I have 24 hours to make a speech on whether or not we should allow Sharia law. Redpill me, Sup Forums

I have 24 hours to make a speech on whether or not we should allow Sharia law. Redpill me, Sup Forums

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Going to bump with anti Islam images

We should allow Sharia. Islam will dominate the world, might as well accept it.

Nice try shareblue

Islam bans free speech and science.

Islam is garbage.

Go full in. Advocate how amazing corrective rape is, acid attacks, the guiding hand of an older man marrying a nine year old girl, the amazing and advanced banking system of the Islamic world, benefits of generations of cousin-wives, and everything else. Oh, make sure to show how smart your slavery is by castrating them so they can't breed and cause the same problems as in America.

Just own it and make sure you're convincing and sincere sounding. If anyone argues, ask if they're gay and threaten to toss them off a building.

This argument has a generalized root in seperation from church in state. A good speech could have these three points against:
1: If Sharia law were implemented, what New laws would there be? How would this impact Australian citizens? Would the sharia law discriminate against any minority groups? Would it interfere with the personal freedom of others?
2: If an Islamic system of law is allowed to 've practiced in Australia, would it conflict with Australian laws? Would other religions be allowed to implement their own laws? If so, would they interfere with Sharia? If not, why is only Sharia law?
3) Is it justifiable to place religious law on groups not part of that religion? If only those in the religion are subject to it, how are apostates treated?

Explore these concepts and you'll get everything you need for a good speech.

This feels so fucking weird to say, but this leaf is correct:

islam is actually at it middle age right now

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Actually this might not be a bad idea... OP you gotta sell it hard

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anyone have the pic where it shows how many muslims support isis?

This is exactly what I was thinking before I even clicked. Good job leaf.
Point out how dumb and dangerous free speech and religious liberty are.

Inb4 everyone in the room agrees unironically

Gotta agree with
Take either of these

And really go all out arguing /for/ it. Really hammer home how important it is that people in Australia are allowed to carry out the punishments in Sharia on other people in Australia.

Start with apostasy though. Really get in how important it is that all Muslims be under the threat of death for trying to leave Islam.

Damn, forgot the picture.

CON: Age of consent* is 9 years old. Age of non-penetrative sodomy is 6 years old. *Consent comes from her father not the child.

(Or is this a PRO on Sup Forums?)

Just say you allow Sharia law and get A++.
Throw in some bluepills.

fuck me that sounds fun, i wish i was in government again.

Sharia law is redundant because sharia means law

need to preserve the white race, man.
although some dumbass in our class made a speech on why prostitution should be legalised and the teacher reacted positively

I for one would welcome others to join in when I'm throwing rocks at people.

Certain elements are agreeable, for example, adulterers should be stoned.