Trump is currently getting impeached right now on CNN. You guys are finished. You know what that means for who will be the next president...pic very related.

Fake news

Not gonna lie, former trump voter here. This is fucking hilarious watching trump crash and burn. But seriously, we can't let this guy get the nuclear codes.

>everything i don't like is fake news
okay drumpfy cant wait to see you in tears

When the fuck will people understand that he can't just launch nukes whenever he wants

>all Drumpf voters right now
>pic very related


wtf, he can't? I am now a #cruzmissle instead

A couple of Drumpf supporters confronted my girlfriend and I in the parking lot at dinner. Tonight I went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays with my girlfriend. As we are getting into the car a black truck with two white guys around late 20s to early 30s pulls up behind my car in the parking lot and yelled "Fuck you commie" and "We won" which I'm guessing is because I have a PROUD DEMOCRAT and HILLARY bumper sticker on my car.

As they took off in a plume of black smoke, screeching tires, and yelling to stop race mixing (I'm Indian, gf is white) I noticed he had a Trump sticker and one of those "my family" gun nut stickers like this one in the picture.I was shocked and saddened that someone would harass me like this, especially in front of my girlfriend, and ruin our nice night out. On the drive home I was tearing up thinking that this is what our country has become. My amazing girlfriend consoled me before I really broke down but I tried to hold it together in front of my BAE. I am scared of the world that she and our kids will grow up in. A world of hate. A world that will soon be defined by a vile, racist, sexist, Islamophobic woman groper. Unless we can impeach him soon.

I hope there is light at the end of the tunnel. I really do.

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Nunes is fucked.

He lied that Comey cancelled his interview but the FBI never received anything

THIS JUST IN: Drumpf supporters getting thrown out of helicopters


Only rural rednecks and suburban retards voted for Trump

All city people voted for Hillary



>tfw actually fell for a pasta

All these people taking the bait...


Why are people still thinking that she would've been a good president? After 8 years of Obama it was time for our country to uncuck itself. In those 8 years our country was becoming degenerate lazy fucks who complain about everything


Some top notch shitposting.

Seriously though im not even going to say "How can Drumpf ever recover?" because he can't now he is finished

Mike Pence ?

>she won by 6 MILLION votes
>she's running again when drumpf gets impeached
how scared are drumpfkins right now

No link = no happening.

How fucking new are you?

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Normally I just go on reddit but my boss told me to start coming here now

You are obviously very new too when you can't identify bait and shill threads.

>Trump is currently getting impeached right now on CNN.

ohh look more JEW FAG SHILLS...........TRUMP 8 YEARS!


sage niggers. plebs and shills taking dumps on Sup Forums daily. trump train fucked this board UP

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Don't worry. We all fell for a pasta at some point.