Pedophile mind

Is there any way to make pedophilia seem normal?

Why exactly do they like kids? What turns them on?

Help me get into the mind of a pedophile, I'm writing a report on that.

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Fuck if I know what makes em tick user, I had a ex friend arrested for kiddy diddling.

I used to hang out with him, talk about all sorts of shit, never once did the topic come up, and he always saw me with older women and would say how lucky I was. So I assumed you know "He is into women older like I am."

Fell out of contact with the guy, still had his contact info, then one day saw him on the front of the newspaper, serving the next 50 fucking years or so in prison cause he got caught with guns, kid porn, drugs, and kid diddlin. Which honestly scared the shit out of me cause "OH GOD THEY WILL SEE IM HIS FUCKING FRIEND AND INVESTIGATE ME!" then I had to stop and ask myself "the fuck have I ever done illegal?"

Kid fuckers, you dont even know you have one as a friend, let that shit sink real the fuck deep in, I was friends with him for nearly 5 years or so and then I find out he's got a kiddy porn dungeon.

Grown women are disgusting whores. Why the fuck would you choose that over a cute, virginal loli?

Do you think the Rothchilds were molested? How about Soros' kid?

Nice try, FBI

Yup. I had an encounter with one... I was in high school, the guy was teaching music shit. He wasn't my teacher, but I heard how cool and funny he is.

I met him on a school trip and he started talking with a couple of us guys about sex and stuff, he seemed pretty experienced. Anyway, we started hanging out, it was cool to have an older friend like that who can help you with girls, what he did.

But, at some point, he started asking me if I ever jacked off with friends. Said fuck no. After a while, he started suggesting we should do that. Then I decided not to hang out with him ever again.

Afterwards I found out he was hanging out with like 10 guys from school at the same time. Doing the same thing.

Incredibly manipulative slick son of a bitch. You'd never think he's a pedo. He got a kid recently.

>Why do they like kids

Well, if you were in high school, it was not pediphilia.

>Is there any way to make pedophilia seem normal?
It is normal. Everybody knows little girls are better than grown women.
>Why exactly do they like kids?
Because little girls are great. They're so pretty and nice and just the right size and they smell good.

>Normalizing pedophilia

Bad example.

>Is there any way to make pedophilia seem normal?
Define pedophilia. Being attracted to a 9yo is not normal, because she is not developed and there is no purpose of having intercourse with her. Now being attracted to a 14yo who has periods, boobs and hips, it's completely normal, because she is physically ready to breed, the difference is media and society tell you it's wrong.

Well, here in Britain, a 20 yr old female looks about 30 and are pretty butch. You can't blame brit men for being pedos.

>Being attracted to a 9yo is not normal
Yes, it is because they're hot, unless it's a fatty or a nigger or something.
>there is no purpose of having intercourse with her
The couple bonding and having an enjoyable asctivity together is "no purpose"?

>media and society tell you it's wrong.

Wait. Media lies all the time.
Maybe that's the secret of the elite and #pizzagate
They fuck 12 year olds to make far smarter and more capable humans.

btk was a ephebophile which is completely natural you fucking retard

About time you kill yourself now

>Help me get into the mind of a pedophile, I'm writing a report on that

Hello Kurt Eichenwald.

Please stay away from real children.

He's right though. There's a reason that marriages have, historically been between an older guy and a younger woman (8-12 often).

That is not true though. The average age of marriage in the Middle ages for example for women was about 19 to 21 according to church marriage records.

Abiut time you go back to plebbit, you feminist bitch.
One day I'll have a daughter of my own and I'll fuck her.


This happened to me too though he didn't actually fuck any kids. My buddy got caught soliciting sex from a 10 year old who was actually a police officer. The weird thing is he was a Chad, had a hot ass wife and recently born daughter. Shit was insane. One of the nicest guys I ever met. I wasn't that shocked though, I assume everyone has dark shit hidden deep inside them.

not political be gone closet pedo

Jokes on you Im not even American

Because brains are electro-chemical machines, and sometime complex systems behave in strange ways given a large enough sample size.

There are people who are unironically, neuro-chemically attracted to inanimate objects, in a sexual way. Their brain lights up just like yours does when you see a woman, except it's over the Berlin wall or such.

I was friends with a pedophile once (he didn't act on it, didn't look at images, just repressed his urges). All things considered he had a lot of problems, and the simplest way to describe it is like I said, a malfunction. There really isn't much more to it than that. You don't question why you like women, because evolution has programmed you to like women. The brain of a pedophile is just programmed to like the wrong thing, the wires are crossed.

They make rationalizations and justifications after the fact because that is what brains do; but at the end of the day there is no objective mindset. No one decides to be a pedophile. Or at least not any significant fraction of them. Brains are just very strange things.

1. They like destroying anything that is innocent, basically akin to psychopaths

2. They were most likely molested as children

its simple.... imagine the way you like womens right now.... very hot ones.... bigger tits and tighter ass the better.... now imagine is illegal but you can still talk yo them.... now imagine you find the way to lurk them into your house and they want to suck your dick!

now traspolate spolate into 4 yrs old girls

>recently born daughter
What the fuck? Why didn't he just do her? Fucking retard.

What this user said.
Source: I am attracted to prepubescent females.
Luckily, it is not an exclusive preference.
Different ages just do it for me in different ways.

It has nothing to do with "destroying innocence" because that's one of the (many) reasons I would never act on any urges.