Why is every place that has a surplus of black people always poor

Legit every single place with a large quantity of black people it's poor. The only place in Africa that's not extremely impoverished is South Africa, and it's primarily white, it's even called White Africa!

Because they have extremely corrupt governments you racist sack of shit.

Why is the US richer than any country that has ever been whiter than it.

> be colony
> have influence from whites
> be reasonably well
> rebel
> get poor, because you are monkey


>English keep them in servitude for centuries
>France and CIA keep overthrowing their government every few years


>South Africa
>primarily white
wat, whites are literally an oppressed minority there. You'd never here that from the MSM though.

corrupt because it's full of niggers and niggers love crime

>their governments are all black people


So you be saying niggaz is corrupt and sheeeit?

>Because they have extremely corrupt governments you racist sack of shit.

That's right! Tell that racist!
Government made of black people.
How could that be anything but corrupt.

..it's everyone elses fault pretty much

wait he survived?

that's really sad

Because black people don't feel a drive to work hard, and don't get worked up about their rights, so don't oppose corruption very much.

The crime, low IQ, race-baiting leadership, etc, is all secondary.

Black communities in america suck too. Even when the community was predominately white historically once the area gets over a certain percentage its a countdown towards shit-tier annihilation of the community. Blacks act different around whites and behave properly when they're grouped together they can become quite tribalistic in mentality.

That excuses 1/3 of them. The other 2/3 are just too stupid to run a country straight.

You losers are really interesting. I imagine that you live in shitty rural town with shit educations and blame all your failures on blacks and Jews.

Enjoy you shitty lives and hell if there is one.

Nigger we're only 8% white. The black 80% majority is extremely poor and practically all on some form of welfare.

I'll give you an opportunity to prove your point
Name ONE black majority country that matches the prosperity of any white majority country (easy mode: slavs are white)

there's never been natural selection in apefrica

animal abuse always is

Sorry to say user but blacks are simply not ready for civilisation.

Did you know that they burn foreign Africans alive when they suspect they're criminals in the townships here?

>gender studies major detected

OP is wrong
Denmark has a surplus of niggers. we got way more niggers than we need but we're not poor.



We have a lot of niggers too, but as long as they aren't in positions of influence, like in politics or bureaucratic jobs, a country can survive.

Shame that we got a lot of mixed mulattoes deluded with communism.


Because they are criminal. Crime leads to poverty.

Liberals want you to believe it's the other way around, explaining why blacks seem to be so prone to crime, but it isn't the other way.

every place with black majority become poor and like Africa because they usit to be in tribes not in civilised society

black people either needed more time to build civilization on thier own terms or it could be that they are too tribablistic to integrate fully into society. Every black person I know only hangs out with other blcks unless they are from a suburban area where they were forced to integrate.


because they have a surplus of black people

this torture you are supposed to survive. think about that shit for a second.


One word. Neo colonialism.

Niggers have low iq

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So, what's being slid today?

The recent libtard excuse is that racist whitey set a few coontowns on fire back in the 1920's and they never economically recovered.

Posting OC.

It's funny to me how any American leftist in the last 40 years who try to influence policy by using """""socialist""""" countries like the Nordics as examples haven't actually used """"socialist""""" countries but rather historically white countries.

- We should do X like Norway
- We should do Y like Sweden
- We should do Z like Canada

Where is the examples of having a legal right to health care like an African country, or a high tax on the wealthy like a Latin American one?


That's because the West oppresses non-Western countries through neo-colonialism.

Low IQ. Leads to poverty, corruption, abuse and despair.

Question you never answer is "Why do Blacks always get colonialized?"

You'd think their superior intellect would defeat the racist white losers.

That's a question you avoid asking because it reveals you for the decadent, sinful, evil, empire which you truly at your heart, know yourself to be.

We probably won't kill you. That wouldn't be righteous. But you will surely be dethroned.

I do think that there has been dysgenic pressure including that, I just don't think it made them worse, just kept the racemixing from improving them.

>crime leads to poverty for black people
Cause they fuck it up, worked out great for a lotta rich white people. And (((white))) people.

Real socialism works great,.
Obviously those places didn't have real socialism.

>Enjoy you shitty lives and hell if there is one

You already have a better chance of hell than I do right there.

Gee I fucking wonder

Maybe they're born with it. Maybe it's Ma-white people.

Niggers by their very nature breed corruptness and contempt.