What does Sup Forums know about blood diamonds?

What does Sup Forums know about blood diamonds?

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Meme to make niggers somehow relevant

>blood diamonds

Everything from Africa is blood.

>Killing niggers
>Digging diamonds
Sounds great

They're a bullshit story set out to ensure the De Beers control of diamond production is easier kept.

"Oh they're not from OUR mines? Then they're unethical, dumb goyim"

The diamond trade is run by jews through the Diamond District in Tel Aviv.

Jews exploiting blacks to profit off whites selling overpriced rocks, what's new?

The jews sent the anglos for them here.

If you have diplomatic immunity you can make a shittone of money trafficking them. On a related note most poor African countries sell diplomat status for as low as 12000USD. Does Sup Forums want to become a diamond smuggling operation?

The best part is that DeBeers have a shit ton of diamonds but only sell few so the market value stays high.

can't make jewelry with out ((((jew))))

its amazing how much women eat that shit up though

All the companies selling blood diamonds were legit Jewish, look it up.

I know there's plenty of people who think the blood diamond thing is a terrible tragedy but then buy their drugs from cartels that cause even more misery.

Needs more blood.

Diamonds have no value. The fact that there are factories that can produce them should devalue their price. Certain groups through advertising and limited quantities have upped the prices in these carbon rocks. Bloody diamonds are a result of this price gouging and thus africans are fighting over these supposedly "valuable" rocks. Gold is a far superior meme. Take the gold pill. That shit has actual value. Take a helium pill too.

How would you guys feel about blood diamonds if they were LITERALLY made of black people? Like they put them in a big machine with a super dense field inside and it crushed and condensed them into diamonds

imo it would be romantic, imagine loving your best girl so much that you got her diamonds made of inferior people

Sounds like some MGSV shit right there.

you can actually make diamonds from ashes of cremated dead people

So what rock should we start putting on wedding rings?


>shiny rocks
>not rare in the slightest
>market supply kept artificially low by only releasing very few each year from massive stockpiles
>able to be synthesized in a laboratory now. not zircon but actual diamonds
i don't give a shit about diamonds and the retards who buy them

((who)) do you think profits from them?

Threadly reminder your fiance or your wife is BLACKED if you gave her a diamond ring.

>you cant make blood diamonds by compressing your blood with pencil graphite at several thousand degrees kelvin
>the blood will still ignite even in a low oxygen environment
>you will get burnt blood dust all over your workshop

As long as it's causing niggers to suffer I'm for it.

TI4Chan man

>implying diamonds have value ever since factories can make thousands of them every hour with machines

Diamonds are worthless. They are artificially expensive because fem-bandwagoning.

Lots of beautiful stones are far superior.

You're right, but it has nothing to do with Jews.

Not worth a lot, unless you control the import and export, and drive up the price.

Who controls diamonds...?



pol is always right

Kidney stones

It took me a while, but I finally found logic on this goddamn website.

>They are artificially expensive because fem-bandwagoning.
you forgot the fact that the diamond engagement ring is a complete fabrication by the jews. look it up. deBeers started this "tradition" with a marketing campaign in the 1930s and STRONG WYMYN fell for it and now these STRONG WYMYN now cannot think of anything except shiny rocks that are abhorrently expensive, serve no purpose whatsoever, and aren't rare or precious at all.




Bru bru bru bru bru bru bru

>having a wife, fiance, gf, or even love interest
good goyim

Why do people even like diamonds?

I understand things like rubies, emeralds and sapphires because they have a nice colour. Diamonds are just clear rocks though. What's the big deal?

whatever rock you two like the look of.
'diamonds are forever' is literally a meme spread to artificially increase the value of diamonds.

>burnt blood dust

Women like them and make men pay money for them

they are somewhat like gold gems in respect to being a rare mineral that that entered into trade.
but like people in this thread have pointed out its all just marketing for why anybody would give a shit these days

...It's like one of my Japanese video games...

They're one of the only contributions modern Africa has to offer.

they have are uniquely shiny, having a very high refractive index
in essence they are no different from any gemstone. they are all overpriced by about 10000%

Why wouldn't a simple gold band do?

they get gollywogs killeded

Reminder that diamonds are literally worthless and the supply is artificially scarce so they can charge you more.
There was a massive campaign by diamond sellers to get people to buy them when they get married/engaged.
Don't buy them.


I think it is all a ploy by debeers to keep their monopoly. If Africans mined and openly sold diamonds debeers would loose a portion of its monopoly, or the market could get flooded and drop prices to what they should be. But fuck africa so I don't care either way. I believe they need colonialism to survive. They also need sterilization. Bill Gates is a monster for what he is doing and he will burn in hell for it, but I can not say he is wrong.

>take a photo of a dealer offering you pure meth
>m-muh blood diamonds !

Meh, I though they would be the color of blood. I am cheap skate anyway so I will just buy a synthetic diamond. The ol lady won't know the difference.

>blacks involved
>pure anything

wait a sec