Venetian nationalists, report in

Venetian nationalists, report in.

Invited: Italians, Greeks and Brazilians of Venetian diaspora/descent.
Guests: Padanian nationalists.
Tuscans get out.

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Tuscans are superiors, venetians are degenerate jews who blackmailed the 4th crusades to loot Constantinople, italian by blood, anglo in the spirit.

Garibaldi did nothing wrong

I am all in for Nothern Italy to seperate itself in some new countries, independent Sardinia, New Papal States and everything south Rome nuked into oblivion


Stop fooling yourself. You're a huehue monkey and always will be.

Is Florence a tourist trap like Venice?

Or do people actually still live and work there? Is it still a real city?

There are 21 millions venetian diaspora in southern Brazil, dummy, I even have my great grand parents documents from when they came in a steam boat and Italian citizenship.

Mantua reporting in

Welcome, friend. A lot of Lombardians in your region?

So you want to kill the nationalist and keep the commies?

Southern Italy are the nationalists?

Yes it's still real, Venice is a total trap

My family left 700 years ago

venetians are seaniggers

How far have you tracked down your lineage?

While they are a bunch of criminals they arent commies.
Choose your poison. Or just pray to the Vesuvio to wash Napoli with its overwhelming power.

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You didn't include us in the OP therefore I'll side with the terroni just for being contrarian.

I also forgot Venetian Serbians and Venetian Uruguayns. Forgive me, senpai.

Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany are full of commies.
Lombardy is also pretty bad.

That's pretty fucking impressive. I've only managed to track down mine about 400 years or so with internet and a couple of calls, since most of the documents are still in Vèneto in archives.


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>speaks of heritage

i thought only burgercocks were pathetic enough to boast about being 1/32rd Welsh but i see you machete swinging monkeys do it too.

it's been calculated that if southern italy was an indipendent country it would go bankrupt in less than a year

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>lives underwater with muslims
>there won't be any heritage to talk about soon
Your point?

21 million?!

He he he, I can let you use our boats, but you have to make a small detour first.

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better a few ragheads than abo cunts and niggers making up >50% of the population.

My country has a more prestigious and richer legacy than yours will ever have. stay upset, favella rat.

>implying I give a shit about this country's legacy
Why do you think I made this thread, swampnigger?



A lot of Venetians in Argentina and Uruguay as well. Same for Padanians like Lomberdians and some disgusting Tuscans.

because you have none and grasp at heritages that are probably already common to most Europeans. If you have to dig back 400 years you've really reached a low.

Stop myth building in your head about where your medieval ancestors are from. You probably have blood in you from every corner of Europe if you look that far back.

Learn to read, 400 years is how far I can track my entire family. The ancestors that came to this country came in between 1890 and 1910.

genetics > where you were born
Do you consider foreigners born in the netherlands dutch?

>Is Florence a tourist trap like Venice?
There are as many tourists but it's far less dense (Visiting Venice anywhere between April and September is pure waste of money) , it's close to Rome I would say, I remember that the queue for the Uffizi was never ending and you are kind of overhelmed by the number of things to see.

>Or do people actually still live and work there? Is it still a real city?
Yes, it's a city that doesn't entirely revolve around tourism however it is more located in the suburbs than in the center for obvious reasons.
It's not purely a museum.

I'm personnally a bigger fan of Siena and the countryside though.

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Very well then.

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Source? Didnt find any. News say that south catched up to north but i think that has more to do with North going into financial crisis than south growing.

>>Sup Forums

I would feel bad for Venetians living in a tourist trap being stuck with assholes thinking their city is just a museam if they werent such assholes themselves.

Sad that Venice has become so crowded with tourists that it's almost impossible to live there now. Without Venice, there would not have been a modern Europe.

Serenìsima Repùblica Vèneta will rise again.

>there would not have been a modern Europe

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Which means no USA either you stupid burger

You better not be a racemixed child. I personally know one and, even if he's a really cool guy, he'll hang or be deported on the DotR.

>Without the Frans, there wouldnt have been a modern Europe


"After two centuries of rule, the waning power of the Merovingian dynasty prompted Charles Martel (686-741), a native from Liège, to proclaime himself Duke of the Franks and was in all but name de facto ruler of the Frankish Realms.

In 732, he routed the invading Islamic Moorish armies of the Umayyad Caliphate at the Battle of Poitiers (also known as the Battle of Tours), thus saving Europe from Islamisation. This is one of the most important achievements of the Franks in the history of Europe up to this day. Without Charles Martel, Europe, or at least Western Continental Europe, would have become part of the Muslim world, an event that would almost certainly have prevented the Renaissance from happening, and would consequently also have precluded the Great Voyages, the Colonisation, the Enlightenment, the Industrial Revolution, and everything that follows. Without Charles Martel, Europe might well have stagnated to the medieval period to this day. As a result, modern technologies wouldn't exist anywhere on Earth."

Can someone redpill pill on Venice? Is it true that they flush all their waste directly into the canals and that there is a constant stink in the city ? Are Venetians poo in the canal?

>there is a constant stink in the city

Yeah but Venice is cool because like boat roads dude

>Can someone redpill pill on Venice?
All you need to know.

I'm not.

No, that's not true at all. It's actually quite pleasant, but it looks like a ghost town in some parts. Besides that and the number of tourists, it's pretty good.

Sweet, something to watch to while eating lunch.

There is no smell, unless maybe after the Aqua Alta because of he mud and during the warmest day of summer but if you live in the countryside and are accustomed fertilizer odor it's nothing.
The city is pretty clean overall considering the number of tourists visiting it everyday.

Yes Venice stinks. The entire city smells like sulphur.

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Good stuff, especially the solution to salt water in the bricks part. Truly a one of a kind city.

We will never side with the despoiler of the city of constantine, although thanks to them we didn't feel the reprecussion this much
Cretans and ionians claiming to be venetian is just a meme
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This, last White man in Paris knows his stuff.

>not stalking cute Polack boys in Venice

The Merchants supporting the Ottoman Empire and allies.

Venice is a fucking shadow of its former self.

There's nothing to be proud of anymore, it's just a dump for foreign tourists.

>no venezuelans
isn't the name venezuela directly derived from venice?

What bastards. At keast they were in the Holy League 60 years later and fought at Lepanto.

Less than venice, florence is a great place to visit tbqh

Veneto shall be independent and repeal criminally induced so-called sanctions against Russia.


That wasn't named by a Venetian, just a Spanish guy who thought it looked like Venice. AFAIK, there isn't a Venetian diaspora in Venezuela.

Can we join? Primorska and Istria is culturally Venetian anyway

Fun fact, after the Timurids destroyed the Ottomans, the Venetians brought aboard on their ships what remained of the Ottoman army to protect them from Timur because they thought that it would be better to have an enemy that could be dealt with like the Ottomans than the Timurids. Little did they know that the Timurids would self-destruct by themselves while this the period where the Ottomans will dominate.

Can you post the original?


You will be Anschlussed one day.

Venice does not stink, no.

Dio can!
Venetian pride, even on Sup Forums

Florence and Venice are both beautiful I liked florence more but I didnt feel like Venice was a tourist trap if u just go there for a day and leave and spend the nught elsewhere