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ever notice its the same twitter accounts constantly replying?

The dude that starts every tweet with YES! has to be a paid shill with bots


Haven't seen that woman (oh no sweetie) for some time, some guy named William is now top 10 replies constantly, pretty sure he gets paid.

Even normies know twitter is fucked

Why does there always have to be one dude to spaz the fuck out on each of his tweets?

Wheres Neil Turner?

>one dude

>Neil Turner
He's all grown up now

The shills are out in force

It's always bots using keywords related to what he posts and it normally comes out a little weird

Squashing or distorting the message is the only chance Dems have to survive. They know Trumps message is what America wants and they can't allow it to be heard or they're finished.

What's with the full stop before the @ in Jordan's tweets?

So his followers can see his tweet in their timeline

but he's right

twitter is pushing negative replies to the top of the page

especially long chained tweets by a group of about 40 accounts

Milo couldn't get a checkmark but Jordan Uhl does? Who the fuck is Jordan Uhl?

why is he watching that senior centre shit every fucking day?



some cuck "journalist"

What a loser.

what a cuck

I firmly believe that the twitter replies, in the long run, will be very counterproductive for them. Some of them couldn't even shut their stupid mouth when Trump tweeted about the London TERROR attack.

because the info he receives can't be distributed