Auschwitz survivor tells ICE chief arrests similar to Holocaust!

Do you feel guilty about this Sup Forums?

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Someone should finish the job.

God, when will all the fucking holocaust survivors die off?

it's shit like that that made me stop believing in the holocaust


>You were born too late, you will never explore the ocean.
>You were born too soon, you will never explore space.
>You will live long enough to see the last Holocaust survivors die.
Feels good.

Is he implying that the nazis only ever deported people?

Oy vey that sounds antisemetic

Dirty fucking jew. I WISH Hitler killed 4million jews instead of the measly 178,000.

Wasted opportunity

They will never die off. In 50 years, we'll still be hearing about survivors and their books their publishing.

since the oppression and trauma are carried genetically to offspring, never

>Auschwitz survivor
It's been 72 years. I call bullshit.

they will never die off

Should someone tell them that no one cares about the holocaust anymore?

Look up his story, some of the shit don't mesh

>muh holocaust
will be something that is going to be inherited from generation to generation.

>It's been 72 years. I call bullshit.

every jew born after 1945 is an auschwitz survivor; they did not die in auschwitz.

>random old Jew
>we wuz auschwitz

I didn't know that German Jews were illegal aliens

what are israeli laws pertaining to those who stay in the country illegally?


>“I spent five and a half years in concentration camps, for one reason and one reason only,” Marks, 87, told the pair. “Because we picked on people.”

What did he mean by this?

This. There have been countless books and such written by kikes who weren't even alive during the (((holocaust))) claiming that they experienced it first hand. Each year that passes, there will be more (((survivors))).

Is this a real pic?

I'm pretty jelly of those officers, I want to pop rounds with some sluts

The holocaust stories get more crazier and wilder every year. One bitch said she escaped a gas chamber. As if I am suppose to fucking believe that. The Nazis were efficient. If they holocaust survivors state that the holocaust occurred at the rate it did, there would be no survivors.

He spent five years in various camps, ending up in auschwitz, but for some reason the ultra-efficient Nazi machine didn't gas him, nor did he die from the oh-so lethal labour they had to do day in day out.


Realy, we are going with this shit again, its done, beaten to a pulp, how much more do you want to milk this BS

He was also obviously a child or teenager during these 5 years

Which is why they pushing 'Study of Holocaust survivors finds trauma passed on to children's genes'

Gotta keep it going

really makes you think


Of course it's similiar, they get deported duh

We've got another 30 years of this. As long as theres a Jew born pre 1945 still breathing.

never it was the one time in history when jews were forced to work jobs that were not paper pusher jobs. Never forget.

nice try shlomo

>ay caramba, donald trump himself loaded me onto his sick roller coaster that flung innocent dreamers 100ft into the air over the wall

Their children have holocaust genetic memory

And that's no joke, there's literally shit published on it

The real reason is because the parents don't shut up about it, but you know

Seems like someone has to finish the job.

I hope you little dick Nazis are happy. Over 10 jewjillion families are being destroyed per second!

Mexican merchant memes when?

For fuck sake can those survivers die alrdy... sick of that shit... holocaust this holocaust that.

Little known fact: any kike who was alive in and around germany during WW2 is considered a holohoax "survivor" - for example, ADL president (((Abe Foxman))) claims he is one, although he spent the war in a Prussian christian family's home

A child who also convinced the Nazis he had to pee each time he was to be tattooed for 5 years.

How did he spend 5 years in Auschwitz without being executed?

How can anyone believe this phony garbage?

No lack of survivors, apparently.

Man the Holocaust is really another secular religion. There used to be positivism, nationalism, marxism, what not, now there's Holocaust

Ever notice how they keep younger and younger.

The germans were a healthy race before they got mass raped by slavs and imported 10million muzzies

really jumbles those jellybeans

There are scholarly papers published by actual medical journals documenting (((genetic trauma))) of the holocaust where there grandchildren inherit PTSD from the holocaust. We're going to be hearing about it for centuries

(((Rachel Yehuda))) is the leading official on this phenomena

Nobody will be buying that horseshit a decade from now.

>you will never find a pureblooded Aryan goddess to give your seed too
Feels bad man

Deport his ass to Auschwitz

I can't wait until the last Holocaust survivor dies...but they seem to keep getting younger and younger.

Hitler should have been deported
really makes you think...

"It was real in my mind"

>tells ICE chief arrests similar to Holocaust!
Except they are not.
These people are being deported to Mexico, or wherever.
They are not being sent to a concentration camp....yet.
If they keep coming back that might change.

>implying child of holocaust survivor isn't already a thing.

>6 trillion
It's six gtillion you fucking liar!
Racist anti-semite.

>Herman Rosenblat.JPG

>They gassed the children as soon as they arrived at auschwitz.
>I know, because I was one of those Children.
>I survived the gas by holding my breath for 10 minutes and then sneaking into an SS officer's pocket.

>you will be called an anti semite for denying something he admitted to making up

How they will selectively apply it sure, but why dismiss that environment of the parents affects which genes are turned on/off for the children, this should be an obvious mechanism for adapting to changing environments. It's almost like this would help each generation adapt faster to what their probably environment will be compared to randomly altered DNA.

You gotta laugh.

just like niggers calling themselves "freed slaves"

>hes forgetting how it was actually 6 gorillion
careful goy

Wow this is incredible, sir, would you like to do a book tour all over America teaching children about the suffering of your people???

random person says something that is wholly unrelated to him
it´s like Sup Forums in real life

can any one tell me why the fuck anyone would listen to him?

Seriously though look at those smug, laughing faces. Shouldn't they face criminal charges for fraud if they've profited from this in any way?

Is he afraid that he's going to get deported back to Auschwitz?

Hitler was going to release the stupid kikes after the war and send them to their holy land

and look how they repay him

Damn, so all this time Hitler was rounding the Jews up and returning them to their respectful countries unharmed? The truth finally revealed. Thanks shekel boy.

uh oh, you forget to put on your German collective guilt this morning

he's dead now so I don't really care. But this story should be spammed to oblivion in order to redpill normies. It even says on the guy's wikipedia page that he lied




*writes lies about the holocaust*


*shows numbers on wrist made in pen ink*


*writes things that were real in my mind*


*dodges oven*


*centimeters of wood protrudes from ass*


*sells brother who was made into a soap bar for one shekel*


*fucks cousin*


*fucks brother*


*crashes stock market*


*promotes miscegenation*


*controls mass media*


*evolves from parasite*

Yeah...that man doesn't look crazy at all. Ooops...

Ah yes, the mexican holocaust that results in zero deaths.

Truly the genocide of our times

>he's dead now so I don't really care. But this story should be spammed to oblivion in order to redpill normies. It even says on the guy's wikipedia page that he lied
The masturbation machines and roller coaster stories should also be spammed.

So he admits to being a foreigner himself?
Hold on I just called Trump, he's on his way to take care of this one personally


There's a shoah all around comin' for us!!! Goyim plottin' to kill us!!!


Ugh. I read that right before looking at the front-middle girl

We'll be hearing about the 'second generation survivors' and how the trauma was passed through their generic code so pay pay pay

good goy

This guy looks like a rat.
This has to be the most stereotypical jew I saw in a long time.

And if the last one dies, prepare for the biggest propaganda storm of the century.

>last american ww2 soldier dies
>page 16 at CNN
>The death of a generation, how the death of the last bound to a racist part makes the way clear to a progressive future

You faggots deserve this for fighting your own interests

arresting non citizens and sending them back to their country of origin is... IT'S JUST LIKE ANUTHAH SHOAH!

and lampshades. Its also important to point out its pretty much the only historical event that is protected by the law in a number of countries

right wing death squads

Viktor Frankl said some of the worst of those abusing the Jews in the camps were fellow Jews handpicked as "Capos".

So Mexico is equivalent for Auchwitz.

For a race of people so incredibly smart they really are fucking stupid and cannot see that going down that path will end up redpilling more people.

Gotta love it.

You were saying?

Personally i dont feel shit but theres a difference bettween the waffen SS And ICE

They really want it to happen again, don't they?

>arrests similar to Holocaust
The truth about immigration, by the numbers:


Cultural Marxist Jews Admit Organizing White Genocide

The plan to eliminate the white race:


Cultural Marxism in action… Political Correctness, the tip of the blade:


Cultural Marxism & Social Justice Explained:


Why are we in Decline - Cultural Marxism:


also see

The facts about slavery in North America:


Cultural Marxist Jews fund media propaganda against whites on an enormous scale:


Does this sound familiar at all? (starting at 6:52)


The Holocaust:




Never apparently. Keep hearing about how our WWII vet population is getting smaller & smaller by the day, yet everyday there is some old holocaust surviving jew. It's at the point that the very fact that there are so many of them is undermining the claims they these were death camps.

So if these ICE arrests are similar to the holocaust, I guess that means in 70yrs we wlll have alot of living illegal aliens.

>This guy looks like a rat.

the most famous man to ever come from your country described them as the "eternal mushroom of humanity"

>1929-1930 born depending on birth date
>Was at Auschwitz and Dachau
>Auschwitz operational May 1940 - February 1945
>So Marks would have to be 10/11 - 15/16 at most
>Too young and they would have killed him on the spot if you believe what is taught, so at minimum he arrived at Auschwitz in 42 or 43.

It is possible that he was moved from Auschwitz to Dachau in 1944 but at his age, it is more than likely that they would have just killed him.

Of course, someone on Twitter is saying he's actually 90, so now they're lying about ages:^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet