SJWs BTFO once more: the bull was the real redpill

So now it turns out the true "guerilla art" masterwork was the bull.
>be a redpilled artist
>create the bull in your workshop
>put it in front of WSJs
>the bull means the American people opposing happy merchants and MSM
>merchants hate the redpilled statue. They try to have it removed
>people like it and the mayor lets it stay where it is
>statue is still owned by the original artist.

To the contrary:
>Fearless Girl was commissioned by a wealthy merchant fund
>it was meant as advertising for SHE (a.k.a. NASDAQ)
>no ties with feminism, but of course those who conceived the marketing campaign wanted the issue to be blurred so that this ambiguity could pander to feminists and SJWs
>later, white collars sat on their costly armchair and chewed pop corns as cucked SJWs defended the statue on their behalf

Basically the Fearless Girl is a gigantic bluepill.


I strongly recommend to read this.

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Of course the redpilled dude was Italian.

Thanks for highlighting this, my dear samefag

>reading through sauce
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Of course sauce is better than my summary.

Based artist

Fearless girl had been scheduled to stay only for some weeks. Now they have extended her stay to 1 year because it went viral on the Internet.

Happy merchants are happy their girl is doing a good job turning the table on true redpilled people who rightfully opposed the WSJs' establishment

Possibly the best idea since the faked Modgliani heads that pulled the leg of the entire world of art "critiques".

>prep the Wallstreet bull
Really pumps the old penis

Oh, se non tiro un colpo alla botte, questo thread non rests su.

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>golden calf
>david and goliath but making her a woman
The first is bad. The second is what we have right now. Babby's first symbolism class

As an artist I agree with Di Modica on removing the girl. By placing her there that's completely undoing the original art work and he could sue if he wanted to for it and most likely win. I would hate it too if I see one of my pieces used in someone else's and it looses the original meaning


Fascinating! Thanks.

>It took him two years to make it. The thing weighs more than 7000 pounds, and cost Di Modica some US$350,000 of his own money. He said he wanted the bull to represent “the strength and power of the American people”.

>He had it trucked into the Financial District and set it up, completely without permission. [!]

>It’s maybe the only significant work of guerrilla capitalist art in existence...

>It’s been almost thirty years, and Charging Bull is still owned by Di Modica, still on temporary loan to the city, still one of the most recognizable symbols of New York City.

--There's a lot more of interest in this short post. In particular, "Fearless Girl" is essentially an *advertisement* for an index fund, paid for by the owners of the fund.

Worth reading, folks.

1) I don't get it. It's a little girl standing in front of a bull. I don't see how that has anything to do with feminism or SJW bullshit. Only thing that comes to mind is crazy spaniards running with bulls or bullfighting.

2) That said, it's bullshit that someone can put up a statue next to another statue, thereby completely shattering/changing the context of the original artist's message.

>It's a spaghetti nigger thread

no retard, the bull represents a common term used in trading, referred to as the "bull trap". there is an opposite version of this called the "bear trap". these terms refer to bull or bear markets; i.e. buyers market or sellers markets.

t. someone who lives in nyc and knows what the fuck the statue means.



> the bull represents a common term used in trading,
> referred to as the "bull trap"

Why are you so retarded??
>the bull means the American people opposing happy merchants and MSM
The bull represents bull markets on wall st, i.e. bankers making lots of money
>merchants hate the redpilled statue. They try to have it removed
No. Bankers and financial services people love it.

>Basically the Fearless Girl is a gigantic bluepill.
The Fearless Girl represents standing up to Wall St and global capitalism. It's an ordinary, vulnerable, everyday figure with whom we can all identify.

Should a new board on Sup Forums be created for Italian circlejerking and autism?

get fucked, picard. i know what i'm talking about.

do i literally have to spoon feed you ny stock exchange terms? i guess i do.

"A bull market is a period of generally rising prices. The start of a bull market is marked by widespread pessimism. This point is when the "crowd" is the most "bearish".[6] The feeling of despondency changes to hope, "optimism", and eventually euphoria, as the bull runs its course.[7] This often leads the economic cycle, for example in a full recession, or earlier."

the statue is literally the opposite of what you think it is.


Funny how people in the comments of this and those who shill for the girl statue shill for corporations when they are on "their side". The same tactic we've been seeing for a bunch of corporations like Nabisco, Dove and recently backfired Pepsi ad, jumping on bandwagons of progressivism for profit.
Do these people really thing these corporations really care about "the cause"?

Really bakes my lasagna.

>Basically the Fearless Girl is a gigantic bluepill.
No shit Sherlock. Fearless girl is propaganda ffs. Get with the Ggod damn program or fuck off back to red dit.

As someone with vitiligo, I can say for certain that if everyone on earth lost all their melanin, everyone would be white.