Why the fuck do millenials dress like this?

Why the fuck do millenials dress like this?

I see this shit whenever I go to the mall




>he isn't /fa/

isn't this how shia lepoof dresses?

ask yourself if this is politics

People have different tastes.

Niggers, probably

THIS is /fa/

before and after becomming a millennial

Trench coat mafia?

I don't know I'm a hick fag I wear jeans, flannels, nigger stompers and a truckers cap and I'm a millenial yet can provide much more insight

No, this is just preppy "my dad's a lawyer" douchebag

That's douchebag fratboy tier.

I'm 21 and dress in blue jeans and polos mostly

how does one become a millenial exactly?

Why is thin clothing so popular?


Yea why doesnt everyone wear basketball shorts and nike sandals right xDD

They're mainly a result of the hip-hop/rap culture. I see them here as well. Kanye started dressing up like that in 2012 I believe, and the youths here sort of followed along. It's as if they just pulled the clothes off the rack and just bought them without trying them on lol

Maybe it's just an American thing to be a douchebag in those type of clothes, but here in Australia, they're all bro-tier. Women absolutely love this type of fashion. If you haven't tried it, at least do it, you'll get a lot of looks from women because you stand out and you actually take care of yourself, women love that shit.

Because kanye

Yea id knock that fagget out of his sperrys

This is the most annoying trend. Shorts over pants is infinitely worse than socks and sandals.

Pretty much. The Skywalker look is in.

Its streetwear and its the future, i shit you not theres a fashion revolution going on, like in th 80s, clothes are gonna be irecognisable in 2025

This. Kanye started this without question. Also it's cool

He'd fuck you up, nerd, then he'd fuck your dad

Pariolino de merda

I dress like this for a summer and I got hit on by almost solely black/hispanic girls.

if you want white women, this fashion won't work for you.

Don't live in a big city

I don't know, but if you ever find out how to stop being one please tell me. It's really annoying being associated with these pathetic losers.

Don't get me wrong, I wear polo shirts. But tucking them into khaki shorts combined with sperrys is exactly how every douchebag in a frat dresses. It's basic as fuck, no originality whatsoever.

WTF is a mall?

looks pretty good, senpai.

Actually my clothing style has unironically been called fascist by Russians here before.

Fear Of God is fucking garbage.

what is he concerned about?

Some stupid japanese bisexual trend started by Kangay West to sell his shitty overpriced Yeezy brand. Brainwashed teens will buy anything

That's a pretty good fit though

cheaper to manufacture

Nice shoes. But faggy skinny jeans on equally faggy skinny legs are....

If you're under 35 you're a millennial.

Shows off the figure

Be an actual white person

>That feel when manly legs and can not buy normal jeans now a days.

Can you post it? I'm curious.

i think it's called a long line silhouette. /fa/ knows better.

you can get stuff like this at forever21 and HM now whereas just a few years ago you'd have to spend thousands on yeezy or rick owens to get this look. it's not just kanye, RO, and japan though, i'm sure there were other high fashion labels that started this look, and now it's made its way to the mainstream.

The fuck are you doing at the mall???

tfw jeans and a tshirt

I think he just did


Same, but being country most people i know dress normally. Fuckin millenials that dress that way are just plebs

those arent pant thought. It extreme dog walking sports wear. Tht guy look like he gonna do some raping

Know what you mean. Squats and deads are the reason I had to buy 4 new jeans, each time a bigger number in 3 years.

A lot of millennials have NO sense of style.

I have a trench coat I wear around like a goddamn champion, but only because it actually goes well with my setup. It's black, I have a whiteish-gray T-shirt (not one of those sweaty ass hoodies) and blue-jeans and black sneakers.

And for those of you getting your memes ready: No. I do not have a goddamn fedora. Hats are too mainstream as it is.

>have a trench coat I wear around like a goddamn champion,
You are not a noir antihero

OP probably wears light blue jeans from the local supermarket, paired with white athletic socks, white/blue new balance air max shoes, and an assortment of ill-fitted graphic tees

I hope they really dress like this, kek

She looks better on the right

>trench coat
pardon me because i am not a /fa/ggot but that does not seem right to me

something something nigger
something something islam
something something shit

Trenchcoats only work if you are going to shoot up your school/uni.

I have literally never seen anyone dressed in this trash in my entire life.


You sound like a fucking homo famalam. I'm willing to bet people laugh at you behind your back. Trenchcoats aren't cool or stylish, they're for fucking weird nerds. Just because you wear it with New Balance doesn't make it cool.

millennial fuccboi attire

or when you join your local right wing death squad

>1920's PI trench coats are coming back in

Moment I've been waiting for boys.

>those rubber boots

Looks like some peasant thing in medieval times, just need the sperm-protecting hat instead of the hoddie



Whew, that was close.

>Oregon trail generation

you are gay

The only trechcoats i've seen have been women and men wearing suits. Trechcoats with suits are fine btw so are fedoras.


They are muddy weather wearing utensils, pretty high tech from our good finish friends from Nokia

>1920's PI trench coats
>in the hottest motherfucker in the world

Surely heatstroke is a terrible suicide choice?


Button down, blazer, chinos, nice shoes. Wear a tie if a woman is with you, take hats off inside, TUCK YOUR FUCKING SHIRT IN.

Dress like a white man. You'll be surprised with how big of a difference it makes.

* cue "I pariolini di 18 anni" *

>I see this shit whenever I go to the mall

When did Sup Forums become the place my little sister comes to complain about fashion?

Faggots. Nigger faggots specifically

If something looks good, fit, is comfy and classic, it's fine.

You don't always need to stand out.
Why do all men wear relatively the same dark suits to formal events, while women all have to be individual and flamboyant?: Because men are adults and judge each other on their character, which INCLUDES hygene and keeping up their appearance, but not their ego to the point where they all have to be snowflakes.

Fuck off with that. I don't give a shit about wearing polos and khakis shorts or slacks and buttoned up shirts. Fuck it. I have other things to worry about.

okay gramps

Jesus fucking christ go back to r gentlemen.

They still make you look like a gardener.

At the very least don't have your shirt hanging out from underneath your jacket. That just looks looks retarded.

>Take your hat off inside
When do I get to tip it, m'lady?

>he doesn't wear what ever is comfy


>He doesn't wear tracksuits and hoodies
It's like you don't want to be comfy.

Lol. You know what was popular in the 80s? A t shirt and jeans, neither skin tight nor baggy. Or a button shirt and slacks if thats more your style. Only the people that try really hard for the fashion of the moment will look dumb in the future.

here's something to do for laughs:

Go to /fa/.

They all dress like 5 foot 4 chink tourists.

Is he standing on Pink Floyd's The Wall?

Beige pants white t shirt every day master race

stop wearing whatever is comfy

No, THIS is.

>Wear a tie if a woman is with you
>Wear a leash if a master is with you

The jews use the nigs to sell the pop-culture to the middle class white kids..
New trend...new style..
Just have the degenerate rappers wear it and watch the $$ roll in.

This is no theory...that is the FACT

Is he going to master the force?

Wrong handgun

God, those fucking ropes for the leashes are rage inducing, they probably cost 70 dollars each, at least.