Prove that you're not a shill paid by the post and say one (1) nice thing about this man

Prove that you're not a shill paid by the post and say one (1) nice thing about this man

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He has some excellent arguments on why single-payer health care makes sense in the US... at least more sense than the shitshow we have now.

He's sounds persuasive

He took the beating like a man.

id let my sister get spenced

I like his haircut.

Sven made a good parody song for him too

He accepts race realism as fact

He's actually a very smart and articulate man with great arguments, but something about his demeanor rubs me the wrong way.

His haircut is on point.

Also he's about 90% correct on race relations.

hes not that fat

this is fucking hilarious

I like his hair

Spencer openly supported Donald Trump in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and called Trump's victory "the victory of will", a phrase echoing the title of Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph of the Will, a Nazi-era propaganda film.

Haircut game is on point. /fa/cist

Told black republican multiculturalism has failed.

He's not a stereotypical alt-right weenie.

Still an ethnonationalist and a racist.
Evidence: Richard Spencer thinks that white pride is okay.
>A well-known WN trick is to claim that if “Black Pride” is socially acceptable, “White Pride” should be socially acceptable also. This trick can be easily shot down by pointing out non-equivalence in the definitions of “blackness” and “whiteness”. “Blackness” is defined by possession of “black” heritage. “Whiteness”, on the other hand, is defined not by possession of “white” heritage, but by non-possession of “non-white” heritage. (For example, Zionist puppet Barack Obama, who has one “black” parent and one “white” parent, is considered “black” by most self-identified “black” people, but is not considered “white” by most self-identified “white” people.) Therefore, “Black Pride” means being proud to have “black” ancestors, which is not offensive. On the other hand, “White Pride” means being proud to have no “non-white” ancestors, which is of course highly offensive. In agreement with common intuition, and contrary to what many WNs claim in public, “White Pride” indeed implies contempt for “non-white” people as a whole.

kawaii af desu

Has an iron jaw

I'm a jaded oldfag and I don't like this cuck.

Also Sup Forums is not alt-right newbabbys. Back to lebbit you go.

you're a shill.

He is White Nationalist and very Pro-White.


he could be attractive if he wasn't stuffing his face


Stormweenies detected

He's a good diplomat, but he risks compromising with the enemy

I want spencer to murder my anus

He is a White Nationalist and very Pro-White.

shill detected

He's not fake news.


He is White Nationalist and very Pro-White.

He hasn't had sex with as many brown babies as Poesta.

nice hair

He looks better with a regular haircut. The undercut was alright, but a little more length on the sides works better with his face. I think you need sharper features for the undercut to work really well.

>muh Sup Forums is alt-right

He's alright looking for a 38-year-old.

hes a faggot


He's ballsy to do what he does.

Remember kids, if you read you are a satanist.

I don't know who tf that is so instead I'll just say this, he seems to know how to keep his hair kempt

He seems punchable. I like punchable people.

Satan dindu nuffin

fuck this shill

Hes Romney tier controlled opposition.

Im not sure if it will be for a war or commie healthcare but his intentions will be laid bare at some point.

t. triggered non-whites

i never said pol was alt-right relax spic

You already know he's for single-payer.
Nice concern troll, fuckwit.

Project Evropa makes cool posters

He's not a black muslim

he doesn't support trump 100%
and sometimes criticizes him

He's intelligent, but not at all prudent. Man needs to realize shipping all non-whites out of the country is a completely unrealistic goal that only pushes away those who would otherwise be sympathetic to his cause, if he could only moderate his tone/behaviour (though it's too late now).

he has a nice haircut

>is not a manlet
>is not a nigger
>nice haircut

>prove youre not a shill by shilling for this closet faggot elitest goober

why are stormfags such subservient cucks?

he carriers his excessive bod fat in an ok manner

Moving the Overton window is an long-term effective strategy. Of course, he has sacrificed ever holding a position of real state power, but helping to change culture is admirable.
The left has done that for decades to great effect. What were the odds of gays ever being allowed to get married in 1970? What were the odds of trannies peeing next to your daughter in 1990?


>this cancerous post

Sure thing nu-Sup Forums keep shilling for some rich faggot elitest to cuck you

He would look great lying dead in a gutter.

He's well spoken and he's got a choice cut.

I stole his haircut I liked it so much.

He's very handsome.

cares about white people

He speaks the truth about Jews

Who is that?

That stare... that's the stare of f*cking kings right there, hell it's a f*cking godly stare. PURE. DE-TER-MI-NA-TION right there.


He lives in Montana.

his haircut and sense of style are nice