>had a girlfriend
>2.5 years
>A lot of girls wanted to fuck me
>Said no Everytime
>Got cheated on
>Broke up with GF
>Think that I will start getting laid every weekend now that im single right?
>Wrong, none of those girls who wanted to fuck want to even have a casual conversation with me
>Haven't had sex that I didn't pay for in 2 years.

Give me one good reason why I shouldn't take advantage of women's tendacies to one up each other and cheat next time Im in a relationship.

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>a person did a bad thing to me that i didn't like
>let me also do this bad thing to others!!!


>only hangs around girls that think cheating is ok
>actively seeking them out
>is surprised when his gf cheats on him

>dating a slut

>A lot of girls wanted to fuck me
>Said no Everytime
You deserve everything that happened to you. Maybe one day you'll learn to be a man.

t. Virgins

Do whatever the fuck you want, I don't care.

Sort yourself out

Not your blog fuck off
Sage and report

Sorry bro.
It happens. Been there a couple times.

But I found a good one now, over two years now going strong.

Don't cheat on women, be the better man. Be the better person.

Sort yourself out.

literally everyone cheats

you're fucking retarded for passing the chances

Women see you with a girlfriend. Or a wife. It tells them you have some sort of appeal. it shows you must have SOMETHING going on. Was your girlfriend hot? Women see that as a sign of you being worthwhile. Now that you're a single loser looking for hookup, well to women you've lost the allure. Now you're just some thirsty loser looking for a quick fuck
Despite what you hear, women dont want that.
Womem want a man who can commit, a relationship shows that. Though, its only the cover of what really goes on. Like the cheating, but thats just personal problems. Point is, look for a relationship and you'll succeed

>literally everyone cheats
Wow no wonder fingolians drink so much

Dont date whores next time

Did she have tattoos?
Over 50 likes on pictures?
Shared her nudes way too early?
Has gone out with over 5 guys before you?
Parties every weekend and likes to drink?

And the list goes on, that's what you get for settling with a cheapie

they wanted to fuck you more because you showed status already being taken

kill your ex

>Haven't had sex that I didn't pay for in 2 years.
>Give me one good reason why I shouldn't take advantage of women's tendacies to one up each other and cheat next time Im in a relationship.

You will never have another relationship because you are ugly, smell, poor, etc.

>Give me one good reason why I shouldn't take advantage of women's tendacies to one up each other and cheat next time Im in a relationship.

You'll be the dumb women that were only interested when you were forbidden fruit?

But hey, I'd give zero fucks in your place too.

Having female friends while in a relationship.
Allowing girlfriend to have ''male friends'' while in a relationship.

Yall know what that male friend is up to, next time just get him one and one and tell him to fuck off.

I'm in a similar spot been dating for years. I kinda wished shed cheat so I could fuck another girl. It's been years man. I dunno why my body wants another girl but it definitely does. Do other men get tired of their gf after a significant period of time? What do you do when your trying to stay faithful but you lust after other women? Help I'm trying to sort myself out.


then the male friends tells your girlfriend about it

God, you are pathetic. No wonder Korean women rather marry chinks than you spineless cowards.

You can't fix the world alone user, do what you want


That ugly chink in the background ruins the photo.

Get a hobby, revitalise your sex life with her, think about having children.

And if she has a problem with it, she's not worth your time.

t. faggot that had to learn the hard way

Then she can deal with it or leave you.

Unless they are in a relationship with another girl, why would a single bloke want to hang around a chick?

>Give me one good reason why I shouldn't post blog shit on Sup Forums

Pics of your Ex? OP?

Save some money and create yourself a girlfriend on normiebook. Cheat on her.

t. cuck bitch

This man knows.

>not noticing the hot Hillary Clinton

Sorry you were betrayed, friend. It's not "cheated on", you were betrayed.

Ideally, "the" girl you are with will have your back, no matter what.

Would you betray your friend? If you were single would you fuck his girlfriend?

If you answered no, you have some honour. Your girlfriend doesn't, she's a piece of shit. You, who if you are in a relationship with, objectively were supposed to be her "best friend" she betrayed.

Don't trouble yourself with disloyal people, who are pieces of shit. Be happy you didn't have kids with her or something.

That's why it's always good to have some sort of tests (set at your own criteria) as with loyalty.

Anglo women, do , however, seem horrendous at this, almost to the extent they are entitled to it.

yeah i learned the hard way too. i got the whole
>blah blah controlling being jealous
that just made me want to cheat. dumped her after

yeah it's easy to get bored when you can spend so much time looking at what you're missing out on on the internet/through your dark lens shades. the longest relationship I had was 3 years and my gf cheated on me. it was upsetting at first, then a huge relief

>none of those girls who wanted to fuck want to even have a casual conversation with me
so youre delusional

just redpill your gf and never have to deal with this shit. My gf is filled with so much hatred now that she can barely tolerate being around normies and doing normie things.

Make them your Sex slaves.

sorry your society sucs when it come to girls.
>girls own boys by vaginas and decideshis social values.
The Vaginal Jew

What redpill though

Women only hit on me when I'm in a relationship, horrible creatures.

I agreed with this. Until you said Anglo women. It's modern Anglo women.

is it wrong to not trust potential relationship material if they have a lot of dude friends?

>girls hit on op who is in a relationship
>Women want a man who can commit, a relationship shows that
pick one

The only male friends i can deal with are the ones who have been around since they were young, and they have a girlfriend of there own.

Literally the only reason a single bloke hangs around women is to fuck, there is no other reason.

Make them your Sex slaves.

sorry your society sucs when it come to girls.
>girls own boys by vaginas and decideshis social values.
its not called The Vaginal Jew for nothing.

by allah they need to be lynched 80 times
Be a Bitch get Lynched.

Relationships are a social construct

>literally everyone cheats
That's what cheaters say to themselves to rationnalize how scummy they are, subhuman behavior.

>Give me one good reason why I shouldn't take advantage of women's tendacies to one up each other and cheat next time Im in a relationship.
Because you will build a shit relationship that will ultimately sink because of these lies, it's the equivalent of building a house and voluntarily smash the foundations at every opportunity.

It is perfectly normal. Guys are supposed to have sex with more than one girl. You can often get the girls friend to have sex with you together. Girls are all bisexual. The world presented by Christianity and disney movies and so on is really quite removed from nature.

lel I had the same problem

>be beta virgin
>finally get laid to some drunk slut at 18
>suddenly get gf
>suddenly have all these other girls interested but I cant do anything
>break up 4 years later
>dont have sex again for 18 months

Now im seeing 3 girls at once and I am genuinely having a hard time deciding between them.

What a sad, sad little man you are. I hope you find peace.
Then kys

should probably kill yourself Tbh

Because you won't be able to. That's not how your brain works.

For simple minded men, all they can live for is pussy. Eventually you would have to get pretty good at making your livelihood, or else you'd be dead.

And since you're late to the game, and only wanna fuck women to fill the void, you've got no chance.

Jesus, why can't anyone live for themselves anymore? Why do you always feel that you're nothing without someone else? Are you?

>blah blah controlling being jealous
You see, my good famalam, that's what we call a shit-test. When they freak out about it, that's when you put your foot down and make it clear that you aren't going to deal with a bitch that's going to make you keep looking over your shoulder. Either they want you to assert yourself because they like the possessive attitude, or they find your jealousy off-putting and don't want to give up their opportunity to have men on the side -- in which case asserting yourself is just cutting your losses.

all of them

Just don't make a girlfriend out of a slut who has lots of male friends.

This is Sup Forums you dumbfuck not Sup Forums
Get your shit right

Just wear a simple wedding band. Women are even bigger cunts to each other and will fuck you to spite your "wife". Also they'll think they can blackmail you if they think you're married.

How long did it take you? and how deep in the pit are you yourself?

Because you only perceive them to be attracted to you when you're in a relationship

Sounds like a classic case of soul sucking. You asking these questions is proof enough that your ex domesticated you.

Women are fish dipped in honey and men are grizzly bears- The reason why your ex, and other girls were attracted to you was because you knew how to fish at the time. But after taking home that one fish 2.5 years ago, she would remind you "why do you need to go fish you already caught me" and you decided she was right subliminally, because society teaches you thats the thing you do despite your animal instincts(AKA domestication). Slowly you lost your ability to fish out of some horseshit "love" that only benefits her, and when she secured your position as a sap who cant fish, she got caught by a more alpha grizzly bear. And now you're left alone without any idea how to fish since the ability was taken from you.

Cheating and keeping it a secret only benefits the woman, men do it because they need to do it. A happy man is a happy relationship.

Never forget how to fish anons


Fucking disgusting degenerate.

Quads wills it

If the girl is blonde haired and blue eyed, it's actually pretty easy to start joking around about the Jews. Then add more truth overtime. Can't help you with other girls I'm with the blonde and blue.

It's so easy because everything bad about the Jews is true and everyone knows it. They just suppress it because (((they))) have been teaching us to do so.

cheaters are disgusting, especially when they have children

>Live in California
>Only 5 types of white girls below 30 who aren't fat exist

>Instagram glamour gold-digging bimbo with outrageous standards who does makeup tutorials and takes selfies with the dog mouth filter. Will cheat for a more glamorous life.

>AntiFa punk rock girl with a made up sexuality who believes in polynamorous relationships, claims to be genderfluid, pansexual, etc. Riddled with herpes and has a drug problem.

>Pastel or Tumblr-goth girl with extreme daddy issues (fuck you that's bad) and wants a daddy-dom/little girl kink lifestyle. Has depression, ADD, ADHD, anxiety, BPD, and is needy, meaning needy from her entire friend circle. Hypersexuality leads to cheating or being cucked.

>"geeky" gamer/cosplay/raver girl with short hair, and is a huge Bernie supporter. Has depression, anxiety, and doodles on Deviant Art in the dark. Loves you like mad, then disappears for no reason at all, probably because of peer pressure from her female friends taking advantage of her anxiety. Has a crazy obsession with playing OSU and Jin (singer)

>Hipster SJW girl like straight out of a pro-Trump YouTube video. Has that coffee shop look to her. Usually a college freshman and is ripe for indoctrination. Cried that Hillary lost. Cheats and claims that slut shaming is wrong.

We really need to gas the Jews.


Not a word of a lie. I found out about Patrice on Sup Forums, and spent a week binge watching/listening to him and started getting laid outside of a relationship for the first time.

He was innately gifted in red-pill female psychology.

hmm, a couple weeks for the holohoax and muslim redpill. But it was easier because she is a history major and her father adamantly hates muslims. Others took a couple months. Shes all caught up by now.

I havent dug myself in any pit, quite the contrary. Ive transformed her and molded her into the perfect woman. SHe values cooking and cleaning, trump and guns now.

damn sounds like me. i haven't been in a relationship in about 6 years thanks to soul sucking. i forgot how to fish and haven't been laid in 5

im close to the bottom of the pit desu, but i guess thats all up to perspective.

Lol who gives a fuck about a gfbf relationship. It's fake. Only marriage matters. You should have fucked those girls


nah california is just fucked

You just described all women anywhere.


Found the Pajeet. Newsflash, the rest of society still dates before marriage.

>Not "understanding" women.

When a woman sees you with another woman, she subconsciously wants to fuck you to have your babbys because she sees you as a provider and socially successful. It's an envy fuck she's after.

When you are single, you are lacking that what makes you attractive: Status.

Women would rather share a man than own a "loser" in their own eyes. It's biological programming from thousands of years of harems.

>All women.

All I described were white women who aren't old and fat.

You can find girls who aren't like that, but you'd either be settling with a fatty, a non-white, or an older woman, and let's face it, who wants any of that?

Gee, I wonder who's responsible for it.

Read this and get back in the game. When you talk your first bitch into cheating, you will suddenly realize just how despicable these creatures can be.

Good job on that. Society is really turning out great isn't it? Well done for being incredibly politically correct and a good goyim

Just know it depends on the girl and the relationship dynamic. It will go easier if she idolizes you.

Because your future girlfriend shouldn't be punished for the actions of your past girlfriend. If she's a god I girl who is loyal to you, you'll end up feeling like shit for cheating on her.

>Get into relationship with 6.5/10 girl.

>Another girl, a 9/10 bombshell that I'd always been attracted to, had just recently broken up with her boyfriend about a week prior. Suddenly she is trying to make an effort to spend more time around me.

>I turn her down and distance myself from the her because I was respectful and didn't want to make my girlfriend jealous.

>A couple weeks later the 9/10 finds a new boyfriend, she doesn't contact me again.

>A few years later my girlfriend cheats on me with a fucking nigger.

>Live with regret for the rest of my life for never fucking the 9/10 hottie.

Feels fucking bad man.

>Give me one good reason why I shouldn't take advantage of women's tendacies to one up each other and cheat next time Im in a relationship.
Because that would make you a woman and not a man.


>A lot of girls wanted to fuck me

Whk the hell beleives in the ads they see on kissanime?

>heres how to get women its really easy
>do everything, plan everything
>take all responsibility

This sounds just like my japanese animes.

How did you guys even find out about your gfs cheating?

>be the better man. Be the better person.

In other words, be a chump. I bet you'll have the same philosophy when your future wife divorce rapes your ass and you want to play fair.

Barbara Palvin

This is a politics board if you wanna complain about your miserble life go to Sup Forums fag.

What illuminati shit is this
Get the fuck off Sup Forums

>your gfs
good joke

Seen texts
Bitch was going through my phone on a regular basis so one day I did the same.

There is none.

Women like to know there man is the best he can be, the best way to prove that is to cycle through your lays.

Might be a deal breaker if you actually cheat, but she should always fear that you will. By all means, gas-light the fuck out of her and she'll only get more clinging over it.

Her "friend" will tell you