What does pol think

what does pol think about reddit?

is it true 90% of this board is from reddit? i wont get mad at you if you are, just say you are.

if you are too scared to post here just answer this strawpoll instead

Legitimately hate every goddamn cancerous last one of those circlejerking nignog-dick-sucking libtard brainwashed drone faggotfuck jewbag fucking retards

but alot of them apparently browse Sup Forums are you sure you're not one of them?

you 100% certain you didnt come from r/the_donald?

Nah man I got cerclejerk gangbanged a while back a bunch of times for not buying into their groupthink you know how irrationally emotional and aggressive the mindless sheep get when you threaten what their underqualified teachers told them through a curriculum designed to push their puppetmasters' agendas, I sometimes lurk for pics or news but have no respect for them

ah i get ya. well thats alright then, even i browse ir for news sometimes, but not for much else

Majority are fag cucks. The Donald is alright, but the rest is cancer except juicy asians.

fuck this cancerous pit of shit and its inhabitans.

I'll be honest I was a redditfag before summer 2016. Switched to Sup Forums, because it became completely unbearable.

I first browsed Sup Forums maybe like 5-6 years ago, then found reddit, the formatting is a little easier to work with. after realizing how everyone there is an effeminate faggot and talks like someone who's never been laid, I unsubscribed from most defaults, added car, gun, music, etc subs, and the donald. I hate the site but it makes things easier.

the only time i went on reddit was to submit my draw muhammed entry after charlie hebdo.

how come you came to Sup Forums? how do you feel?
ould you dub yourself a "Reddit refugee"?

but this means you'd browse it and hold an alright view on some of the subs?

whats more preferable of the formatting? Sup Forums has a decent system going for it desu, why is reddit's better?
if Sup Forums had a similar system would you stop using reddit?

sounds good senpai :D

i get ya there, how do you feel that some people form there browse this board though?

i pity them but that's their choice.

>almost 50% redditards

>if you really want to know

What do you mean "from reddit"? I've been on Sup Forums since 07 and stopped using it during 09 when it got cancerous and homosexual.
I was on Reddit from 2010 to 2015 and watched it slowly decline in content and diversity of thought.
Somewhere along the way Sup Forums became an anti-degeneracy meme machine, it was nice not to have to scroll through trap pix and other pornographic bullshit.
2016 and onward Reddit has gone full-blown cult mode and is now hyper-political. Every fucking comment chain has some pompous jokester who thinks hes the first person to act smug and talk about trump's hands.
It is overwhelmingly unoriginal.
As for Sup Forums specifically.
2016 was amazing for/pol/. I'm so glad I found this place while the political climate of America changing. Yeah I came from /r/the_donald during the primaries. I kept my mouth shut and lurked for weeks before posting. I truly hated reddit but would find myself visiting it everyday and constantly refreshing the homepage. I knew there was nothing truly interesting about the site just a bunch of random facts to distract me. But discovering Sup Forums, It was like breathing air after being underwater for ages. It felt so fucking good to see other people who reject modern liberalism.
2017?It seems like memes and general creative energy is declining. I've noticed that pepe is hardly posted at all compared to pre-election posting. Less new content in general. How long until normies ruin a good thing? The memes are a-changing. At least Trump' s in charge now. We'll see where things go.

I browse the syriancivilwar reddit myself, it has some good information on it. If you can look past ypg-got-allepo. Thats a fucking cuck.

>Not mentioning the MDE sub


i came from krautchan

it became overfilled with leftys and propaganda also stupid jokes

>Legitimately hate every goddamn cancerous last one of those circlejerking nignog-dick-sucking libtard brainwashed drone faggotfuck jewbag fucking retards

that'd fall under the Used to brose reddit category, meaning you'd be one of the many reddit refugees that came over during the primaries, nothing wrong with that though, its all good.
i understand the sentiment though, i used to browse reddit myself and also came over as a refugee to Sup Forums this site has been a real eye opener for me, free speech is a very powerful force indeed.

some subreddits are alright desu, theyre great for getting news and various other sources to use in just about anything.

i usually browse subreddits that help with work, like /r/engineeringstudents and the like, just for general help and guidance.

so hardly anything political or even memey

Go back there and take this thread with you

I love the redpilled parts of reddit not the libtard SJW parts. Any other CENTIPEDES here? XDDDD It's really high energy over at r/the_donald come join us to PRAISE KEK XDDDDD.



Never go on. Maybe once every couple months I'll browse with my normie buddy.

And when it comes to porn, I'd say tumblr beats Sup Forums and Reddit.

do you get off making these posts? Fk me, you are one fucking retarded burger.

They're fucking retards and it's so easy to spot them here.
>Bog CTR rundown e-celeb bullshit Shariablue Based Milo Nigger in Maga hat xD
I wish they would fuck off.

I literally open up Sup Forums in one tab and /r/politics in another and copy paste articles. I do this at least 5 times a day. Sup Forums is my toilet.

Yes. I'm not a faggot Euroserf, so I'm down with defending things I care about.

T_D was fine before the election and was a decent way to get news, but now it's a pointless circlejerk full of "GIVE ME 10000 UPVOTES FOR THIS PICTURE OF A FLAG" or screenshots of text convos ending with "See you on the top of the_donald". Good source of grassroots enthusiasm I guess, but not worth much else for the moment. DESU the most useful thing might be if the admins wound up shutting it down in an act of blatant censorship that ruined the entire site's reputation.

Rest of reddit is absolute cancer, especially anything remotely political. Rarely go to vidya-related subs for current events or when google fails me on something.

>namefag American posting unfunny trump memes and calling everyone a shill
Can you be anymore reddit?

I do that sometimes but with r/books and /lit/.

if u go on reddit for anything opinionated then gtfo, its circlejerk oneway or the other. only use for humorous/interesting content not political or 'factual' as its always people pushing agendas

>be me in college (uni for you euro-fags) 2007
>find about 4chins and see /b when looking for porn
>"hrr drr rate my cock" "gore "taps" galore.
>witness many good raids such as these hits: Pools Closed, NYC Card Stand, Times Person of the Year, Cut4Bieber, Dusty the Cat, Rick Rolling, Dun Goofed Cyber Police, iPhone microwave charging.
>actually swap an email or two with m00t as we have some stuff in common.
>graduate uni get real job, get busy with wife and kids.
>browse Sup Forums and reddit

Fuck you if you don't like me. I'm an ancient fag and I make the goddamn rules around here you silly summerfags. And no, I will not take your stupid fucking survey.


I used and still use reddit. I came to /fit/ when r/fitness became too "everyone is special" and "well done bro you did a pull up here is 3000 upvotes".

I left the main boards when people constantly posted the same virtue signalling bullshit, like "reminder that not all Muslims are terrorists and they are the victims".

I started lurking pol about 6 months before the brexit referendum. I came here from /fit/ with the fph and sjw hate threads and Sup Forums with the "diversity in media" red pill.

By the time brexit was voted I was fully red pilled. I now only use specific/niche subreddits for certain games, etc.

I found the Donald before pol. Never posted on it , infact, I didn't like how anti racist and pro gay it is. I thought to myself fuck I wish there was a site people can be racist openly, then I remembered all my years on Sup Forums and came here, rest is history

>Very low energy autistic screeching

I thought UK still had some T left?

>talking in memes
>posting le ebin redditfrog
How do i upvote your posts?

I came from reddit about 6 months ago, i found /r/Sup Forums and laughed at all the edgy humor and memes. It seems there's a lot of redditors here too, which is good because at least that leaves room for civil conversation rather than feeling proud about calling eachother faggots.

> be me
> Be not larping
> assume it is reddit.com
> don't know what the url is

Fuck....I've honestly never even looked. Sounds like a bunch of faggots.

What's that, faggot?

I want you to listen very, very close.

> A


you stupid little cunt, that's how its always been. Why do redditards always feel superior to anyone?

Why do people hate us? To be honest r/politics/new has more "conservative" threads and i dont get banned for saying f!shBean.

Pic related had nothing to do with your bloodline.

Perseverance and intelligence required.


I think you'd fit in better if you moved up north to Canada where you belong

r/European refugee here. The sub got banned because we didn't want muslims raping our female population. We barely even mentioned the jews. Fucking faggots.

r/altright also recently got banned, with fucking every subreddit celebrating it. GET HATE SPEECH OFF OF OUR CAMPUS!!

Also I was on reddit for r/niggers long ago. Then came r/coontown which took its place, and got banned.

Fuck reddit.

>what does pol think of reddit?
Its garbage, its an echochamber of regressive kids that have no idea what theyre talking about. At least here you can sort the shitposters.

I came from /x/, oddly enough. Was gud before it went to "lets summon dick sucking succubi im lonely" threads. Then Chris Dorner became a thing and here we are.

Obviously you are from reddit if you're getting so defensive

Are you literally retarded?

I started on /k/ and I am for sure a mega-newfag to Sup Forums. Came around late 2015 I think when they started banning gun control threads and had everyone move those here. I don't know why I always lurked those at the time, but I guess it was fun reading the stories. Before that, I did genuinely shitpost here during Sup Forums harbor.

Reddits better than most sites

Why do people hate Reddit? You people are smug retards and are cringey and unfunny and take memes way too far. Most people there are the kind to hear a sentence on a situation or event and their minds are made up.

What's your point? Am I living a lie? Has Canada been to our south all along?

you get banned for saying blacks commit far more crime while paying far less into taxes, or simply noting that Jews run the media

Oh, toothpaste, relax! xD

Hahaha good shitpost australia! Funniest cunts on the board eh?

Read your own post, why are you so angry and autistic? Is there anything more pathetic than internet tribalism? Redditors don't do that.

Never went on reddit. I found Sup Forums first, Sup Forums taught me about the faggotry on reddit

used to be here around Boxxys time

/x/ wait, i didnt even know that was a board that existed, are, are these people like actually believing in summoning demons and stuff?

>i wont get mad at you if you are
I was scared for a second that some random island monkey gets mad if i state that i browse another website then this vietnamese card trading site.

Its easy to rushto conclusions when you're right all the time

So? Dont say that. I mean when you try to equate a complex issue to a white/black issue there is always going to be that one guy who has to be a racist, it just ruins discourse and isnt truthful. Banning is sometimes needed.

>Its easy to rushto conclusions when you're right all the time
So true, my kind Reddit sir. Us Redditors are so frkn epic. narwhal bacons. Can I have the quick rundown. Lmao x to the fucking D.

It's no wonder this website is so shit.
Do you think each one believes they're different from all the other redditfags?
I hardly even browse this site anymore because of them, yet they have their own place to go to as it is.
Fuck each and every one of you reddit fucking niggers.

Reddit is a paradise for beta cucks. It is so high estrogen that at any given time there will be a picture of a puppy or some shit on the front page. the_donald is fine though obviously.

Reddit is filled with subhuman scum. When Redditors find your community/hobby/fanbase, it signals the deathknell. I have never intentionally used Reddit and I never will.

I came here from reddit after the "police brutality" meme of 2014. I couldn't understand why nobody was criticizing the nignogs, and at the same time pushing all the blame on the "racist" cops. It pissed me off that no matter what actually happened, the american news networks were blatantly forcing the idea that race was a relevant factor in that retard getting shot, and it was all done to stir the pot for more views/clicks. Everyone I saw on reddit, in real life, etc. just accepted it as fact without even bothering to find out what happened for themselves. I came to pol late 2015, it felt great knowing I wasn't crazy for thinking like a normal human being.

Yeah I don't see constant black cock threads and beta ass women hating threads on reddit. You're the cucks.

Plenty of subs dedicated to women-hating. Although, many will obviously be banned as reddit has so much censorship.

Use reddit (very rarely) for some vidya related shit, other than that i am solely on Sup Forums


This. Sup Forums is just cucks and leftists being racist.

If you care about actual politics, dont like the black penis spam, and near constant racism -r/politics Sorted by new is far superior to this shithole. When sorted by new you still see all of the conservative stuff and first conservative comments.

There always subs for racism to if you are into that for some reason.

r/Sup Forums is arguably superior to this autism concentration zone.

all they do on r/Sup Forums is laugh at the autists here though, if all the autists go there there wont be anyone to laugh at.

According to the current votes, 38% of Sup Forums are reddit.

1 in every 2.5 posters are from reddit, disgusting. Kill yourselves.

/x/ was good back in the day, but then role-players and 'e-celebs' invaded. Now it's sit tier, there are shills that will fuck up any informative or interesting thread.
>Come from Reddit and want to bring Reddit with you

You are like refugees, at least you fit in it's already colored like shit.


Just think if any white woman came to this board, and they do, what would they think about these "white nationalists" that obsess about black cock and call eachother white boi? What would they think when they see even 1 of the 5 constant woman hate threads up? They would think you're all a bunch of fucking insecure faggots that get off on black men fucking them.

Yeah I use reddit. Mostly because it's easier to find specific topics/ more content than here. I mostly just come here for Sup Forums.

Wow, it's almost like there's a constant shill presence here keeping this board in a state of perpetual disarray. Then there's the cucks from Sup Forumsmblr, Sup Forumseogaf and /soc/jus who come here just to shitpost.

I've used both sites for a while,

Sup Forums on and off for close to 10 years,

Reddit on and off for the last 6.

200 votes in and Sup Forums is 41% reddit

i never expected this at all, i expected it to be closer to 1 or 2%

i have never been to reddit


Here's a good sum up of Reddit

This place was always shit but /r/the_donald put the nail on the fucking coffin. I hope every one of those fucking mega retards die a painful death.

Pic? I understand if you don't wanna post it if it's still up

Their pretty ridiculous now. Almost all their subs are pushing the anti trump agenda.

Remember to sage shill posts

Reddit is the beta male of the internet Sup Forums is the alpha

I fucking hate le_donald redditors. They've ruined Sup Forums with their fucking praise kek bullshit.

I go on reddit to browse a particular videogame general
If you faggots didn't talk so much about it I wouldn't even know its existence

This place had a steady decline for years now and the nail in the coffin was moot fucking it up and leaving it fucked up for like a month
This last year it was flooded by normies

What makes you so special faggot?



Here since '06, reddit since '13
it's really pretty good outside the default subs

its only good for niche fetish subs

Yeah, say what you will, but curated content with light moderation will always be the ideal medium for political discourse.

Look at all these newfags. I came from YTMND and I first saw of Sup Forums in action when they raid the Saimoe and made Suiseiseki win in year 2006 and they kept spamming Desu Desu Desu with their raids.

Then during 2008 the cancer were not redditards, tumblrinas, and 9faggers but gaiafags and ebaumsfags. Those were the days.

I left Sup Forums around 2011 because Sup Forums is infested with cancerious bronies and I stopped posting on internet forums all together.

Then I came back in 2013 seeing as how interesting Sup Forums is and I'm so glad I stayed here. I have to say Sup Forums has surpassed Sup Forums in so many ways.

The donald is absolute shit. It suffers many of the same inherent problems that the rest of reddit does. If you say anything slightly to the right of trump or something "offensive" you get banned. If you don't circlejerk and act like a hue faggot you won't get upvoted, so people constantly self censor themselves and change what they say. It's like prostitution except instead of money it's upvotes, and instead of sex it's acting like an insufferable faggot

t_d is great, its basically Sup Forums without all the nigger dicks, cuckoldry, and autists. 100% of your new memes are posted there.

I lurked 4channel before reddit existed, but yeah, I go to reddit pretty often.

That being said, great way to channel discussion and news about topics you like, like drones, cars and motorcycles. The downside is, you can only discuss with other redditors, who are retards or otherwise autistic - take for example motorcycles, a bunch of pussies who are against fun.

Good contents pop up every now and then.
So far I've been banned from
Especially proud of that^

Been a member for 5 and a half years, huh, time flies. But yeah, it's a leftist shithole.

"I found the bigot", "why are you so hateful?"

Cucked redditors respond to rage posts like they're Jesus Christ or some pius religious figure coming to save someone. the most annoying shit. FAGGGGGORY ON REDDIT IS COMMON PLACE. NIGGERVILLE