Who is Canada's Conservative Savior?

Is Leitch electable? Seems abit assburgers. But she has the rhetoric.
Anyone else who isnt a climate, Chyna or immigration shill?
Can anyone beat Trudeau?

There isn't such a thing.

Trudeau won't be dethroned until after the next election. He'll at the very minimum get a minority government.

Leitch can beat Trudeau.

There's no way in hell she could. Our demographics lean left, with pockets of moderate conservatives in the rural areas, Alberta, and Saskatchewan.

The Rob Ford base got him elected in Toronto and loved him right to the end. Crack pipe and all.
Surely that same group coalesces around a hatred for PC/open borders and not just gravy trains?
I almost wish Fords brother would run. I worry low information conservatives could be swayed by O'Leary

City and even provincial politics is way different then federal politics.

Very assbergers, but only one with balls to cut CBC taxpayer budget, 1 billion right there. That's a lot of MRI's and should have enough to top CPP. Mad max I like but his platform will be stolen by the libs if he gets leadership vote, in regards to capital gains and tax reform, leaving not much to vote for. Max is lib light, O'Leary is just liberal wearing blue. Scheer is my second.

Oh really? You think that Ontario is going to vote liberal again? Go back to writing opinionated hit pieces for CBC, that's what I pay you for.

Yes, but my thinking is that Toronto demographically reflects the Liberal/moderate bias in the country and if Ford can win here, then that base might extist nationally.

I am way ignorant of Canadian elections. Dont even know what "first past the post" means.
I always voted Lib until I woke up, and when I did, it seemed we were to irreversably cucked to even pay attention. The Libs and Conservatives have both always suucked. Ive never even consered NDP.

That woman has 10/10 female arms. Just enough muscle to be toned and a bit curvy without too much and without that upper arm flab/turkey leg crap that most women have.

No one is swayed by that POS, he's running, he's not running, he's backing candidates, oh he's running again. He can't decide that wtf is he here for.

Liberals lie, conservatives try,
Jesus's ballsack, give them your money just put yourself in the oven, that's a NDP vote, why are you here?
Oh ya paid by which union?
I found a Shill user poster

She might beat Trudeau considering his declining popularity, but she won't make it to CPC leadership. Our best bets are probably Bernier and Scheer, and even they aren't particularly good. If [[[Chong]]] or {{{Obhrai}}} end up winning our best hope would literally be violent revolution but I don't see that happening in this cuck shed of a country.

Install Peterson


Anglosphere conservatives and the so called USA Republicans are done for.

You know who our saviour is


>Conservative politician

I've seen you shill for him before but name one Sup Forums approved policy he has.
What makes him "mad" bro?

Would take Le Pen over almost anyone in politics right now.

He's against the anti-Islamaphobia bill
He's against mass immigration
He delivers sick bants over social media
He hasn't been branded as "literally Trump" by the media yet
He has a great shot at winning Quebec

Didnt know about the first 2. Will investigate.

That's my issue, CBC no hate? That's not a good thing. Means no threat, potential insider, being French doesn't help.

>That's my issue, CBC no hate?

I mean Leitch and O'Leary are doing a great job of taking MSM agro, do they even have time to shame anyone else?

He's overlooked because Leitch and O'Leary are literally Hitler and he's a frog with an accent.

The base definitely exists. I work in tech in T.O and have contact with a lot of marketing type liberals. The reality is that even these people can't defend Trudeau. I just laugh and them and their response is something along the lines of "sigh, i know". Plus you throw in all of the Finance & Blue collar guys.