What race was the ancient Egyptians, just who were they?

What race was the ancient Egyptians, just who were they?

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Some arab variation

They were today's Egyptians dumbshit

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Much how Arabs conquered Egypt and then claimed to be Egyptians, the same will happen with Europe and Americans.

>implying the Ancient Egyptians didn't get culturally enriched by snow apes

Ancient aryans.


Agreed. Genetic genealogy shows that most human populations have stayed in the same place for the past tens of thousands of years.

It's only the Indo-Aryan metallurgists that have trekked the globe, invented everything mankind has, and conquered Eurasia and now the Americas.

They were the white northern tribes of Africa. Then the shit skin slaves revolted and it's been shit for thousands of years now.

Equating modern Egyptians and ancient Egyptians is like comparing modern brazilians to the ancient amazonians. They are not exactly the same people. Egypt has always been multicultural. Almost every race is represented in Egypt, but who gets the main credit.

Middle eastern. How is this even a question?

If you are asking what was the race of their rulers, it depends on the dynasty, after Alexander's conquest they were ruled nearly exclusively by people of Greek descent.

Before that as I remember ruling class were biologically more related to Mesopotamians than, let's say, central Africans.

Same people who live here now. Egyptian Copts.


Also an egyptian.

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They are majority Haplogroup E though

just take a look at the pharaohs, they're clearly not sub-saharan blacks. Maybe somalian/ethiopian but these are still caucasian.

Fantastically worded sir. That is why we have to preserve our arean language. If we lose our language, we lose everything.

Middle eastern is not a race any more than American is a race.

pic of modern egyptians

pic related

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Nubian kangz. They were also enslaved by the evil pharaohs and they were the real Israelites

Indo aryan up until the nog 25th dynasty. Once they let the negro creep up into the leadership Egypt collapsed. Go figure

Those are nigger Egyptians

By definition, false. Ancient Egypt is older than the Arabic language.

Could be true to some degree. King Tut's unconfirmed male line (Y-chromosome haplogroup) is R-V88. The R group is Indo-Aryan. See

Very Ptolemaic.

Where did they get the ancient Egyptian DNA from?

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>mfw jews used sub saharan citizens of egypt to destroy civilization then claim they were slaves saved by a god who threw frogs at the earth


Egyptians are like 12000 years old, they are their own race best described as a mix between Arabs and whites (who in turn are distantly related.)

Though most of modern Egypt is just the brown gremlin diaspora that Muhammad dragged throughout the region to do his bidding. Occasionally you see rare +90% Egyptians like the guy in

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Also this:


I believe that they were a less inbred variation of arabs.

Actually they're shaving him. Once again: Egyptian nobles would shave all of the hair off of their bodies. The reason is unknown today, but the suspicion is that it has something to do with the heat. They also wore black eye-liner so they could see in the heat of the day because everything tended to be coated in limestone buildings would appear very reflective. And yes, the black wigs they are depicted as wearing are just that, wigs, because they would shave their heads.

they started out Ethiopian and turned lighter and lighter till their current form

they attracted Semites as they always had food and better living standards

They weren't negroids that's for sure. Egypt collapsed once and the Nubians conquered and ruled for less than 100 years before the locals ran them back out. On Many ancient Egyptian writings Pharaohs and Egyptians compared blacks to dumb baboons.

Why are white people so jealous of blacks. They weren't negroid, but they were black.

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>one day a Somalian man will sit in his ghetto apartment in Stockholm, Sweden, and think "We used to be Vikings and shiiiiiit".

> Nubians


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I don't think it's jealousy, more a need to have facts be a thing.

It has nothing to do with whites you dumb nigger.
Pic related are Copts, they're caucasoid people and they're the real descendants of ancient gypshuns. You Wuznt KANGZ.



look at the facial features of the egyptians vs those of the nubians

That image really shows how fucked multiculturalism is honestly, barely any pure Egyptians in that picture.

Race of early, leftist subhumans:

"What could they think of a nation, where as Herodotus tells us, if a house was on fire, the father of a family would take more pains to save his cats than his wife and children; where a mother would be transported with joy at the news of her child being devoured by a crocodile; or where the soldiers, returning from a military expedition, would come home loaded with a precious booty of dogs,cats,hawks and vultures?"

Do they really? I thought it was circumcision because the second servant has the instrument positioned right above the glans, at least in the middle of the shaft. I don't think people needed shaving in that area. Also first servant has the instrument which looks like small hand saw. Either way I did know about Egyptian nobility's disdain of body hair, are there some interesting theories about it's cause?

>implying there ever was after the Greeks and Romans conquered Egypt

>light skinned Meds mixing with tan caucasoids
couldnt have changed much
mixing with nogs and arabs in the middle ages on the other hand....

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Hair can grow pretty much anywhere on the body. Unshaved individuals were associated in Egypt with barbarians.
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Body hair was thought to be unclean by the ancient egyptians.


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They wore wigs to prevent damage to their hair, see pic related, you can see her hair beneath the wig, I'll post a statue also that shows the natural hair hidden beneath a wig.

On the right side.

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>posting Nubians

Egyptian boys had long Caucasian hair that was kept like a ponytail until they reached manhood, it was cut off when they reached maturity.


Star Wars copied the hair thing for Padawans.

pic related was the hair of an Egyptian from the Amarna period.

Several different races. Tribes migrated there from all surrounding regions.

It was a multi-cultural kingdom. Most pharoahs were Arab, while some were African or Hellenistic.

It's the equivalent to calling pic related negro, but we know his lineage, his features are caused by inbreeding, Egyptian royalty practiced this, as it legitimized their nobility.

Here's the answer faggot.

DNA-tests of mummies.




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Ramesses II, ancient Kemet's greatest Pharaoh, was a ginger with a aquiline nose.


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This essentially.

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Copts mostly, the upper class was mixed with the upper class from Greece, Rome, Byzantium and other Levantine nations

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Here's king Tut's chest that was recovered from his burial chamber. You can clearly see the Egyptians considered themselves to be significantly different from niggers physically. Beyond that imo it's hard to say anything with that much certainty without a serious genetic study done on the very subject.