Indians attack blacks in India

Nigerian student Endurance Amalawa was beaten by a mob in Delhi, in what many believe to be a racist attack

How can poo in the loos be racist against blacks?

Black on black crime

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because even street shitters hate fucking niggers.
It's not rocket surgery.

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>Black on black
Indians and Negroids are not the same race.

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maybe just maybe if those nigerian niggers could stop selling mephedrone, cocaine illegally and stopped verbally abusing our women we would stop beating those niggers.


Same difference

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Why do they even go to India? wtf is for them there? and how do they end up there

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Im west african, my brother is a neurosurgeon,he's married to an indian cardiologist(her family is filthy rich) it's funny because every single member of her direct family is a medical doctor

Every single member of my direct family is a medical doctor (except parents, we have more bros and sis than her)

Yes indians are racist as fuck, both family opposed when they started dating but after a while, we accepted them and they accepted us. They keep inviting us to indian events,we keep inviting them to african events

Tbh,i'm probably the only person here who's not a delusional miserable loser. I came on Sup Forums after my study break to make a thread with this picture and see how you subhumans would cry but i saw this thread and decided to reply.

This is probably the only valuable post on this site,no need to thank me. I'm leaving you in your misery now,study break is over and i won't come back on this miserable hate-filled echochamber unless i feel like mocking plebs (wouldn't even be slightly surprised if most of you ended up killing yourselves/on suicide watch in the upcoming months or years lol)

I didn't even read your post before posting

My brother took one of your lightskinned indian woman (she's a cardiologist) from a rich family

Her dad is a great man, he looked beyond the culture of worshipping light skin and belittling dark skin. Good doctor too.

Someday you ignorant plebs might be able to open your eyes but i don't think you deserve it,you should stay in your misery desu.

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everyone gets butthurt by our innate superiority. this guy must have been unprepared

i would literally beat the shit out of 25 indians at once

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1.3 billions country attack a group of blacks
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Blacks attack white, asian, elder whatever.
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