HAPPENING: Swedish Feminist Politician Raped and Decapitated in Congo!

This broad was against the evil patriarchy. What was she doing in Africa?


They also found an American man dead together with the feminist. He was not decapitated.

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Oh I heard about her being kidnapped wasnt she from the green party?

Yes, the Green Party, apparently the most liberal party in Sweden.


Well deserved.

>What was she doing in Africa?
Sex tourism.

sad this had to happen all she had to do was not be stupid


>swedish feminasty goes to niggerland for getting her and other swedish girl's pussies enriched and wombs filled
>gets raped then decapitated instead
Justice well served.

natural selection doing its job

good. Now if the story would Sweden that would be even goodest.

also RIP :(

cosmic justice

>the most liberal party in Sweden
That's a scary thought

would reach Sweden*

goodest is spelled correctly btw.


How could this have happened, :( she must have said something raicst

>Michael Sharp, a U.S. citizen, and Zaida Catalan, a Swedish national, had been in a group of experts monitoring a sanctions regime imposed on Congo by the U.N. Security Council when they disappeared in Kasai Central province.

>sanctioning the Congo
This is why the UN needs to go away

>laughs in debt

>Swedish-Chilean feminist green party liberal goes to Congo to educate population about equality and tolerance
>Gets kidnapped and executed by the very group she sought to help



We got a Pink feminist party too with some seats in Stockholm, but not represented nationally.

The Pinkos broke up the Green party with their feminist stance last election.

Pretty funny to watch how these parties competed with each other in how much they hate white men.

>Swedish Feminist Politician Raped and Decapitated in Congo!
i lol'd

its not sad, stop having empathy for far left faggots like her, her and her ilk are the direct causes of the deterioration of western society. never feel empathy or sympathy for the enemy

>Swedish Feminist Politician Raped and Decapitated in Congo!

And nothing of value was lost!

When those niggers say give me head bitch, they mean it.

Multiculturalism ain't free.

article mentions neither rape nor decapitation.

>Green party


She was seeking Congo cocks.

>Zaida Catalan

Is this a Swedish name?

You can't save those who want to sleep next to a mad dog.

She got blacked

Just think her ass and pussy sqeezing those black cocks

>give us gibs
>kill anyone investigating what the fuck is happening and why there is no farming, etc

and her neck hole


If you wanna see the victim Zaida Catalán in a video. She doesn't even have a Swedish name tho.

Some people are just to stupid to be alive.


She was working for the UN.

Fucking kek. Nice Satan trips, by the way!

That's one way to spectacularly end your family's progeny

Man I wish we had LiveLeak footage of it all. Not because sadist, just because I want to see the look on her face when she realizes she was completely wrong, and knows she's done for. I want to see the moment right there, it would be glorious.

heh, I almost cared



> Raped?

Not even Africans want to stick their dick in a femenist. Sad!



Justice is swift and cruel

And this would be the perfect ending for every useful pawn.

You and I both know she would blame the white man for her situation.

Why did they depacatiate her though?

>play stupid games
>win stupid prizes

gee, how things like this happen?

Guess that trying to civilize wild animals wasn't her strong suit. Nothing lost. Lesson learned.

Probably heard some of her feminist rhetoric and started chimping


how do you know she was feminist?



>The Swede will open their borders to all Congolese men traumatized by this event.

Statement out of Swedish parliament.

All according to keikaku

(Translator´s note: Keikaku means plan)

Well done

You got greedy carlos. Now you're fat carlos.

>sending dumbass female feminist politicians to gather information on a violent rebel insurgency without an armed escort in the goddammn DRK

What the hell U.N.? This would be the job of fucking Solid Snake not some Swedish cunt who probably wouldn't even survive a night in a Malmö suburb.

99% of swedish females are feminists.

Here it mentions decapitation:

They were clearly just upset by western racism. Better let a few hundred thousand of them immigrate into Sweden so this doesn't happen again.

Poor guys :(


> The Swedish Foreign Ministry said it would not comment on the incident as it was being handled by the United Nations.

We are totally cucked by our government. They will not care about their citizens.

It's not an ethnic (((swede))) I'm not sure what kind of name that is, some unknown to be balkan name or eastern euro or whatever

How does this contradict anything the previous posters said?

I don't agree with this the_ubs. It is job for every left wing leaning female who runs for office.

What sort of work

Good. We need more.

Even with all the consequences of their bullshit right in their faces, Feminists and Leftists haven't yet understood the depth of their failure.

The one and only thing that might possibly make them understand is more of this violence. The streets of London soaked with the blood and littered with the heads of women. Their faces sloughing off their skulls due to acid. Rape and murder, trucks plowing through dozens of people.

More. More. More.

And if they still don't understand, then let Islam wash the West away. They will have earned the right.

flawless argument, how about you kys racist pig. Feminism = equality. obviously you virgins are scared of women, now this further prooves that men are raping murdering machines. thats why we need feminism

Looks like she'll never get ahead in life


>not getting sarcasm

neighbor you need some coffee


Bullshit. There are only 54%.


>They blame the dead white guy for killing/decapitating her
>Say the natives killed him in retaliations for his horrible crime against a beautiful woman

Because it directly contradicts what he said?


they cant be liberal, probably most authoritarian , want to impose all kinds of stuff to "save" the earth

>if you get decapitated, you win.


>They also found an American man dead together with the feminist. He was not decapitated.

CIA niggers btfo


And nothing of value was actually lost.

And nothing of value was lost...

How are the Swedish media spinning this?

She was filming BLACKED Congo Edition

No she's Chilean.

hey take your countrymen out of my country ok? they werent able to learn czech in 2 generations jesus christ

>that thousand cock stare
i think this was just rough sex gone too far. feminazis are the most likely to be into rape-play and rough sex.

>Zaida Catalan

>Swedish Feminist
a bit redundant wouldnt ya say?

oh and nothing of value was lost

They'll probably accuse Swedish men of being just as rapey and violent.

What makes you think my flag makes me Vietnamese tho?

Toll status: paid in full

We need to meme how great Africa is, and try to get more retards to go to Africa and various other shitholes. That way more leftists will go there and die.

The nazis in nordfront.se are ironically the most liberal people in Swedenistan.

based as fuck. finally the niggers killed the right one.

>tfw you realize a patriarch might not be such a bad idea
Pic unrelated

>Go to Africa
>Get raped and decapitated.
>Go to Middle East
>Get raped and decapitated
>Go to South America
>Get raped and decapitated

Why do people still go to these places? Just exploit the natural resources and let them burn.