French Women

>French Women
>These things make up half the population

Le Pen won't win

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They don't though. You almost never see interracial couples over here, and if you do, it's a land whale or crazy person.

It's written in English user...

Literally every semi-attractive French girl has a black boyfriend.


40% of French people speak english as a second language user

the other 60% is niggers who speak nigger


Jesus Wept.

Photoshop. The original says the all blacks, i.e. The NZ rugby team for Americans.

Where did you get that idea?

>implying anyone from France would write a sign in English

Jesus this stupidity hurts my brain

Most I see are French guys with Arab girls, or Black guys with Arab girls. A few Asian girls with French guys. But that's pretty much it, I see other pairings but extremely rarely. And I live in Paris.

Considering black men are 1,5% to at most 2,5% of the population, I'm not sure if you're implying all of our women are ugly, or that these guys really get around.

>be me
>a helpess cuck who invisions a world of black bulls and submissive white women
>reality is nothing like my fantasy
>go to France for a few months
>work at football stadium
>subvert French peoples by writing out signs that promote my utopia.
>give signs to non english speaking French girls
>go to the toilet

The eternal anglo strikes again


Certainly not my experience of France. I was there for a month last summer and it seemed like almost every attractive white girl was with a black guy. Obviously that's not the case, but it was certainly very common

Is this real... please tell me it isn't.

I lived in France for 3 years, the meme is true. French girls LOVE black cock.

The arabs pretty much hate us though, but the white/blonde french cuties are total sluts for a fat nig spear.

Prove that you are not a proxyfag.

It's photoshop of "all blacks", which is the New Zealand Rugby team, it's taken at a rugby game. I've seen th pic before but I can't find it through google.

lol, you have no idea of the level in foreign language here. At best only bi-national people have a "second language", and guess what, it's rarely English. Other than that 90% of people only speak French, or can say "hello, i love you" things like that.

Prove that you are black

OP is an Australian Arab proxyfagging ITT.

What a fucking loser

France is so highly cucked. It's awful. I also have friends with russian origin they hate Putin and every friends I have believe that Lepen will destroy that country. Teachers here was CRYNG because of trump's election. This country is too damm cuck it breaks my heart.

Look at flag, mohammed.

I'm not op, you fucknugget. Just telling you if you're tall, fit and black in France, you will get laid daily by hot white sluts. It's all bullshit, and they will NEVER want a serious long term relationship with you, but they ALL want a black boyfriend in their early 20's in uni, to virtue signal and show how progressive they are.

Plus, most of them are complete kinkgoddesses in the sack, love to be humiliated and submissive, and for aome reason, the black cock is perfect for that.

Anyways, just telling you about my experience in France, 2011-2014, based in Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux.

Take it or leave it.

>it's another "Sup Forums falls for an old fake image" episode

Your flag doesn't prove shit. Post a picture of your arm with a time stamp.

>People deliberately searching for black men will be into black men
Colour me surprised.

Why are there cucks photoshopping every single pic into a cuck meme?

You're getting the minority of girls there that are into that kind of thing. You get with a couple of them and you think it's all of them. Same thing happens everywhere, like how whites are in south korea and japan.

It's obviously a cuck with a proxy. Black guys don't say shit like "the black cock is perfect for that", nor do they shit like "virtue signal and show how progressive they are". Classic cuck fantasy talk. Black people don't talk like this, especially not the ones that actually get laid.

Nice brah

Nah i'm good jamal. I don't have to do shit for the old colonial master-turned-islamoslave. Fuck off.

I don't think you guys understand....

I lived there for 3 years, and i'm not talking about two or three girls. I'm tnot even talking about a dozen, or thirty....

France was a constant fuckfest for me, and that's not even counting all the chicks i turned down.

Plus, the bonus is that they have such low exprctations of you as a human being that you can treat them like shit and they just consider it normal.

I must have fucked over 200 girls in those 3 years, maybe even more, and 99% were pure white native french.

I was in unifersity settings, amd with money, so that does help, but still.... white french girls LOVE black cock.

Never understood how some woman can think like this. Their whole family is white, this is simply treachery to their own kind. Don't they like how their kin looks like?
Plus white people have great facial structures and are a very unique kind of people (globally speaking) with so many hair and eye colours to create all kinds of contrasts.

>Anglo harlots


Fucktard, I'm Ghanaian-American, spent my early life in the US. I did my master's in France.

Not every black man ooga-boogas you filthy basement dwelling faggot.

Equally disgusting and traitorous.

Don't you fucking hyphenate my country onto yours. You're either American or you're not, and that flag says NOT.


>Population of sixty-six million
>Fucking some university girls
Nigger you just don't get it. These girls will fuck anything with a penis attached to it. You're practically at the educational equivalent of a brothel. Every guy in university atleast gets a ton of puss puss if he doesn't have conservative standards.

Yeah because you're a cuck LARPing and not actually black, or from Ghana.

And I know that you once made a thread with an American IP where you said "Stacy" cheated on "Chad" with "Tyrone" or some shit, and when I called you out on your bullshit you called me "islamoslave" "Mohammad" etc. Same cuck, different IP.

How pathetic. Genuinely consider euthanasia.

Even if that turned out to be true, 200 on a university campus is still a tiny fraction

My US passport says otherwise spunkbreath.

I'm a ghanaian, who takes advantage of the last few good things a declining US can give out.

I hate america profoundly.

Because you are being baited by a photoshop

Why are you responding seriously to an obvious LARP?

Perhaps, but we ghanaians tend to flock together quite a bit, especially in countries where we are not native speakers. It was the same for all of us.

Anyways, i'm telling you the impression a real african had fucking french sluts in their own country. Take it or leave it, defend it however you want.

I know french girls love black cock, again, just for random fucking, not for serious relationships.

All your wives will end up cucking you with black bulls.

I have no fucking idea what you're talking about.

Also write something in French. If you spent 3 years there you should be fairly fluent, France doesn't run university programs in English. fuck voccaroo yourself saying something in French. Then post a time stamp proving your black.

I'm aware, I'm just argumentetive and like to see how far they can go with it.


This misogynist patriarch thread is now under assault by Antifa. We will gun you down in public racist fascist nazi deplorable homophobic misogynist islamaphobic patriarchal anti-semitic frogs.

You have been warned!

OP Here. Pic was photoshop.
This whole thread is a good KEK in my books. Many (You)'s

You could say the same about all asian girls in response to white men. Fetishists will seek our other fetishists. I'm actually starting to believe you might be a nigger since you can't into basic correlation.

Je parle francais assez couramment, oui. J'ai un gros accent, mais je comprends tres bien et je me fais comprendre sans trop de problemes.

Fuck you dipshit, France has plenty of english business programs with some classes in french to learn.

I'm not going to do shit all for you. I stated my facts, if you choose to play the ostrich, then do it. I don't care if i convince you or not.

these hoes do not represent french women

>blacks are only 3% of France's population

So Arabs are over 10% then? 30% of children born in France are non-European, either your non-European population is large or you're getting massively outbred.

BBC or gtfo

We'll I'm not French so I can't comment on whether that's decent or not. Post a pic of your arm with a time stamp. It's fucking easy, I don't believe you don't have a smartphone. It's amuch effort as making a post on Sup Forums is.

Seriously, your obviously some fetish faggot. You really, truly, honestly need to consider killing yourself.

>Anecdotal experiences
You REALLY are a dumb nigger.

it really isn't surprising, even if he hasn't many blacks will have. The french are notoriously promiscuous, a family relative moved out there with his family and since has had 2 wives and umpteen affairs. Brits aren't used to women being thrown at them and sex being a casual thing.


>Liberté, égalité, fraternité

Literal Nation built only for just being faggot

>claim to be black
>refuse to post proof

What is the point of this thread exactly?

Most of them are with sound unfortunately. Fucking Sup Forums and it's audio limitations.

Ofc i have a smartphone, but i'm not going to make the effort of finding this thread on my cell. I don't give a shit about you.

Why are you so mad? Because i spent three years fucking every white slut i could?

If it makes you feel any better, you can come to ghana and do the opposite. It works just as well, unfortunately.

Although our girls love your money, not your cocks...

>that Jaw line

Photoshop is hard.

>half the population
>literally 3

French speaker Belgian here (Wallon, but it doesn't mean anything nowadays)

Trust me, you don't know what does "cuck nation" mean if you're not part of France/"French Belgium".

At this point i'm rather happy to know that my people is going to disappear, spreading all thos sub-humans genes would have been awful for the mankind's fate.


Finding a thread is as easy as going on Sup Forums then searching the catalog. Way less effort then responding to me whilst roleplaying like 6 times.

stfu you ignorant twat
I rarely ever see interracial couples, at least here in the south

You LARPing white nigger. I know Ghanaian niggers and you are not one.

Hey look the nigger's mad and has gone into defense.

>T-They just want your money!

You know what's ironic mister baiter? No-one's denying that people have fetishes and will fuck other races. They're just saying you've got the brain of an ape, trying to put two pieces of the puzzle together when they don't match.

You fucking britcucks.

Keep grasping at straws and justifying your denial in any way possible.

I'll keep fucking white women.

Here in ghana i've fucked several MARRIED white women. Married to white ngo cucks usually.

All your women are sluts.

This. I'm from Ethiopia and I'm waiting to finish school to move back

The african-american infestation is your problem america

Probably /r/asianmasculinity. Why do you think all the cuck shit comes from Australia, Canada and the USA? All have large populations of chinks.


This is why Le Pen will not win.

Check me.

Just stop LARP user, you are embarrassing yourself. But as said before you should genuinely consider suicide as your next step in life.

meant for

France do and, to be honest, his french is good enough.

Or maybe i'll just continue living the high life in west africa fucking white sluts.

Remember when the french lynched and shaved the heads of french woman who slept with the germans?

so what happened you guys?

Very simplistic though, even I understood what he wrote. He should vocaroo himself if he wants to prove it.

That wasn't BBC. Things are different now

>You almost never see interracial couples over here

Where are you living? Mom basement?

the reason french women won't vote for her is that she has weird policy about women's rights

kuua mwenyewe?

What is this? These filthy bitchies BURN THEM! SHAME!

A huge number of women voted for Trump here in the states. There is a large "silent majority" of older, more traditional women that are waiting to cast their vote.

>implying women are a group

Fucking lol. Are you a bitter Asian user? Indian? Or just a white guy that likes cuckold porn?

What. Get out of the basement

The main reason is that women are more likely to follows the narrative and the general trend.

Tomorrow, white countries could be nazi, they would turn nazi. The day after tomorrow, it could be communist, they would turn communist.

The majority of women are not like men, they don't want to fight, they want to follow.

Gimme that UNGA BONGA white ass

>NEVER want a serious long term relationship with you
Why though? If you're going out with someone you do it because you love them right? even if just a little.

Or is the Sup Forums meme about white degeneracy really true and girls are sluts there?

maybe maybe, I don't know... im a woman & I don't vote bcz all candidates are fucking dumb asses that don't even plan to change anything... be realistic mate marine won't help us for actual issues

Seems odd they would write the sign in english

Because it's at an All blacks rugby match and the sign is shopped.

I see single women with mutt child everyday.


Want to fuck?

Half of them are probably mine.

bad shop

let it slide

i dont fuck with niggas