Far-Left Russell Brand asks:What are White people doing in Australia?

Russell Brand has taken aim at Australia’s asylum-seeker policies.
The British comedian, who has rebranded himself as a political activist, said mandatory offshore detention and resettling asylum seekers in other countries was not in tune with modern-day globalized society.
''Anything where people are sent into camps makes me nervous, the whole mentality of anti-immigration really seems to me like an old-fashioned one and not in tune with a progressive, globalised times,” Brand said in a pre-recorded video message.“Australia think it’s a quiz show.Australians why are there even White people in Australia? How did White people get to Australia?”

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>How did white people get to Australia?
We invaded and took over, for the general betterment of everyone involved

Now fuck off, we're full

>deep thoughts from a drug addict


"lol how did black people get to america guys im so deep"

What a retarded ugly faggot this guy is.

What is a guly heeb doing in europe?
Tell him to go back to israel.

hes a fabian and a shill.
sage % ignore all RB threads

Fucking jews and their subversion tactics with loudmouthed liberal millionaire comedians.
>"why are there even white people in australia? how did white people get to Australia?"
what fucking relevance does this rhetorical question hold? What point is he trying to make? How does his drug fried rotted brain even process information?

Hah. It's always a shitshow when their over-inflated ego and sense of self-importance from being a comedian makes them actually believe people are interested in them and what they have to say and/or think.


What the fucks montenegro?

Anyways this cunts fucked, drug addict and all.

Holy shit do these people still not get how imperialism works, holy fuck




This can't be real...

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Looks like he's had a fucking sex change.

>How did white people get into Australia
Seriously? Does he not realise that his fucking country sent a bunch of whities here?
We learnt the lesson of immigration disrupting locals so we aren't going to repeat history.

This, say it loud and in their faces.

> there is an economically... this man is funded *mumble mumble*
Holy fuck what evidence did he just give, or was he strawman as fuck. Jesus christ.
Farage gave generalizations sure, but at least they were fucking CONNECTED to the issue
> Nigel returns back to the question, Brand fucking says "WE NEED MORE GIBS FOR PUBLIC RESOURCES"

no wonder he became an addict dicklet
> tfw

please tell me this cuck does ''comedy'' tours? Id like to throw a bottle at him

when we dont send these fuckers back more and more keep trying to come and end up drowning at sea, it's less ethical to let them in than it is to send them away.
also im pretty sure abdul and his friends on naru can leave back to their home country when they want.
also its fun to think how shitty australia would be without whites

That's why.

why can't a Muslim behead him and do something good for once

He is right though. Why should Australia, US, Canada, be white? That's retarded.

how is it possible to have a dick that small when you're not 350lbs+

>Attracts Katy Perry due to ZANY LIBERAL VALUES

>Repulses Katy Perry due to dicklet, which ties into to not being a man, which ties into liberal values.

The story of their generation. Is she huffing BBC now or what?


Russell Brand is an moran

Australians are you smarter than to listen to Jew with small cock???

shut your mouth mutt

Since when Celts are White?

Well this certainly explains a lot.

As I said, she worship the BBC.

A Fuckin Ranga Abo, I've now seen everything pmsl

Is that the same guy as OP? Lmao if it is, No wonder he is JUST

Him, John Oliver and Eddy Izzard should die in a fire



They are abos though. One drop rule


Also notice how he goes straight for the attack on Farage's character, and he's allowed and encouraged to do so because the audience backs him up with applause.

Now this should conform to FB and other such places nudity standards. Not a lot of paint needed.
Might be a good demoralizing image to propagate on made up pretenses.

russel wank a guy off in a toilet for a laff brand

fuck me my country has unleashed some colossal faggots on the world

they just say it to get special treatment and gubberment benefits

Can you make it smaller? You should need more than 2x2 pixels.

>That fucking ranga

>took over
Not correct terms for a continent that was terra nullius. The abbos were part of the flora and fauna and had nothing to do with anything until they moved out of the wilderness because humans gave them food.


>White people move to a Brown country and better society as a whole
This is wrong.
>Brown people move to White country and fuck everything up as a whole
You're a racist Islamaphobic bigot if you don't want this.

Why are leftists all like this?

There are not adequate words to describe how much of a faggot he is. Girls creaming themselves over some cunt pushing forty with the half formed ideas of an eighteen year old.
Proof again that fake confidence and flashyness will con enough people into getting you what you want.

It's not the Australians fault that the Brits forced half of Ireland into a deadly hellhole
How the fuck do Brits have the audacity to criticise Australians for living in Australia when the Brits forced the ancestors of the Australians to live there???!!!!

fuck this cunt. We have immigration, legal immigration. If someone tries to row here, they can fuck right off.

Good for them. Later would be easier to sterilise them. Saving money on a nation wide dna test. If you have abo ancestors - you can't be White

>an moran

Correct. We turned up and attempted to domesticate the local fauna. Unfortunately we are a drunk and lazy lot, so half-arsed the training and now they can't even sit for a treat.

There isn't a single thing I feel I understand or get about Russell.

>I don't get his humor
>I don't see what he has to do with politics
>I don't understand what women see in him
>I don't understand what he talks about, mostly
>I don't understand how it's possible to have that tiny benis
>I don't understand how he's Britbong at the same time looking so foreign
>I don't get what the hell he has to do with anything, in general

What is he, Sup Forums?

He went to school with some people who later became influential in british media. That's it, I think.

RBrand is a cunt. Why are you contaminating the world of Sup Forums with this cunt. Take him to twitter where he belongs.

>>I don't understand how it's possible to have that tiny benis

Come on.

"Celebrities" only support Open Borders because a Larger Population means more "Fans".

And when those " Fans" are all sporting sub-90 IQ scores, they are going to be more likely to support these "Celebrities" garbage.

Its nothing more than trying to increase the audience, while simultaneously lower the collective IQ.

Celebrity worship is the lowest common denominator of human behavior.

It's a tool for subversive assholes to train weak minds to not only accept and embrace, but worship the idea of living in a top-down society.

So the people who went to school with write articles as a joke or out of spite, is that it?

In the context of how he's been having the sex addict thing going on, and how women seem to be sexually attracted to him. Women talk about our benis size, right?

Women like him because he is a woman

>Rare flags

Or perhaps these celebrities are after something that doesn't directly benefit them. Is that a new concept to you?

You think the aborigines are better off after we took over???

All monkeys should be deported

>Australians why are there even White people in Australia?

If you even suggest this then we can ask why are there even brown people in Europe.

The left like to pretend that life isn't war and that it is all a disney movie. Do you think the animals liked the aborigines when they first came to the country and started eating them? Should the first ever humans own all the land and nobody after should be allowed? Do apes actually own the land? Everything in life is a war.

This guy is a drug addict with an absolutely fried brain from all his past use...no wonder the left sucks his dick.



>What are white people doing in Australia?
What is Russell Brand doing on my planet?

They're better off not being French or even worse, German. Their conquest was inevi ineviab , most likely.

Fuck off junkie shitlord, we're full.

word. Our legal immigration is for fresh off the boat gooks and jungle asians that married creepy white men.

I saved this girl from being murdered once and have been raping her every night since. She would have been dead without me so it is OK.

Honestly he's out in the cold. he's got shrinkage.

we keep what we kill, alot of effort to do what we did.

Who cares? They should be exterminated. Those who carry their genes sterilised and deported to SEA

No, a better analogy would be, we had sex with this girl, found out she was retarded and looked after her ever since because we felt like cunts. Lucky the French kid we know didn't find her as he has no conscience like that, Christ knows what Hans would have done to the poor girl, they have a bad record of burning retards.

The best analogy is that life is competition and liberals who talk about how whites should commit suicide without killing themselves are full of shit and even more infuriatingly are actually pushing things to a point where mass violence will be inevitable.

Also fuck aborigines.

>90% of aborigines die from disease

Imagine if some Europoors had just traded with the abos without conquering them. You'd probably have them all die out, since europoors that became australians tried to prevent the mass death from disease once they realized abos were dropping like flies.

> defending your own people in 2017

Reminder that "anti-capitalist" Russell Brand lives in a £3m house (that he added a £1m swimming pool to) in a neighbourhood that couldn't be further removed from his multicultural ideals.

what even is this twat?

is he white? no he is clearly not white

is he jew? is he mudskin?

what are you russell brand?

russell brand go home.

I don't care, I am just questioning the sanity of someone who thinks aborigines are better off these days.

I wouldn't call aborigines "looked after". They are in a terrible state. Your analogue is therefore just wrong and mine is still correct.

Based on these arguments, the right-wing is just as fucking retarded as the left-wing...

theyre talking about two different things, and they are both right
money in concentrated greatly in britain, and although immigration hits the working class the hardest, its the elites that are pro immigration

The better question is: What is this paki doing in UK ?

Fickin' rare

I don't even see the aboriginal.
All I see is blonde.... brunette... redhead....

What are noneuropeans doing in Europe??

I wonder if he'll accept the same logic for Europe

Haha poor abos not being 'looked after', who gives a fuck. They can't do shit and are just as useless and incapable now as they were when James Cook rocked up.
Maybe we should give them more money hurr durr that seems to be working really well for us and them

This guy genuinley used to be funny.
Tfw you liked him better as a smack head

I don't give a fuck. I am just bring truth back to these retarded arguments pretending we made aborigines lives better.

They aren't trying to fix their current situation, why the fuck should anyone care?

What do you think the fucking dunecoons did before we showed up? I'll give you a hint, it invoves rape and tribal warfare, combined with no agricultural works and dying at 40

Now they get subsidised, housing, food, bills, job opportunities, scholarships and extra dole for all their grog they go through.
Oh, and they die at 68 now, thanks to MAJORITY WHITE medical professionals.

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