seeing more evidence for this being legitimate than not. Media silence is also really unsettling. Especially if he was a 100℅ fraud and Infowars chose to go all in on the subject for two days. That would be suicide.

Trump used anachronistic terminology. The Obama adminstration ordered the surveillance of Trump and his associates.

Awesome. Have any more recent stuff? this one is a tad old.

I pray to the Lord that you are right, man. That is good info, by the way. Where is some good info on the latest of this story? Thanks for helping, btw. The shills are thick.

Here is the for

Here is the against:

What we need is a quick-hide button on the catalogue. Like middle mouse clicking quickhides a thread...

> plebit

Who is this informant with nunes? I need to get to work and start reading more.


He thinks the "hammer" is a virus

Ellis, WH lawyer

>Nunes' source might not be Montgomery. We don't know.

No breaking news, but here are some links interested anons can check out.

There is every appearance that the intelligence community is trying to discredit Montgomery, for obvious reasons (his whistleblowing claims throw a ton of dirt on the IC).

Guess what stupid fuck, Snowden put out info about it on the darkweb.

Let's play "spot the shill", shall we?

Notice how the thread activity picked right up after this post . Yes, samefagging, but it's to make a point. After that info was posted, we see multiple anons asking for more information and links, claiming confusion, saying overwhelmed, and despairing that it's just too much to process.

Fucking bullshit. You're better, faster, and smarter than this, Sup Forums. Maybe it's an off day. This crap is a variation on concern trolling.

The fact that these posts entered when they did says one important fact: David Brock and his wankers do not want Anons thinking too much about Nunes' source and why they met at the White House.

We are winning. Shills need to re-dye their hair to match Day of The Orange Jumpsuit.

So the hammer is a virus?

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Agreed. The truth is the truth.That guy was muddying the waters

Bumping for great justice.

The radio is blaring news about the House Senate Intelligence Committee being all asspained that Nunez went straight to the POTUS, but I feel as though it was the best thing he could have done.

Also, Where in the World is Obongo now? Still in French Polynesia?

What if this guy is controlled opposition? This could be an ambush of some sort. What if the documents show he was spied on but they have forged it to look like he WAS working with Russia? We have to consider all possibilities

Just started the thread


No, Clinton promoted him, like bernie Sanders. He went rouge and ended up winning

Admit it, it's too much for normals to handle.

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Comey didnt show up the hearing. I wonder what he is up to.

Its actually funny how cnn didn't care about the leak, only the whistleblowers identity

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Same, hate those threads. But we have to be persistent on here cause we can't let (((them))) win. They're being payed to shill here eventually the money runs out but that will never happen when it's funded by Javid Jizz Cock

Bump for Justice. Never forget Seth Rich.

Pol is definitely reddit-tier lately, but even pysops is healthy to a certain extent

Have you ever considered pol could be wrong?


>Bump for Justice. Never forget Seth Rich.

Seth Rich did what, exactly? Leak emails from a GHS hosted email environment he had zero admin access to, since he was a low level data director working on AWS hosted content to help people find polls?

Go back to The_Donald and blindly parrot some other conspiracy nonsense.

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I swear to fucking god i read somewhere in one of these threads that Trump was a double agent? Im comfy as hell right now can anyone give me a quick rundown on that?

I may just be fucking crazy and all this is starting to give me schiz.

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Who cares about being right or wrong anymore?

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BS. Disinfo to turn us against Trump, the one man who might be able to stop all this I'm guessing

Its in the comments, marked by profile pic

comey no show

Arpaio said as much. Maybe there is a Trump/Russia connection but it includes many democrats and Trump turned coat on their scheme.

Maybe dems think Trump is going down with them...and maybe he is.

So long as he drains the swamp, I think it would be worth the price. Pence ain't half bad.

Faggot posting shit like he listened to the links spoonfed to him or something. If you listened to the audio you would know that it was mentioned already. And before you start sniffing your panties because God the Emperor might be a double agent, I'm telling you that I'm not going to tell you the *context of it. And since you're clearly a downie, * means keyword.

Everyone will know how Sup Forums I am if I green text and bitch about reddit and praise kek.

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comey no show and the silence is deafening except of course for cheney rising out of his coffin to say "you can't let the ambassador in here; he'll see the big board."

that about sums it up. when that p.o.s. is wheeled in for effect you know that the rest of the ghouls are burning up in real time...

Can't see on mobile. Can you just tell us?

You would have to listen to it to understand, its like an hour long

You just responded to a shill. Good job, user. Really makes me think.

Do you, or another anons, know if his immunity was granted already?


Let's hope Nunes wasn't relying on Montgomery. I'm not saying that people shouldn't listen to what he has to say... But I wouldn't hinge any beliefs around what you hear from him.

I hate to say it, but I feel like he may be an opportunist who jumps at any chance for publicity... Hence the release of the open letter to Nunes AFTER Nunes went public with his own findings. All it takes is a Wikipedia lookup of Montgomery to show you why Nunes wouldn't hang his whole case on that one guy.

I'm 100% in the camp that Obama had Trump spied upon. I believe they fabricated the evidence used to justify the surveillance, and the Russian stuff was all just a smokescreen to catch Trump communications 'incidentally', to benefit Clinton and the Democrats in general.

However, be cautious around Montgomery. Seriously, if you must trust him - wait until there's 3rd party verification or EVIDENCE to back him up.

wolf all over nunes tonight indicates the ghouls' desire to find out who the leaker is. so that they can neutralize them and write montgomery-like wikipedia logs.

vault 7, montgomery, these are all known commodities to the ghouls. their problem is the new gal/guy that can prove directly this:

nunes coming out wednesday after the comey show last monday set the ghouls back in a big way. now the ghouls, especially comey is finally in a corner. the shrill screams of schiff, mccain, pelosi, et al. the wheeling out of cheney is desperate attempt to discredit the nunes and the procedure/ it must be stopped or delayed until they find deepest throat; but what these charlatans don't get is: it's too late!

it's pass the point of no return...they can't "fix it."

that's why comey was a no show today...but he'll have to show up one day...


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oh..montgomery handed his data to fbi and comey 2 years ago...probably didn't have a lot of recent nov, dec, jan feb team trump and trump data on it when he left it off...

4 years ago, actually. The rest of your post doesn't make a lot of sense. Care to explain?