Israeli-Palestinian conflict; What has changed what can be done?

Webm related- Have we advanced past this stage or has it really changed at all? Why can't Jerusalem be split into three for the (((Chosen))), Christians and Muslims?

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I've been following the Israeli-Palestine conflict for a little under 10 years, during which time i went from "fuck Israeli imperialism, this isn't in accordance with international law" to "Gas the Kikes Race War Now". Here's the gist of what's going to happen: the two-state solution is a meme at this point. Nobody believes that it can be accomplished now that the settlements are this numerous. The palestinian authority is literally controlled opposition, they're essentially paid lame ducks and a mere puppet. Hamas is isolated and doesn't have the support from the arab world at large that it once did. In short, Palestine will officially become a province of Israel under Knesset control in the next 5-10 years imo. At which point the left will shrug their shoulders and claim the issue was too complex, too multifaceted, and they wished something could have been done but it was so gosh darn complicated.

Did Israel kill Yasser Arafat, or at least fund Hamas to kill him? I feel like although a piece of shit in some ways, he had some support in a two state solution and that's why he got whacked. Israel won't stop until they get all the rare earth metals in the Palestinian land+natural gas IMO

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>Did Israel kill Yasser Arafat
Possibly, although he was 75 yo so he wasn't going to live necessarily much longer. You're right about the support he had, maybe moreso among the west than in his homeland - according to many accounts he favored a very moderate position, conceding some points in order to further the peace process. That didn't work though, as Israel loves to change the rules of the game mid-way. The thing is, Israel didn't need to show any good faith at all during these negotations, as the US has essentially used its veto power at the UN general assembly to ensure that any agreement could never be reached

Will the Israelis stop until they have all the land? Is this really some Talmudic prophecy they have to fulfill? I just fail to comprehend how it's taken this long to figure out a solution, or a final solution as it were. Maybe the keyekes just like being the center of attention forever?

Definitely fine with that. Survival of the fittest and all that. Unless the Saudi's and Israeli's create some unholy alliance and rape the rest of the region. Guess that's why I want to go solar and get a Tesla, enough of the black liquid jew

>Will the Israelis stop until they have all the land?
> Is this really some Talmudic prophecy they have to fulfill?
Yes and no. Contrary to popular belief, many zionists are not religious and merely opportunists cashing in on the religious fundamentalism of a certain segment of their population. I'd rather not have to paraphrase the leftist jew Norman Finkelstein, but the notion that the solution has to be "figured out" is a meme. The arabs have always asked for the following things: a return to pre-1967 borders and the right of return for the millions of palestinians expats in Jordan, Lebanon, etc. There was a time where this was viewed as an acceptable and reasonable compromize. No gassing, no expulsion of jews. Ofc anyone who EVER expected the jews to return to pre-1967 borders and give up Jerusalem is the king of fools. Was just smoke and mirrors

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I disagree on your time frame and the reasoning behind it. The arguments over land control and settlements are really just place holder arguments because neither party trusts the opposition.

As for why the two state solution is a meme, it's more that no one actually wants a two state solution who is involved in future decision making. The old guard of Palestine is stepping down, and the younger Palestinians want to be annexed so they can generally get gibs from Israel. The younger Israelis grew up with the intifadas and don't have any faith that a Palestinian state could actually maintain control over its own territory.

It's a bit of a funny deal; I used to work near Hebron and the discussions between Palestinians that were raised in other countries and Palestinians that deal with the everyday life of Palestine are a stark contrast.

>The border wall is inhumane!
>I really don't give a shit, I just want a work permit so I can work in West Jerusalem.
>We need to convince Westerners to divest from Israeli corporations for the occupation!
>But those corporations hire Palestinians more often than not.
>The Israeli government is an apartheid!
>I want to live in Israel because there I actually have a government that is accountable and services.

Seriously, Palestinians just generally don't want to be their own shitty state that would have the gdp per capita of India.

Isn't Israel secular? The why can't they translocate to an empty desert in Texas?

Isn't USA their ally? Just like back in the '40s. Just this time it's from Palestine to Texas.

>Seriously, Palestinians just generally don't want to be their own shitty state that would have the gdp per capita of India.
You can understand how anyone could be skeptical of this so-called "first-hand testimony" of actual Palestinians on the ground, what with JIDF shills being rampant and all, but it's true that many arab expats are more hardline than those who actually live in the occupied territories - take the example of BDS (boycott divestment sanctions) which was mainly supported by western liberal and arabs living in the west. You''re also probably right about palestinians' current apathy towards the national question: the jews have succesfully subverted the opposition, turning it into a nepotistic mafia government which has certainly eroded the arabs' faith in the possibility of governing themselves. Bezmenov's demoralization phase in full effect. Would almost be sad if it wasn't so expected.

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Youtube videos of Christian sects in Jerusalem Duke it out. If Christians can't get their shit together what more would 3 seperate religions

>Why can't Israel move?
The bigger question is why should they. The idea of being in consistent conflict with their neighbor's in a part of the Israeli conscience at this point.

So, it's literally
>90% of this nation's wealth has been made in a century.
>You should abandon it all because Arabs occasionally launch rockets.

But what would happen to the Palestenians in their limbo?
The Israelis don't want to annex them since the demographics would gift too unfavorable.

It's one of the only major wars in the world. (ISIS is just a meme)

It could solve 60% of the crazy shit in the middle East and probably make the Muslims less anti west.

Exactly the issue. So, in ten years, no. Israel will not annex the West Bank in ten years.

Essentially, settlements from the Ultra Orthodox will probably begin to shift demographics as Palestine becomes more modernized, and I imagine immigration out of Palestine will further decrease the risk until say in 50 years that the Palestinian state ceases to be actor.

Gaza is fucked though.

Paki-kun, the world doesn't get a voice in the discussion unless the world does something.

You would have to convince Israel to leave, and even then, it wouldn't necessarily benefit the people it was meant to help since Palestine would inherit a state without the means of actually running it a la Zimbabwe Two: Sand People boogaloo.

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How can it be Christian when the majority of the people in Jerusalem are muslim. It's over 70% muslims. The Muslim call to prayer sings out over the city 5 times a day. Jerusalem is muslim now.

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Holy shit the Sauis won't stop bombing yemen and Syrians won't stop killing each other regardless of what happens to Palestenians.


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because how else would they be able to drag the good goys in the USA to do their bidding? who would go to war with iran for them?? as long as israel exists, peace will not.

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This is a lie. israel doesnt want to help them anymore, hell the fucking UN doesnt want to help the territory of Palestine anymore. They only help because they should. The simple answer is the same they went with Egypt: accept the land and fuck off. It literally happened with Egypt and things have been overall smooth for over 30 years. Palestine cant get any more gibsmedats and thats literally it. It doesnt help Terrorist organizations hide in their lands. Ive looked into this for a few years and we can clearly see this relationship work with a state that was originally a supporter of thr three No's.
The three No's are also a reason why. Five times they have been given a 2 state solution and 5 times The terriroty of Palestine said no. At this point Isreal is being kind. Sovereignty can only go so far.
This isnt a shill either, im a Christian. Its just so stupid that people think a 2 state solution wont work.

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Diplomatically: Two State solution

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