If you date Asians, you're no better than a coal burner

If you date Asians, you're no better than a coal burner

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i am aware


t.man with Asian wife and children

But asian chicks are clean and have manners.
Also they have not piercing, tattoos, neither are deviants.



>But asian chicks are clean and have manners.
>Also they have not piercing, tattoos, neither are deviants.
Also, asian women higher IQs than black men and their offspring have more white traits on average than a coal burner's would. There is definitely a 'lesser evil' of the two, so I suggest get over your purity spiral, bud.

muh white race. shut the fuck up, faggot. the only reason sleeping with niggers and other subhumans is that they are genetically inferior and by breeding will dumb down the populace. eastern asians are fine to breed with since they aren't subhumans. we're a few decades off from full on genetically engineered designer babies anyway so it won't even matter. you fucking niggers are so obnoxious

No std's? Gee what a loss.

Agree completely.

When I ask my students what they think of black people, they express mixed results depending on sex. The girls often react with disgust, revulsion, or pity. They use terms such as “ugly,” “black skin,” “weird hair,” “smelly,” “loud,” and “flat nose.” Part of this has to do with Chinese standards of beauty, which value a prominent or “high nose,” “three dimensional face,” “light skin,” and “double eyelids” (a skin crease above the eyes like that of whites). The Chinese perception of beauty is almost the exact opposite of the way blacks look.

The girls’ disgust is often combined with fear, and they associate blacks with crime. This gut attitude from Chinese girls can be perplexing because it arises from those who have often never met a black person, or have seen them only in passing. It seems to me this association of black people with danger and violence is almost innate for Chinese people, especially women. I’ve also noticed that black African young men have absolutely no luck trying to date Chinese girls, who see them as weird, ugly, and aggressive.

This contrasts sharply with Chinese girls’ typical reaction to whites. From my own observation, and from what I hear from others, they practically throw themselves at white guys. In our class introductions at the beginning of the semester, I usually have at least four or five ask if I will date them—they flirt with me right in front of the class. Many more make advances privately.

God damn. Chinese girls are like the opposite of white girls.

>Also, asian women higher IQs than black men and their offspring have more white traits on average than a coal burner's would.
>more white traits

I have seen several Asian/Euro race mixed children, none of them looked Euro/white. Either they look fully Asian or 2/3 Asian.

im ok with that. asian girls are a lot of fun

Meanwhile in reality

And this is WMAF


Burn alt right

And this is WMAF


Alt right die

Racist kys

r/hapas pls go

Meanwhile irl

And this is already deaths of alt right

>ayy lmao

Meanwhile WMAF irl

Higher IQ
Fewer past sexual partners
Fewer STDs
Doesn't hate white men

God damn. Why wouldn't you want an Asian chick?

Assmad WMAF loser

simply disgusting

Meanwhile this is WMAF

Back in real life

Welcome to WMAF family


Guys into Asian girls are so often redpilled.
Indeed they gravitate towards Asian girls because they recognise the niggerfication of white girls.

Die alt right

What If I'm a quarter asian?

Meanwhile WMAF in real life

>If you date Asians, you're no better than a coal burner
100% correct.
>B-but muh submissive waifu, m-muh high IQ Japanese

Stop alt right

Stop white killer

this desu

I have a submissive Eurasian gf. Don't give a fuck what some angry virgins comic says haha. #MAGA

Gotta end the alt right

She's not a bad gook for the UK, nothing special anywhere else though.

Image looks like it was made by someone who has zero experience with women.
You know who I see 90% of white women going out with?
White guys.

Meanwhile in reality

>neither are deviants.
What's the fun in that?

Another based WMAF couple who want to keep out Muslims

God damn it I wish all white males in the country were as alpha as this.
All the betas (who date white girls) want open borders though.

Cause I'm not a beta fag that has to settle for a reptilian - since I cant lock down a decent white girl.

Black Man Steals White Wommenz
White Man Steals Asian Wommenz
Asian Man Steals Black Wommenz

Why can't everyone just stick to their own? Is the Man or the Woman to Blame?

Meanwhile outside user's larp

I am happy and my gf is based.

She surprised me with a great statement the other day:
I wonder if any of these people who support islam have actually read the Koran?

This was after I told her Islam was a cult, so instead of believing me she went out and read it.

I dont know a white woman that would say anything near that.

Proving white men hate aesthetics

>WMAF loser in denial

Get lost virgin.

Larp 101

Yellow fever bros are alphas because they want feminine partners.
Guys who date white girls are betas because they want modern women/nu-women, who are essentially men.
If you're a masochist I could see why you'd date a white woman. Like you might enjoy the pain of it or something.

End racism

End alt rifyt

Reddit win

And WHite men get ugly Asian

Get used to it

10/10 thread. Gooks and gook fuckers need to go back

is this the thread where some buttmad slant posts sex tourists from thailand?

Alt right btfo

asian inventions:
Octopus porn
Eating dogs

B-but at least they are rr-red p-pilled, r-right.

Power of Islam

Assmad loser in denial

This is power of Islam

Yeah, interesting Topic that bothers your life while there are more severe issues afflicting your society


I have yet to see a woman here who even comes close to the amount of degenerate that your average western woman is. Even the bar sluts here have standards.

I just got back from a refreshing date with a cute 20yo girl who works in a fashion store. We talked about life, travel, dreams, shared funny stories, and the likes. We've made plans to go driving along the coast and drink together with her and her friends.

Try that with western women.

Alt right losers redpill?

Time to desteoy pol

Asian pussy is nice an all but if you're gonna breed with a gook you'd better hope for a daughter. The boys are so hopeless it's unreal.

Face it loser

Say it again brother



Meanwhile irl

Find a qt serb ...
They are based as fuck and think like Sup Forums

Dumb loser right wing scum

He's from r/hapas. Half nip sjw fags.


Amen brother.



Say it


A confirmation bias. Most people actually do mate within their own ethnicity, and despite a small percentage mixing, the ethnicities still merge overtime: If, say, just 5% interracial children are born, we'll still mix completely.

Also, I'd love to try out black. There are none in Russia, and I'm not the one to do a fling when I travel outside.

But you are not on the receiving end, better than being gay or trans.


I see you're back with another Sup Forums pass. They must be expensive by now, what, with the amount of times you've been banned for incessant ranting.

GTFO you sad cunt.

wogs are whores you mong

Meanwhile in real life

Time to stop racism

Yea I agree fully. Serb and russian qt's are based AF but they are a little crazy (in the same way korean girls are fucking nuts). But I am not in that region, so nip girls are the best option. I was seeing a serb american but we live to far away now.

Assmad racist

Loser racist

There are black prostitutes in Moscow, degenerate.

And this is WMAF

not bad
because of recent treatment of nazis, fascists and racists, under the new regulation they will be treated as oppressed minority groups.

Ansn we have to end you dumb fog worshipper


naw thats a chump with low standards. Bottom barrel asians get top tier treatment in the west due to availability. The reverse happens to whites in asia.

Hate bait CNN I will bite. My wife is Asian and she is not close to being sub-servant. She would take a knife to my balls if she felt she had to. She might just do it to entertain herself. Either way there are only a few essential knives in my flat.

Also they're clearly loaded since they can afford so much plastic surgery. Just don't expect the kids to look like that.